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  2. Why have to integrate these two choices in the package in addition if the users who do not use BUIDME , they will have the empty choices and nothing will happen. In a package what comes from the package must be created by the package and not by an external source this makes no sense. BootLoaderChooser CloverConfigPlistValidator must stick to BUILDME if you want to integrate them somewhere In addition, it makes no sense that BootLoaderChooser is downloaded by BUILDME to be integrated into the Package, in the Clover source CloverConfigPlistValidator BootLoaderChooser can be
  3. nope i do not think so.. i'm testing it since the very first modification and all works i do no think its necessary..
  4. very very well the new utilities section
  5. matching the design Apple.
  6. To provide choice, I've updated the iMac themes and new the Set5 icon sets to include an alternate restart icon matching the design in OcBinaryData. @Andrey1970 Thanks for pointing this out.
  7. Today
  8. @Jief_Machak @Slice Is it possible to put a comment with the explanations on the changes made by @LAbyOne on Clover Development/Clover changes explanation. Please.
  9. https://mounty.app/ A tiny tool to re-mount write-protected NTFS volumes under macOS in read-write mode.
  10. Here is an idea - Should we take a non post in future updates as a success and only post on failures???!!! Because in my opinion the updates are now just easy and routine.
  11. All good here on AMD. Update not showing on Intel laptop yet.
  12. @eSaF We're in the same situation, so I'm doing the same thing.
  13. Hi All, Key from Sweden. I hope to join this group to find tips and tricks for extending the lives of MacPros and other Macs. Best Key
  14. To me these updates has become routine and tedious so I have decided to stop posting my success and instead celebrate other members achievements but just incase there is any doubt, here is mine.
  15. Hi.. just joined and gonna learn more here
  16. I have managed to get Voodoo HDA Audio on Clover using the directions give here, on 11.3 . Clover 5134 failed to boot, after upgrade, I do not think it is related to the audio kext. I shall try to make a clean install of 11.3.1 on Clover 5133 and see if audio still works.
  17. @makk if you would please read what people write and avoid posting inappropriate replies, that'd be great. Thank you.
  18. @LAbyOne Is it something connected to the new buildme ? Could you have a look ? before making modification in your forked repo, you have to re-sync your master branch with Clover. Be sure to have had added "upstream" git remote add upstream https://github.com/CloverHackyColor/CloverBootloader.git so you can "git fetch upstream". Because your pull request is our master branch, it should be a fast forward. If not you can also force it with "git reset --hard {sha of last commit in clover master branch}.
  19. sudo ./xbuildme ------------------------------------------------------------------------ cat: vers.txt: No such file or directory buildme, Clover v2.5k r (SHA: 75b744362) TOOLCHAIN: GCC53 (override example: './buildme GCC53') --> add directory Conf Error with .xbuildme /Users/me/Desktop/CloverBootloader/BaseTools/BuildEnv: line 87: /Users/me/Desktop/CloverBootloader/Conf/BuildEnv.sh: No such file or directory WORKSPACE: /Users/me/Desktop/CloverBootloader EDK_TOOLS_PATH: /Users/me/Desktop/CloverBootloader/BaseTools CONF_PATH: /Users/me/Desk
  20. Hi @Jief_Machak @Slice I can't build latest CloverPKG from commit 75b7443 ===================== RC Scripts ======================= [BUILD] rc.scripts.on.target [BUILD] rc.scripts.on.all.volumes [BUILD] rc.scripts.core ================= Optional RC Scripts ================== [BUILD] disable_sleep_proxy_client ======================== Themes ======================== [BUILD] Catalina [BUILD] Mojave [BUILD] MyMaterialBox [BUILD] Clovy [BUILD] BigSur [BUILD] One2 Error can't add choice 'disable_sleep_proxy_client': a choice with same name already exists.
  21. Goaloojp1000以上のフットボールとバスケットボールのリアルタイムスコアを含め、ライブスコア、最新結果、順位、試合日程、過去対戦状態とオッズ比較を提供することができます。



  22. I have ALC282 Use alcid=3 Also make sure if you are using OC to apply the HPET fix patch. SSDTTime is the patcher name. This will correctly give you config.plist patches to copy into your running config.plist and create an SSDT-HPET.aml Just follow the destructions of SSDTTime it is relatively very simple. It got my Audio working. Clover FixHPET, FixRTC, FixTIMR/TMR, one more. But this works just drag your DSDT.aml into SSDTTime and it will find the conflicts and create these files for you. Pretty straight forward.
  23. I have two storage drives on my laptop -- a 1 TB SSD and a 2 TB SSHD (Hybrid Drive). I have macOS on the SSD and Win10 on the SSHD. I have EFI partitions on each drive; the Win10 boot manager on the SSHD and Clover and Open Core boot managers on the SSD. I know this is needlessly complex but I do all of my testing on my laptop and refuse to use external drives with a laptop. The issue I have is that the BSD for my 2 drives changes from time-to-time when I reboot. Sometimes the SSD is disk0 and sometimes it is disk1 and visa versa for the SSHD. Here's what I see in Hackintool:
  24. Since I'm not going to be much help with the advanced diagnosis, I'll share what works for me with my rig that is different from your posted config.plist: AudioDevice: PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1F,0x3) AudioOut: 1 MinimumVolume: 20 PlayChime: Auto SetupDelay: 0 VolumeAmplifier: 70
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