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  2. telepati

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    But my WIFI/BT doesn't work other slots. But I will try that. Yes, I am using SATA ports. But my manual saying; The M.2 socket shares SATA ports with SATA Express. So I left my "A" ports empty. I am using 3/4/6 for my HDD and SSD. I don't want to buy new adapter 'cause I will probably upgrade my system when Intel release 9700K which looks it will release in October. Anyway, finally, I found a way set up to BIOS settings to M.2. If I choose M.2 alone system restart itself and turn the settings SATAExpress automatically. After this settings never turn itself to SATA Express. Here is what I did; Under Onboard Devices Configuration; PCI-EX16_3 Band Width must be x4 after this setting, I can choose M.2 Under SATA Mode Configuration. But now I lost my sata port I don't know which one but I will test it tomorrow. After this changing, my speed increased. I've done the test five times in a row and I got damn the pretty great score this time. Write speed score always 1500MB but Read score first time I got 2700MB. Probably I must play more and find the right settings for my system. Thank you again, guys, for all help. You are really helped a lot.
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  4. iCanaro

    [MOJAVE] Ottimizzare l'Hackintosh

    boot --> custom flags secondo me sono tutte da togliere e i shikigva sono deprecati RT variables --> CsrActiveConfig il valore è errato 3 è da sostituire con 0x3 o 0x67 attenzione che spesso clover configurator aggiunge uno zero in più PS: proverei a togliere USBinjectall le USB dovrebbero funzionare tutte con la sola patch port limit che hai inserito nel config Non mi fanno impazzire alcuni driver in drivers64UEFI ma se funziona tutto, va bene così per il resto ottimo lavoro
  5. Ok, sorry! I will rewire as soon as I am back home.
  6. al6042

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    That would be very interesting...
  7. marco.pisellonio80

    [MOJAVE] Ottimizzare l'Hackintosh

    Io direi che è tutto a posto. L'ssdt dovrebbe essere per il PM. Se vedi le icone stretchate nella gui di clover seleziona "patch V bios" nella sezione "Graphics"
  8. JRevenge

    [MOJAVE] Ottimizzare l'Hackintosh

    Ciao ragazzi! Ho installato Mojave sul Fisso senza particolari problemi e tutto funziona bene, ho anche FaceTime e iMessagge funzionanti. Ho inoltre l'accelerazione hardware con la scheda interna e l'ottimizzazione con Final Cut della RX580 8GB. Volevo chiedervi se ci fosse qualcosa da cambiare, o semplicemente, da ottimizzare. Grazie anticipatamente a chi risponderà. EFI Fisso Mojave Settembre 2018.zip
  9. JRevenge

    Post install Asus X550JX DM217T [Mojave dev 11]

    Ciao ragazzi! Volevo aggiornarvi un pò. Il Portatile funziona benone, tant'è che lo sto usando senza problemi. Unico problema, che però vi assicuro non essere fondamentale: la mia scheda PCI-E oltre ad offrire il wi-fi dual band (che non so come, avete reso funzionante), ho il bluetooth che rimane attivo, ma non trova dispositivi. Secondo voi è sistemabile o l'unica è usare una chiavetta USB esterna? non lo uso spesso, però quanto capita, può servire. Inoltre, la porta HDMI esterna non funziona, ma non funziona perchè è appoggiata alla scheda Nvidia disattivata o c'è qualcosa da impostare per usare la scheda interna? Grazie anticipatamente. Buona serata!
  10. Maniac10

    Actualizar clover de 4458 a 4658

    Hasta ahora no he tenido problemas actualizando el FakeSMC a mano, primero borro el viejo y luego copio el nuevo. Quizá la nueva no es la misma versión que ya tienes (hay de distintos desarrolladores: Slice, Kozlek, rehabman) y tiene algo distinto que no es compatible con tu hardware.
  11. Trial and error, try without, see what happens, been a while since I was legacy
  12. Ok thank you. So then i should use these 2 drivers? EmuVariableUEFI-64 PartitionDXE-64
  13. Shasoosh

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    It works! Awesome! Thanks! Would you mind telling me what you changed in the source code for me to maintain in future AppleALC versions?
  14. maihoward1985

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    @tluck Your new packages work really smooth on my machine !!! Thank you so much
  15. henrydevid

    Mojave DP8 on Lenovo X230

    Most of the people use it and also I have already used it and after that it will very helpful for all, so for that problem I also solved it, but if you want to know the whole things about it then Apps Development Services just visit with it and it will great for all.
  16. I don't think you need OSXAptioFix as you don't have Aptio Bios That may be the problem. Try without it.
  17. wern apfel

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Ok, try this one. AppleALC.kext.zip
  18. Did you do anything special when changing SMBIOS definitions to keep from having problems with Messages and / or FaceTime?
  19. Shasoosh

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Thank you! This kext shows "Internal speakers" and "Headphones" side by side but "Headphones" - outputs audio through headphones and Speakers simultaneously "Internal speakers" - is silent
  20. WashingtonMatt

    Audio or USB problem?

    I've got High Sierra 10.13.6 running in an unRAID (KVM) virtual machine. Short of the learning curve, install was trouble free and seems to run great with the exception of audio. I've passed through a dedicated PCIe USB card which works fine with the keyboard and mouse. If I plug in the Sabrent USB audio adapter or Logitech headset, the devices are detected and available for use, but the instant any audio is triggered the VM freezes. I have to reboot the server to get the PCIe USB working again. So at this point I'm really unsure if I'm chasing an audio problem or a USB problem. Much appreciated if someone can help get me pointed in the right direction. Install was a vanilla clover install. specs I7-8700, Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7, RX560, 10.13.6 unRAID VM, 8GB, ASMedia ASM1142 PCIe USB, Sabrent AU-EMAC USB audio. Cover v2.4k_r4658
  21. IST4RIK

    Alienware 15 R3 on OS X 10.12.6

    Has anyone tried Mojave in this Alienware model?
  22. wern apfel

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Ok, try this. Not sure if it works, maybe a device needs to be removed. AppleALC.kext.zip
  23. Allan

    InsanelyMac Chat rooms

    For all of us. Maybe in the future Fubra wanna solve that.
  24. PippoX0

    So what happened to the plane?

    It's a stealth airplane ! :-) sent from my iPhone
  25. Dr. Hurt

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Any reason as to why HDMI patches were removed? I added them back to Clover... but it took me some time to discover why HDMI audio broke after the update!!! It might be worth mentioning this somewhere to help out users who use HDMI
  26. Thank you STLVNUB I am using Legacy boot on this machine and the only drivers I used are: EmuVariableUEFI-64 OSXAptioFixDrv-64 PartitionDXE-64 Should I try to use AptioFixDrv.efi and AptioMemoryFix.ef? If so should I not use OSXAptioFixDrv-64? Or if you can let me know what drivers you would use that would be great! I am far from an expert on this but I love learning. I appreciate your and everybody else's help! SPECS: Dell Precision T1500 (Latest BIOS 2.4.0) i7-880 CPU Nvidia 740 4GB Video Card High Sierra 10.13.6
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