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  1. Philip Petev

    Clover problems report & features request

    How to enable the debug log?
  2. Philip Petev

    Vector Themes

    Also, the GUI freezes, when I change the theme from the GUI menu, and I can't do anything, when it does, except to reboot with Ctrl+Alt+Del. In addition to the above, there is something really wrong with Clover, using this particular NVidia GOP driver. Not sure if this issue happens on other NVidia cards, as I have only this one (GTX 650).
  3. Philip Petev

    Vector Themes

    It's obviously not the theme, it's Clover and the way it draws the objects, using the NVidia GOP. Another example (BGM_SVG): Look the trails when I walk through all the options from the second line. It's like drawing the new text above the old one, without removing it first. Tried the same theme on Intel HD 4000 and guess what, everything looks normal. Edit: everything seems fine on the HD 520 graphics on my other laptop. So it seems Clover doesn't play well with the NVidia GOP for some reason.
  4. Philip Petev

    Vector Themes

    There is no such string in the whole file.
  5. Philip Petev

    Clover problems report & features request

    Guys, I'm still experiencing the same problem with the recent Clover versions: Clover freezes, when I change the theme on-the-fly (from within Clover). Happens no matter the current theme and the theme I'm selecting is (vector or raster). I have doubts the graphics card is responsible (Nvidia GTX 650), because there is no such issue on my HP laptop (4340s with Intel HD4000 graphics). Can you point me a way how to debug this?
  6. Philip Petev

    Vector Themes

    Just found a Clover bug with the Clovy theme: my initial selection is this: Look at the "Boot..." label when I select Windows: Part of the first letter of the previous label is still visible. Quick test will show such anomalies when switching from shorter to longer label and vice versa. Not sure if it happens to other vector themes, haven't seen other so far. The graphics card is Nvidia GTX 650. Edit: seems like a graphics issue, no such problem with the Intel HD 4000 graphics on my laptop...
  7. BTW, just pushed a new version of the script and some little fix for update.sh in the Clover repo. Commenting out line 903 is not needed anymore.
  8. Works like it should. Thank you, @Slice!
  9. That's not enough. That static array is being replaced by the data, obtained by downloading the update.sh script from the Clover repo. In order to succeed, DuetPkg should be removed from the array, but also line 903 must be commented out or removed. # if [[ "${#edk2ArrayOnline[@]}" -ge "1" ]]; then unset -v edk2array; edk2array=( "${edk2ArrayOnline[@]}" ); fi
  10. Philip Petev

    Clover Themes

    r4756/r4757 fixed Row 1 position, however changing the theme on-the-fly still doesn't work for NVidia graphics. Clover still freezes when I get back to the main menu.
  11. Philip Petev

    Clover Themes

    Tested on my laptop (Intel graphics), no such issue here too, the themes can be changed on-the-fly without problem (vector or not) and no freezes or glitches. My desktop however has a NVidia GTX 650 graphics and no Intel graphics (disabled in BIOS) and the menu freezes on theme change. Could it be something graphics-related?
  12. Philip Petev

    Clover Themes

    So, the problem is the theme and not Clover?
  13. Philip Petev

    Clover Themes

    Devs, I don't know what have you done, but the second line with options is misplaced in the last two or three revisions. Happens with any theme, except the embedded one. There is something else, even more disturbing: the Clover interface freezes when I select another theme through the Options menu and then return back to the main menu.
  14. Adding this to the Clover Updater and Clover PrefPane makefiles solved the compile problem for me on Xcode 10 and High Sierra. Thanks! Maybe this change should be made permanent for those two, at least until it's fixed.
  15. I removed the src folder several times, but the result is the same.