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  1. well.. it came without Operating System. I installed Linux on for my company. It's just I want to see if I can boot the MacOSX Lion on it using the UEFI shell of the server.
  2. Hi. Hopefully someone has such a machine. I have the same machine. I don't know how to install MacOSX on such machine. If you know please write about it. It does not matter which version of MacOSX will be used as long as it boots. This machine has a built-in UEFI shell prompt. So I expect that there is no need to use any of the bootloaders like Beast or whatever ditributed on this forum. I also wonder if the built-in UEFI shell prompt can be used to boot installtion disk of MacOSX. This is the server I have but the video belongs to someone else. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuBxJ_ZzMos
  3. supermacos


    Thanks. It worked. I don't know why I was not able to see the Create New VM for Apple . but I must be frank that I used the unlocker 1.3 on VMware Workstation 11 before using unlocker 2.0 when I first installed VMware Workstation 11. I also noticed a faster booting time with Mac OS X Yosemite.
  4. انا صار لي اكثر من يومن منتظر رد. فلا اعرف ما السبب اخواني عدم الرد. على كلٍ انا قرأت عن اللوحات الام الموجودة على الصفحة ﻷنه انا كررت الموضوع بالانجليزي كمان. رد الشباب اﻷجانب دائما اسرع منكم و ﻻ اقصد اﻻنتقاد انما الحث على تعاون أكبر. فعرفت ان اللوحات من موديل Gigabyte التي اغلى من 200 دوﻻر هي المناسبة لكن بعد الحساب قلت صحيح سوف يطلع الجهاز اقل من 500 دوﻻر بعد تجميعه, لكن تحديث البرامج و النظام و خلافه ﻻ اعلم ان كان سوف يكون سهلا. يظل اﻹنتظار اسهل و الحل اﻷمثل. و احصل على جهاز اصلي.
  5. Look! I know how to build any PC. but I just want working parts with mac that would get it installed like a charm as they say.
  6. Hi. I have this price list on the link below of hardware parts from the following shop . I live in Beirut, Lebanon, and I want to build a desktop that I can install Mac Mavericks as if it's a real original Macintosh . I don't want to go thru patches and I don't want to through code hacking stuff even if i get a newer release of mac, i want to update smoothly . I have no time for that. I want just to put the DVD and click next buttons as in windows without thinking and voi-la it get installed. My budget limit is 500USD. http://www.microcityweb.com/pricelists.asp
  7. سلام ارجو المساعدة في بناء جهاز ماكنتوش مكتبي رخيص بناء على ﻻئحة اﻷسعار التالية. و ارجو انه تزيل النظام يكون سلس كأنه على جهاز ماكنتوش اصلي بدون اي تعقيدات. هذه هي ﻻئحة اﻷسعار. http://www.microcityweb.com/pricelists.asp هذا موقع المحل القريب مني و اﻷرخص. لذلك اخترته.
  8. So.. would you please tell me the steps to install it? thanks. I know how to install mac os x naturally on a mac hardware. but you know.. this laptop is not a mac.
  9. Hi. just please help in this. I just want to know if my Hp dv6-6120se compatible with MacOSX. here is the specs page. http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c03000373&cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&jumpid=reg_r1002_usen_c-001_title_r0001 Thanks.