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  1. blackosx


    Here are binaries for gfxutil and ioregwv. @Slice should hopefully be able to help with SMC_util3, smbios-reader, x86info. ioregwv.zip gfxutil.zip
  2. blackosx

    Clover Theme Manager

    I have not conducted thorough tests but CloverThemeManager seems to be working in Mojave Beta 2 (18A314h).
  3. blackosx

    Clover Theme Manager

    Yes. CloverThemeManager does not work with the current 10.14 beta. I had a quick look at the problem last week but don’t have a solution yet.
  4. blackosx

    Clover Themes

    Fantastic! [emoji3] Edit: I also have many of these as vectors but just not yet converted them to svg
  5. blackosx

    Clover General discussion

    Thanks for your work, and others, on ApfsDriverLoader.efi savvamitrofanov
  6. blackosx

    Clover Themes

    Well if you had a 4K or 5K resolution display. You may then want to see 256px or 512px icons, along with larger fonts etc. Apianti’s choice of using SVG for Clover v3 will make this irrelevant in the future.
  7. blackosx

    Clover Theme Manager

    Will do soon Slice.
  8. blackosx

    Clover General discussion

    Yeah. Slice posted a link to an example theme. I've not had time to look yet.
  9. blackosx

    Clover Theme Manager

    The app has been updated to v0.76.7 and it's available as an update. Please let me know of any issues. Changes: - Change check for theme repository. - Add extra debug for installed git. - Update Sparkle framework. Download is now also available in first post.
  10. blackosx

    Issue with Clover

    This can happen if you sometimes press any key on the keyboard before Clover is loaded, or you may see that screen if you choose to exit Clover from the GUI. You can still initiate Clover from here if you wish. To do so, navigate to 'Boot Maintenance Manager', select 'Boot From File' and select the mounted volume where you have installed Clover. Then drill down to EFI/CLOVER and select CLOVERX64.efi
  11. blackosx

    Decompiled original Apple DSDTs

    Hi lelet I don't have access to that machine now. The DarwinDump does include the text versions of the IORegistry and there is the DarwinDumper version of IOReg which although not brilliant, is still better than nothing. You should be able to get any data you require from those, like in the old days, just not as easily as if you had a saved file from IORegistryExplorer.
  12. blackosx

    Clover Theme Manager

    Yeah. That would have been my next step if this hadn't worked.
  13. Combo update for anyone having issues updating from Appstore Software Update.
  14. blackosx

    Clover Theme Manager

    Thanks for confirming it works Badruzeus. I tried rebuilding the server-side bare git clones from the back end but they either weren’t correct or I didn’t spot the need to delete the local version from the Application Support/CloverThemeManager directory first so ended up forcing the scripts to rebuild the bare git clones by adding a file to each theme with that last commit. I forgot to delete those force.txt files from the themes so feel free to delete them.
  15. blackosx

    Clover Theme Manager

    Good news. SF have now fixed ssh access and I've been able to remove the index.lock file. The server-side hooks on the repo are now working again and user theme contributions/changes etc. should now be reflected in the CloverThemeManager. Bad news, things server-side are not very fast. Hopefully things will improve in time. If anyone has tried using CloverThemeManager during the period of downtime to access any of the recently added themes; 3DGREY,Chamelia,CUBE,EyeCandy,Luxury2.0,Neon,Smooth,SmoothDark,iCUBE and iOSX then they will fail to be installed by CloverThemeManager. The CloverThemeManager log may show something like this: Installing theme Chamelia to /Volumes/EFI/EFI/Clover/themes Bare git clone of Chamelia already exists. Will checkout from that. Checking out bare git clone of Chamelia. checkout .: error: pathspec '.' did not match any file(s) known to git. checkout HEAD --: fatal: invalid reference: HEAD hash= Chamelia : Install : Fail To rectify the issue, please open ~/Library/Application Support/CloverThemeManager and manually delete the .git directory for the theme that's failing and retry from CloverThemeManager.