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  1. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    It's not problem to keep 2 folders for me. :D
  2. Told you, reboot. remove /tmp/091-65991 Run installscript to update 17E150f again You can't use the fake 17E139j pkg from your hdd to install 17E150f. [edit] Combo update test. Update to Combo Update Beta, works fine here without problem. [ 2 ] 2018-02-06 20:59:56 .. 091-65991 .. Combo Update Beta
  3. You didn't really download the 17E150f, I think you use 17E139j pkg for 17E150f, so you get the error. or You can use HowTo Q/A Q8. How to update 10.13.x combo-update to MBR without downloading the full installer app again? It will work fine if you download the pkg with script, not the fake pkg from your hdd.
  4. Here works fine with [ 0 ] 2018-02-06 21:48:01 .. 091-65990 .. Update Beta. Will test it later for [ 2 ] 2018-02-06 20:59:56 .. 091-65991 .. Combo Update Beta You need reboot and do it again. 17E139j vs 17E150f
  5. Run installscript to update 17E150f again?
  6. MBR works fine with 10.13.4 beta 2 (17E150f) via installScript_10134beta.
  7. All right, I thought your problem was come from the script of installScript_10134beta, cause of you reply it.
  8. Did you use installScript_10134beta to update? What's the error of installScript_10134beta?
  9. installScript for 10.13.4 beta, if anyone need it. Works fine with both GPT and MBR, Clover and Enoch. installScript_10134beta.zip
  10. High Sierra MBR and Firmware Check Patch

    Update new zip, fix it now. Download and try it again.
  11. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    If the volume is /Volumes/Mac10131, when update to 10.13.2 from app store, it will auto-make a directory as /Volumes/Mac10131/macOS Install Data/ before restart to install the update. Enoch need to boot with the updating boot system as below, to finish the updating. /Volumes/Mac10131/macOS Install Data/Locked Files/Boot Files/SystemVersion.plist /Volumes/Mac10131/macOS Install Data/Locked Files/Boot Files/prelinkedkernel /Volumes/Mac10131/macOS Install Data/Locked Files/Boot Files/com.apple.Boot.plist /Volumes/Mac10131/macOS Install Data/Locked Files/BaseSystem.dmg I guess you mean this.
  12. as mnfesq's post. After updating finished and reboot, Safari and App Store will stop connecting to the internet. To fix this, need to run the following code in Terminal, and reboot after finished: sudo update_dyld_shared_cache -force Use installScript to install the update, everything work fine with the fix code of internet issue as above.
  13. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra 10.13.3

    Good news, but I think, we may needn't macOSUpd10.13.XPatch.pkg, I update from app-store without it as post #46.
  14. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra 10.13.3

    The error come from Patch.pkg. Please use post #64 v2 script.
  15. High Sierra MBR and Firmware Check Patch

    I didn't see a new full installer app for Q9-Update-installScript/installScript_1013 You can use Q9 (new zip file) to install update for 2018-01-08 18:00:11 .. 091-58876 .. Update.