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  1. it was the RAM. Geekbench cuts your CPU power into 2/3 if you have a single stick rather than dual channel. Swapped my single 8gb for two 4gb sticks and at same speed and same 8gb total, it restored my CPU geekbench score (30,000).
  2. Upon further testing, it doesn’t appear to be Mac OS specific. I also have windows 10 installed, which I boot through Clover menu. I don’t know if Clover does anything to the windows boot, or if it’s merely passes it. For example, if I have a modified base clock in clover, will it show up in windows 10? Either way, windows 10 scores 21000 too. What I should even stranger isn’t that Cinebench yields a 1620 (which is great and about what it should be at that OC), so I do t know what to make of it. It still burns that I am getting a 21000 on geekbench even if I get a good cinebench cpu score. I have checked for thermal throttling etc, and everything looks normal so I don’t know what it is. I thought it might be my 8g ram, but I can find all sorts of results with scores 26000+ that show only 8gb used.
  3. Why? What is going on? Geekbench lists this CPU at 26000 on their processor list, which is why I bought it. If i wanted 21000 cpu power, I could have gotten an 8400 for half the price apparently according to Geekbench. According to Geekbench, I should be approaching 30,000 with an OC. Is my CPU broken? Here are my specs : 8700k @ 5.0 all cores Noctua DH-14 cooler GTX 1060 6GB 8gb Pacific DDR4 Ram 2133 Patriot NVMe 240gb High Sierra 10.13.2 Asus TUF z370 Plus MOBO I know that there is some fluctuation (ie someone might score 24,000 on a cpu that says 25,000), but 21,000 where it should be 30,000 is quite a large discrepancy. Intel Gadget shows it hitting 5.0, and bios has it set to "performance mode", I dont know what else to check for.
  4. I have an 8700k build that I did nothing special for, except check that “plugin type” box in clover configuration to have turbo and power states. Given that it’s a 6 core and a coffee lake, do I need anything special like the voodoootsc ketchup for 6 Cores, npci=0x3000 or npci=0x2000, or anything fake cpuid ?
  5. i have an 8100 build. Which fake cpuid do i use, and how do i make an ssdt for it?
  6. pianoguy

    10.13 - GTX980 black screen after alternate web drivers

    Why dont I need it? I am on the same CPU and High Sierra, and my 1060 doesnt need that or lilu, or any other special gpu kext.
  7. pianoguy

    10.13 - GTX980 black screen after alternate web drivers

    You have a similar build to me. I am on a 4790k with 14,2 smbios on a 1060 in 10.13. I am not using any special Gpu kexts (no lilu, etc). I am using only the web driver, and the nvda_drv=1 boot flag to get the video to work. Make sure that you have enabled sip by changing it from 0x67 or 0x3 to 0x0 in Clover config. You can change it to 0x0 in the clover menu options to boot in.
  8. Ever since high Sierra, my Patriot Hellfire NVME works "natively" if I first install on a normal SSD and then "clone" to the NVME. However, I can not install directly to the NVME nor can I install the beta updates on it. I get the same error on all these attempts (some weird verbose code that I never see otherwise). It crashes immediately after this picture and never reaches the installer/updater. Picture is attached (to clarify, i can install and update fine on an SSD or HDD, but not on NVME) Update, I got past that verbose error. I noticed it was mentioning i was loading a kext that wasnt even in the "Other" folder and discovered that when installing High Sierra, clover is looking in the 10.12 kext folder (which had my 10.12.6 nvme kext). I removed the kexts from the 10.12 folder and now it boots to the updater. Teh new problem is that it cant install the update as it says "MacOs could not be installed on your computer" and then something about path system/installer etc being missing or corrupted. Update, reran the update from the AppStore and the update installed fine. Problem solved.
  9. pianoguy

    NVME not detected in High sierra

    yes, it clover can boot into an NVME. The only thing i cant do is install updates to the NVME
  10. pianoguy

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    So which path do I use for the port limit on the public beta 4 released today? (z97 board)
  11. pianoguy

    NVMe native support in 10.13 :)

    My NVME works natively if I install to a normal drive first and then clone over to it, but I cannot install to the NVME or install an update on the NVME directly, it keeps restarting clover after a few seconds.
  12. How do i test is metal, acceleration, open gl, etc are working? Is there a single app that tells you? I have a 710 that seems to be working right, and want to know if I would benefit from the 10.12.6 mod kext
  13. pianoguy

    Cant "Paste" in 10.13

    thanks, it works now
  14. pianoguy

    Cant "Paste" in 10.13

    you mentioned something about script for a uhd display. I also installed the mac pixel clock v2 patch. Maybe that is it? I will reinstall again. Actually, if someone is on 10.13 public beta 17A315i, can you give me your vanilla coredisplay.framework? Its in system/library/frameworks . Reinstalling would be a huge pain because I have an NVME, so I would have to clone my drive to a normal drive, remove my NVME drive, reinstall over the normal drive to get vanilla files again, and then clone to NVME.
  15. pianoguy

    Cant "Paste" in 10.13

    its only happening on high sierra, and with every keyboard i have. I even did a fresh install to rule out some software conflicts. Its either high sierra or my clover setup, but ive never heard of a clover setting or kext causing "no paste".