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  1. gu Blackosx

    I have a problem with clover theme manager, after update from 10.14.6 to 10.15, i can't use CTM, it's always initialising. Can u help me? what file i need send for you check?

  2. blackosx

    Clover Themes

    Lol ;)
  3. blackosx

    OpenCore Discussion

    I agree. It's a clean, simple and clever design. Good work.
  4. blackosx

    Clover Theme Manager

    Hi MacKonsti I need more to go on. Can you follow the steps outlined above (see my reply to OnSale) to send me the log file? Thanks
  5. blackosx

    Clover Themes

    Yes, thoughv.077.1 had a 32-bit version of partutil. This was updated to 64-bit version in latest release v0.77.2
  6. blackosx

    OpenCore Discussion

    I don't think this would qualify for adding to bugtracker so am posting it here. I've spotted in the Configuration.pdf that some 'Default value' settings for booleans read NO rather than false. This is the case for the following: 7.4 Debug Properties ---------------------- 1. DisableWatchDog 10.2 Properties ---------------------- 1. ConnectDrivers 10.3 Protocols Properties ---------------------- 2. ConsoleControl 10.4 Quirks Properties ---------------------- 2. IgnoreInvalidFlexRatio 3. IgnoreTextInGraphics 4. ProvideConsoleGop
  7. blackosx

    OpenCore Discussion

    I had time to test this morning and using OC without my patched DSDT works great. And even better, I had a sleep issue which I always knew was ACPI related but could not find the time/be arsed to fix, and now sleep works which proves my DSDT was borked! Thanks guys
  8. blackosx

    OpenCore Discussion

    You could have booted in to macOS, mounted ESP and renamed EFI\OC\OpenCore.efi to something else so the driver option you added would fail to find it's target, in this case EFI\OC\OpenCore.efi. EDIT: Then, of course, recover as described here
  9. blackosx

    Clover General discussion

    @Slice - You have worked hard everyday to develop and support Clover. Your contribution to this community has been exceptional. Thank you
  10. blackosx

    Clover General discussion

    I agree. It's been a long time since Clovers inception... And Clover has grown hugely in it's ability and popularity. Clover has the user base, familiarity and an installer which will appeal to many so I believe Clover will be around for a long time to come. Clover has been great for me and like Chameleon, I will support it as long as I can. But moving on to today, OpenCore does look to be the new daddy on the block with great documentation and works perfectly for me.
  11. blackosx

    Clover Themes

    I updated BGM and BGM256 yesterday. Theme Manager shows me updates here, on 10.13, 1014 and latest 10.15 beta. The update works by checking the last commit hash in the theme repo against the commit hash recorded at the time the theme was downloaded. If you still don't see any then please post your CloverThemeManagerLog.txt to the Clover Theme Manager topic and I'll take a look when I can. EDIT: I've just updated the theme repo with the latest version of the Clovy svg theme.
  12. blackosx

    Clover Theme Manager

    CloverThemeManager has now been updated to v0.77.2. Changelog: - Process bootlog as if it were a binary file to handle NULL in clover bootlog - Update partutil with 64bit New version is available via app update, or directly from the Repo´╗┐ https://sourceforge.net/p/cloverefiboot/themes/ci/master/tree/CloverThemeManagerApp/Updates/
  13. blackosx

    Clover Theme Manager

    "git version detection failed." From first page: Please take note. To get themes from the new Clover theme repository you will need to have git installed.You can install git either by itself by downloading the installer from http://git-scm.com or you can install the Xcode command line developer tools by loading up Terminal and typing xcode-select --install
  14. blackosx

    Clover Themes

    Lovely photos!. Thanks chris Here you go files.zip
  15. blackosx

    OpenCore Discussion

    You will need to set up your own EFI. Check the Manual for full details As stated in the manual: Note: Given the above description, 0xF0103 value is expected to allow scanning of SATA, SAS, SCSI, and NVMe devices with APFS file system, and prevent scanning of any devices with HFS or FAT32 file systems in addition to not scanning APFS file systems on USB, CD, USB, and FireWire drives. I use zero to allow all devices and all filesystems.