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  1. Update for Mojave Beta The El Capitan Settings from post#1 still work for macOS Mojave Beta, but with newer VirtualBox 5.2.xx releases, USB3/xHCI should be enabled. Note - Clover is also required since the Mojave installer automatically converts target HD to apfs and VirtualBox does not presently support apfs. Unfortunately installation may take a long time (hours) on a spinning HD using apfs. Tested below with ≥ 2GB RAM Base Memory allocated for the guest macOS and EfiGraphicsResolution set to 1024x768 (to match resolution in Clover's config.plist)... cd "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\" VBoxManage setextradata "<MyVM>" VBoxInternal2/EfiGraphicsResolution 1024x768 To prepare the Mojave Beta ISO on your Mac or Hack: 1. On your Mac or Hack with SIP disabled, download/copy "Install macOS Mojave Beta.app" into your Applications folder. 2. Download and unzip the CMJI.tool.zip (attached to this post) into your ~/Downloads folder. Note: you will need approx 16GB of free space on your hard disk for the script to complete. 3. Open OS X terminal, then run the following commands to execute the script: cd ~/Downloads chmod +x CMJI.tool ./CMJI.tool 4. At the end of the process, you will have a Mojave.iso on your desktop - copy this onto an exFAT formatted USB for use on the PC Host later. 5. Attach Mojave.iso and supplied macOS_apfs.vmdk (preformatted blank 50GB apfs volume with Clover r4599 installed in EFI) to the Virtual Machine and proceed to run the installation. Installation 1) Boot the VM to macOS Utilities screen. Select Reinstall macOS, choosing the macOS volume as the target ---> install files will be placed in /Volumes/macOS/macOS Install Data ---> System will reboot. 2) Power off the VM when you see the message "MACH Reboot". Then go to the VM Storage settings to detach the Mojave.iso (since it is no longer required). 3) Power on the VM again and you will be greeted with the Clover Main Menu ---> select "Boot macOS Install Prebooter from Preboot" + press <Enter> ---> will see "Installing on "macOS"" and time remaining, as the pkg files are extracted to their final locations ---> Power off the VM when you see the message "MACH Reboot"... 4) Power on the VM a final time to finish installation and setup. At the Clover Main Menu, select "Boot FileVault Prebooter from Preboot" + press <Enter> ---> rebuild kext caches and setup new user account... CMJI.tool.zip macOS_apfs.vmdk.zip
  2. fusion71au

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    Thanks @crazybirdy. He's just posted a newer/simpler patched GeForceTesla.kext that also seems to work well (attached to post#2529 in macrumors thread )
  3. Hi Guys, I successfully installed the latest High Sierra 10.13.6 update and also the latest Mojave Beta on my XPSM 1530 . Attached to this post is my latest Clover config.plist and kexts for installation and post installation. Recommend you update Clover to the latest r4586 (with ApfsDriverLoader-64.efi in /Drivers64 for apfs filesystem support) and have it successfully booting your system before trying the upgrade. @crazybirdy’s script can also be used to download the Installer.app for HS or Mojave from Apple’s servers. To install Mojave Beta, boot your system to an already existing OS X partition. Follow @AsentientBot's instructions in post#2082 and then copy his patched GeforceTesla.kext from post#2125 (and the other listed High Sierra kexts) into Mojave’s SLE folder, repair kext permissions etc before first boot to setup Mojave. XPS M1530 Clover Settings for HS & Mojave.zip installScript_1014fullapp.zip
  4. fusion71au

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    @fantomas1, I was able to get dock/menu bar translucency with Mojave Beta 3 on my legacy XPS M1530 laptop (system no 3 in sig, Core2Duo Penryn with NVidia 8600M GT) after following @AsentientBot's instructions in post#2082 and using his patched GeforceTesla.kext from post#2125. This stopped the kps after login when using HS Nvidia legacy kexts . Note: I also replaced /System/Library/UserEventPlugins/com.apple.telemetry.plugin with the one from HS to prevent Mojave kp for Core2Duos. Screenshot below shows the High Sierra kexts I used... GeForceTesla.kext.zip
  5. fusion71au

    macOS Mojave on Legacy PC ? Yes we can

    I was able to get dock/menu bar translucency with Mojave Beta 3 on my legacy XPS M1530 laptop (system no 3 in sig, Core2Duo Penryn with NVidia 8600M GT) after following @AsentientBot's instructions in post#2082 and using his patched GeforceTesla.kext from post#2125. This stopped the kps after login when using HS Nvidia legacy kexts . Note: I also replaced /System/Library/UserEventPlugins/com.apple.telemetry.plugin with the one from HS to prevent Mojave kp for Core2Duos. Screenshot below shows the High Sierra kexts I used...
  6. Usually means the downloaded InstallInfo.plist was not edited correctly. Post #1 in that thread provides the correctly edited file InstallInfo.plist_edited_10.13.5.zip. Replace the file in /Install macOS High Sierra.app/Contents/SharedSupport with the provided one...
  7. fusion71au

    Clover General discussion

    I had the same problem with legacy booting of apfs Mojave partition on my GA-P55aUD3 (system 2 in signature). ApfsDriverLoader.efi v1.0.2 works but not 1.1.0 or newer (even with PartitionDxe-64.efi in /drivers64). No problems with UEFI booting apfs volumes on my NUC6i5SYH however, using ApfsDriverLoader.efi v1.1.0 & newer, no PartitionDxe-64.efi. in /drivers64UEFI.
  8. fusion71au


    @Matgen84, According to @vit9696's post#14243 at Applelife.ru, it seems like his patch will fix all the problems introduced with AppleAHCIPort.kext v329, running on old SATA controllers/hard disks. The fundamental problem is that Aggressive Link Power Management is not supported by our old hardware. You can try it and report back
  9. fusion71au


    I can confirm that the ALPM patch for AppleAHCIPort by @vit9696 still works in Mojave (DB2) and High Sierra 10.13.6beta3. Note Sunki's original patch works in HS but not in Mojave on my 5 series GA-P55AUD3 system (No2 in my signature). Thanks to @Moorre's post above
  10. fusion71au

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    You can clean install Mojave beta on an HFS partition with a patched OSInstall.mpkg (this starts core.pkg installation) ---> bypasses compatibility checks. See post#258 in macrumors unsupported macs thread, credit to @foxlet. After the package installer completes, copy boot.efi (from "Misc Files.zip" attachment or extract yourself from BaseSystem.dmg with Pacifist) to /S/L/CoreServices of the Mojave volume, and copy SeedEnrollment.plist file into the /Users/Shared folder with the "." prefix so it becomes a hidden system file eg if SeedEnrollment.plist is in your ~/Downloads folder, use the terminal command cp ~/Downloads/SeedEnrollment.plist /Volumes/Mojave/Users/Shared/.SeedEnrollment.plist Good Luck Misc Files.zip
  11. fusion71au

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    Apple removed AirPortAtheros40.kext (found inside IO80211Family.kext, supporting many Atheros Wifi cards) in 10.14beta. Try replacing Mojave's IO80211Family.kext with v12.0 from High Sierra. Don't forget to repair permissions and rebuild caches etc. IO80211Family.kext.zip As @crazybirdy recommended, check integrity of your installer by comparing SHA1 or MD5 of InstallESD.dmg & BaseSystem.dmg eg fusion71aus-iMac:~ fusion71au$ shasum /Applications/Install\ macOS\ 10.14\ Beta.app/Contents/SharedSupport/InstallESD.dmg 9dc8c03aa8f045597b47895f1c3a8a130d0f3762 /Applications/Install macOS 10.14 Beta.app/Contents/SharedSupport/InstallESD.dmg fusion71aus-iMac:~ fusion71au$ shasum /Applications/Install\ macOS\ 10.14\ Beta.app/Contents/SharedSupport/BaseSystem.dmg 2c1e606c61db68a552ace4efdb8aa946d33a7b4e /Applications/Install macOS 10.14 Beta.app/Contents/SharedSupport/BaseSystem.dmg
  12. fusion71au

    macOS Mojave - Launched

    Unfortunately, 10.13.6 beta AMD kexts performed no better in 10.14 vs 10.13.5 kexts (CI but no QE acceleration) . I managed to get AMDRadeonX3000 to load by also regressing IOAcceleratorFamily2.kext to its HS version ---> still no QE in Mojave for HD5770... NB: My HD5770 works natively in Sierra and High Sierra with full CI/QE. Just Clover ATI Graphics Injection enabled, Vervet FB + VideoPorts=4, no FakeID...
  13. fusion71au

    macOS Mojave - Launched

    @fantomas1, I can confirm you can boot + install Mojave beta in normal mode (without acceleration) with unsupported HD5770 - desktop 2 specs in my signature . Updated Clover to latest (r4515+) and changed my SMBIOS from iMac11,3 to 14,2. Boots with VESA safemode drivers. Post install, I substituted some High Sierra 10.13.5 kexts to restore WIFI, SATA and graphics functionality: IO80211Family.kext v12.0 for my Atheros Wifi card AppleAHCIPort.kext v328 for 5 series/ICH10 SATA (@Sunki's patch doesn't seem to work in 10.14beta) AMD5000Controller, AMDLegacyFramebuffer, AMDLegacySupport, AMDRadeonX3000, AMDSupport kexts for my Radeon HD5770. This was enough for CI to work but not QE acceleration (AMDRadeonX3000 from HS refuses to load). HS AMD Kexts.zip
  14. fusion71au

    macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 (17E202) is out

    You can directly download 6 files from Apple's software catalog and assemble the Installer app yourself, bypassing the App Store altogether... Essentially, adding the "SharedSupport" files to the small 17.1MB "Install macOS High Sierra.app" (found in BaseSystem.dmg) creates the full Installer.app of 5.22GB (ver 13.4.09). Can confirm the shasum of BaseSystem.dmg and InstallESD.dmg of the 10.13.4 Installer (in "SharedSupport" folder) are as follows... fusion71aus-MacBook-Pro:~ fusion71au$ shasum /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ Sierra.app/Contents/SharedSupport/InstallESD.dmg 2c72b22a45ea8f5a80bee91db8aba96dae8310ea /Applications/Install macOS High Sierra.app/Contents/SharedSupport/InstallESD.dmg fusion71aus-MacBook-Pro:~ fusion71au$ shasum /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ Sierra.app/Contents/SharedSupport/BaseSystem.dmg 06fb280713ada5595a45eb221af0091b3c24f314 /Applications/Install macOS High Sierra.app/Contents/SharedSupport/BaseSystem.dmg
  15. fusion71au

    EFI_Clover for VMware