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    Thanks so much for the info I've been building my own systems since win95, I love building them. That's the reason why I want to get into Hackintoshing, to keep my passion alive. Getting a pre-built machine from Apple is the easy way out, I'd rather build a machine myself that's better. I'll take your advise and checkout some of Apples specs and see if I can do better I'll steer clear of laptops, always been a desktop man... Thanks again, this is going to be great.
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    So i think that new users can have sometimes a bad time and a lot of problems learning a figuring out how to make an hackintosh to work, especially people who are new to this subculture, so i thought that a nice thread with encouraging things about how we like, love and enjoy hackintoshing could help newcomers and people who are facing issues to keep tryinmg and don't give up, so i decided to create this thread, here you can share all the things you like, love, enjoy or that makes you happy about hackintoshing, and also any advice or suggestions, or just sharing your experience and thoughts and feelings about the hackintoshing. So answer to this thread and let's encourage people facing the challenges of this world. I can start by sharing with you a video from Peter Paul Chato which tell us the joy which hackintoshing brings with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wikUciciLWY
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    I assume you meant nvda_drv=1 (not nada_drv=1 ) which is basically what you get for setting/activating nVidia Web Driver in CC does. But please post a copy of your Clover config so that we can check it out, just in case.
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    Ok adesso la gpu mx150 non c'è più nelle info di sistema, mi da solo le info sulla 620 Alla prima accensione si è riavviato per un panic, poi al secondo avvio è andato liscio
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    Clover + Secure Boot

    Hello dear community What do you think about this?? You can use Clover WITH Secure Boot Maybe you can implement it in the next version, it would be wonderful if Clover works with Secure Boot !! https://github.com/ValdikSS/Super-UEFIinSecureBoot-Disk
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    [Solved]Blackscreen: GTX 1050ti HDMI port

    @Allan I will once i get home. Thank you Allan for taking your time to check my issue. Appreciated!
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    la 1080 non va se non in vesa, niente 3D... sin tanto che non rilasciano webdriver (e non dipende solo da nvidia) solo nvidia native tipo la GTX660 di un mio vecchio hack funzionano
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    HD não aparece no instalador

    ola... a mim parece que não eh uma kext especifica para Yosemite.. da um google com hackintosh AppleVIAATA.kext... daqui a pouco os "cobras" do forum podem dar uma ajuda maior.. c.frio
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    Clover theme manager

    no la partizione EFI non credo sia inclusa hai impostato il tema nei 2 campi in basso a destra dello screenshot? altrimenti se ancora non ritrovi come ti andava prima, devi vedere nella sezione GUI del config e provare le varie opzioni di scan NB: e fatti la USB di emergenza
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    dual boot con windows 10

    se è in legacy, ovviamente non ha EFI e quindi non trovi la suddetta cartella microsoft fare backup cose importanti e convertire https://docs.microsoft.com/it-it/windows/deployment/mbr-to-gpt altrimenti preparare USB per installazione UEFI di win10
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