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  1. haunteddevil619

    Intel hd graphics 3000

    afaik optimus is not supported by apple and so no developer has tried to do it or has successfully done it. you can only use either one of it
  2. haunteddevil619

    Atheros AR8295 Mac App Store Login

    bump..... no one????
  3. haunteddevil619

    Intel hd graphics 3000

    ohk... then you should get OOB support for sandy bridge i3/i5 with hd 3000 graphics...
  4. haunteddevil619

    Intel hd graphics 3000

    are you saying that you are going to replace the cpu on your laptop?? i highly recommend you research a bit before upgrading your laptop cpu
  5. haunteddevil619

    Is this happening to anyone else?

    check if you have qe/ci enabled on your hackintosh flash doesnt work without it
  6. haunteddevil619

    ATi 45xx Support in Lion?

    Refer to post 1 and 20 here
  7. haunteddevil619

    there isn't a keyboard connected to your computer - PLZ Help

    USB keyboard didn't work either. Reinstalling snow leopard and upgrading it to lion.
  8. As i said before, the info.plist file is completely empty. There is nothing in it.
  9. I have dual boot of lion with windows. So i use mac drive in windows to access the hfs partition. It has worked for me to add kexts to s\l\e before setup since I need AppleVIAATA.kext to boot up otherwise I get a Still waiting for root deivce error. I just tried USB too and it still doesnt work. However I noted that in verbose boot, while loading, it failed to load AppleUSBOHCI.kext. Could that be the reason why it cannot detect keyboard?
  10. haunteddevil619

    there isn't a keyboard connected to your computer - PLZ Help

    Earlier it stopped running because of 10.7.2 update. So I reinstalled OS X and now it gets stuck at the keyboard not found message. I tried usb keyboard too..
  11. Hi all, I just successfully installed Lion on my laptop using tony's method. Now, when i boot up from my hard drive, I get the "there isn't a keyboard connected to your computer" error and i can't start the OS. I have never got this before and I tried adding voodops2controller to sle as well(from windows partition). Now this is getting really frustrating. Earlier I installed lion over snow leopard, so I didnt experince anything like this. Any help will be appreciated. Earlier today I had my laptop running Lion perfectly without any problems but it all started after I updated my OS to 10.7.2. I needed to install Lion from scratch.
  12. The plist was blank. So I copied a code from someone else's plist and also included the voodoops2.kext in s/l/e. But I still got the error. I boot using rboot, so I dont have the extra folder yet. Any other suggestions?
  13. haunteddevil619

    Sil3114 (AppleVIAATA) in Lion?

    You need AppleVIAATA.kext to boot into any OS X system using a Sis chipset. I have "Still waiting for root device" error otherwise. I needed to copy this kext into the setup first to boot the Lion installation. Then after installing Lion, I am in a process of installing windows on a second partition on the same drive and then copy the kext file into the mac partition on which I just installed Lion. It should then work. The kext files should be copied into S/L/E/ Basically you need AppleVIAATA.kext to boot into root device. Anybody has any idea how to install a kext along with other system kext along with the installer?
  14. haunteddevil619

    Atheros AR8295 Mac App Store Login

    I have my laptop running Lion 10.7 and everything works except ethernet (Sis 191 - no kext available) I use wifi for internet. But I cannot login to mac app store. it gives me a "your device or computer could not be verified. contact support for assistance" error. I have builtinethernet flag yes in org.chameleon.boot.plist. i also tried deleting networkinterface.plist and rebooting, but that didnt help either. what i want to know is that is it possible for me to connect to app store without a functional ethernet?
  15. Thanks for your reply guys. @ytrox The dev id was present in atiradeonx2000.kext by default. I upgraded 10.6.8 to 10.7 and now I have full resolution with qe/ci dont know why it didnt work for 10.6.8 though. Thanks for your support guys. You people are the best