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    Hi MacPeet! Thanks for this upload, I'm going to give it a try on the HP Z400. Could you please include, here, the full procedure you went through to have this working? Also, could you include you HDEF device please? It would also be great to get the output of lspci -nnvv for device/subsystem IDs. Thanks & Regards, chatdeau
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    QE_CI Exotic Patch

    QE_CI Exotic patch OS X Yosemite DP6 is uploaded!!!
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    QE_CI Exotic Patch

    Works fine with 8core 2.8 early 2008 and ATI HD 4890 saphirre. DVI output is ok but i have a ghost vga i cant get rid of.
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    AMD FX Kernel

    xmaniak100 - could you help me out by adding instructions for using this kernel? Also do you know if there is a discussion related to this particular kernel anywhere? We're trying to make the downloads section as informative as possible for users. Thanks so much!
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    Pin Configurator

    any way to be able to compare 2 or more codecs or merge. like compare my own dump to an existing config maybe with the option to merge them to create a new codec. or maybe just allow 2 instances of your app to run so we can see the differences between them. currently if you click on your app it just focuses on your already opened app not a new instance of it
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    HUD About Finder

    cool! thanks!
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    QE_CI Exotic Patch

    I solved it by reinstalling Yosemite, obviously before I had touched something I should not touch ... but thanks for the help :)
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    QE_CI Exotic Patch

    Thanks a lot
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    AppleHDA for ALC1150 - 10.9.3-

    Works with the Maximus VI Gene! Thank you Mirone! You are the best!
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    QE_CI Exotic Patch

    Sapphire HD4890 Dual monitor working nicely - Thanks Very Much!
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