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  2. @D3v1L You >> RestrictEvents.kext, for MacPro7,1 smbios WITH INTEL CPU (!!pay attention, ONLY on INTEL CPU!!), ONLY HIDE the memory "problem" (the problem is only on Ventura...'couse , maybe , is an early beta?!?!?!?...). So, sorry but is only a placebo. Me >> You know that RestrictEvents have more features. All of them are intended to block undesired processes in Hacks or in real Macs so, form this point of view, it's a placebo but do not forget that placebos have an effect on a percentage of people who take them as if they were real medicines 😂 Mac Pro 7,1 SMBIOS, in my opinion, often has the memory configuration issue, even without RestrictEvents, in the beta versions of Ventura released so far. Other users and I have tried different settings in the Memory section of config.plist but we have not managed to make disappear the info icon next to the memory in General >> Information and neither does the window that opens from that icon correctly say the number of occupied and free slots although it usually says well total and type of installed memory. I think I remember that you have correct that info with the number of slots occupied and free, using MemoryDevices of config.plist and not RestrictEvents. But in other cases this does not happen. In this sense, we can say that MacPro7,1 often presents this memory issue in the hackintoshes, on the other hand iMac and iMacPro recognize more directly the adjustment of the RAM memory. You >> Coffee Lake... preferred iMac19,1 only for cpu power management (OK, but the benefit's stop here)... iMac19,1 with CL ...ok, say me , from Monterey, how can i use complete DRM with this smbios? (simply, it will not) Me >> The trick for me is iMac19,1 + unfairgva=6 in boot.args, DRM handling is not complete but TV app works fine. No problem with QuickSync (I guess). Anyway, it's amazing to have 3 different SMBIOS to use in my hack thanks to OpenCore and Clover, one of the options is my favorite but from time to time I try the others and this way I get less bored 👍
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  4. Anyone who get that usb copy speed is low in ventura? Strangely both front and back usb port is low speed. There was no problem in monterey.
  5. so with this flag, all custom entry still there after reset nvram?
  6. Ventura Beta 5- 22A5321d-done!-no issues so far🙂. Thanks again to everyone here, moderators, donators ,the OC group and developers for all your help!. I would never have got this far without all your help Build 1: iMac20,2, i5-9400F, Samsung 16GB DDR4 RAM, MSI Z390 Gaming Plus , Radeon RX 580 8GB, OC 0.8.4
  7. Couldn't agree more but calls for discipline too often tend to be badly/poorly received/perceived or turned into derision and mockery. The "hell of running a forum" as one of my friends used to say.
  8. ...maybe they meant that they're using 0.8.3?
  9. pretty sure you're asking too generally... Go look at the supported Xeon CPUs list first, then choose the one you'd like to use. You'd also need to select more things that are compatible with OSx86/Hackintosh, like motherboards, GPUs, etc...
  10. what do they do for this situation, by the way? in the second UPDATE, I said that using "framebuffer-patch-enable" and "framebuffer-stolenmem", I was able to get into the installer with GPU acceleration, but I don't really know if those options you are suggesting there would help me
  11. Seriously guys!!! - I/M seems to be evolving into anarchy (maybe too strong a word). Surely posting on an English Thread should be in English, there are other language sections for just that so why not do that and leave the Thread clutter free.
  12. @D3v1L You are in the English Section, Please do not post in Italian.
  13. I don't understand if all the speech you made was aimed at me. Either way, we're not nearly as ignorant as you seem to be treating us in your message, and we're not stupid enough to use a beta - macOS Ventura - as the primary operating system. For example, despite what you write, the screen shows that RestrictEvents, at least in my hardware, doesn't work well on my Monterey 12.5 P.S: If you want I can pass you one of my EFI that works also with Ventura Beta 5 where not only do I not use WEG, but not even AppleALC, Lilu, VirtualSMC, CpuTscSync.
  14. ok guys...someone is little confused... RestrictedEvents.kext , for MacPro7,1 smbios WITH INTEL CPU (!! pay attention, ONLY on INTEL CPU !!), ONLY HIDE the memory "problem" (the problem is only on Ventura...'couse , maybe , is an early beta?!?!?!?...) .So, sorry but, is only a placebo. Coffee Lake...preferred iMac19,1 only for cpu power management (OK, but the benefit's stop here)... iMac19,1 with CL ...ok, say me , from Monterey, how can i use complete DRM with this smbios? (simply, it will not) Quicksynch with igpu on headless...ok is usefull maybe 4/5 years ago with 2xx/3xx AMD series or with older and supported nVidia... but absolutely NOT with Navi card... switch to MacPro7,1 only for not using WEG?...i didn't use it in iMac19,1 with RX580, i didn't use it on iMacPro1,1 with RX580 and i didn't use it on MacPro7,1 with RX6600XT (and in other rig with RX6900XT) switch to MacPro7,1 with NAVI cards, make more sense than using iMac19,1, also with Coffee Lake. (encoding 300% faster than iMac19,1 with quicksynch and 150% faster than iMacPro1,1...all test make on same rig with professional software, not with {censored} like videoproc etc.) MacPro7,1 smbios need more task to do...Well, true! but i think "more task to do", for an "hackintosher" is not really hard to do...or no? certainly if you want everything to work right away without committing yourself, buy a real Mac ... However, sometimes I wonder why people install beta versions of operating systems if they don't even know how to use a terminal ... maybe for say "woah! i've installed the latest one! and you don't!" ... imho
  15. MacPro7,1 SMBIOS can work fine with a lot of systems but it has more tasks to do. Not only RestrictEvents for about Memory, also (in my case) it needs CPUFriend and CPUFriendDataProvider to have CPU frequencies ok. iMac and iMacPro don't need them. As I have Coffe Lake R CPU (9th. gen) with iGPU, SMBIOS that works better seems to be iMac19,1 with iGPU on headless mode. About iMacPro1,1 future, wait, maybe is longer than you expect.
  16. Ok... I've just looked at the EFI you posted... Erm... I don't know where to start... I don't even know how you could possibly boot Monterey with such an OpenCore setup; eg: unsupported iMac10,1 SMBIOS, yet no -no_compat_check boot arg. Your ACPI folder -meant for patched ACPI tables- simply appears to be a dump of your BIOS tables. If so, it's utterly useless! I'm a little taken by the set of ACPI patches you have deployed. Are you sure you need all these? Your device properties injection are the among the weirdest I've ever seen; what's all this with the repeated Intel device ids, names, IOName, compatible statements? There's a good set of kexts you could throw away (AAAMousSSE (!!!) ASPP-Override, CPUFriend, IntelCpuHelper, ...), it's as if you just threw things at it. Quirks need to be revisited and God knows what else. I invite you to consult my Dell Vostro200 Monterey guide so that you conduct a comparison and adjust (simplify) your setup. It's based on based on G33 chipset with ICH9R and other associated goodies, so it's a fairly (very) comparable C2D platform from the same era (2007-2008) as the Optiplex 755MT which is based on Q35 chipset with ICH9DO, i.e. same Intel 3 series (Bearlake) chipset family. You can find a comparison of those chipsets here.
  17. SMBIOS 7.1 creates too many problems for my taste. I've always used iMac Pro 1.1 and it was ok. Unlike others, I didn't switch to MacPro 7.1 for the sole reason of not using WEG: I consider this nonsense. Instead, it seems that iMac Pro 1.1 has little future now: so some argue.
  18. No I don't think so, anything below HD 600 series has no official support, for instance you can use HD520/530 if you spoof HD630 but I don't think that can be applied to older iGPUs.
  19. Hi, we can't really assist without any indication of: OpenCore version you use ("up to date" does not mean much...) a copy of your zipped OPenCore EFI folder Have you followed the discussions in the main Ventura beta thread?
  20. USBInjectAll will not help for your keyboard and mouse, I never said so. Only the IOHIDFamily patch can help.
  21. Your question is as worthy as "how long is a piece of string"... "Modern" Xeon CPUs are supported, it's up to you to do your own research and choice of platform according to your needs/wishes. There are plenty of threads/posts in forums of the Hackintosh community that list the supported Intel platforms and with which versions of OS X/macOS.
  22. I am just not able to get "Wake for network access" working in macOS (Monterey 12.5 21G72) with an Intel i219-V NIC, being a network controller that is integrated as standard on a Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD3 mobo: I tested many versions of IntelMausi.kext, IntelMausiEthernet.kext including the @jpz4085 as well as the "fishercode" versions of IntelMausi-WOL.kext, and IntelMausiEthernet-WOL.kext All of them work well, Ethernet wise, but none will wake when receiving WOL packets from the network. When I set the i219-V controller "inactive" in "System Preferences" and network with a PCIe DGE-560T add-on card instead, "Wake for network access" is working properly, however I need the PCIe slot, presently still being occupied by the add-on DGE-560T NIC. At the moment I am running IntelMausi.kext version 1.08. For this kext I have configured the placeholder IOKitPersonalities-->IOPCIMatch to only contain 0x15B88086 as a value, this I have obtained from Windows, thereby eliminating 50 other entries that do not apply to this particular NIC. "Wake for network access" works well in Windows. Currently I am in a deadlock and would appreciate some assistance to try and get me out of that. Greetings Henties.
  23. Memory info issue only occurs in MacPro7,1. iMac and iMacPro always show the memory ok without RestrictEvents. At least on Intel CPUs.
  24. X79+E5-2420+RX460,BIGSUR online upgrade and new installation have been tried. The last time of the first two installation stages should be to enter the desktop, but the result was several times of reinstallation, kernel crash, OPENCOE and driver are up to date
  25. @Hervé HID patch is already applied in my config.plist, using USBInjectAll doesn't change anything Here is my EFI folder EFI.zip
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