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  1. Have you ever tested macOS Sierra with your 7770 GPU?
  2. Take a look at the topic
  3. Yes you can try it but as I mentioned before here you can use InjectATI=true and RadeonDeInit but you must remove WhateverGreen.kext if you are going to use these flags. InjectATI=True and WhateverGreen.kext can't operate together at the same time.
  4. Well I guess we can use an older version of the WEG and Lilu try these Archive.zip
  5. That error is because of the FakeSMC.kext. FakeSMC.kext is made by netkas. Try this one, replace the existing FakeSMC with this one. FakeSMC.kext.zip
  6. try this: put it on your the EFI partition of your USB disk and boot from USB EFI-3.zip
  7. Cyberdevs

    Hackintosh Install Issue

    No as far as I know the hackintosher.com that you downloaded the kexts from is a good starting point. We do not support tonymac and iAtkos; you can see here and here why. There are plenty of other forums that are ok to use and refer too. Anyways I gathered the latest updated kexts here and you can use them, the kexts you downloaded might just be a bit out of date. For installing kexts I strongly suggest that you use Kext Wizard or Kext Utility, in general the beast tools (Uni and Multi) are not allowed or welcome around here, therefore of you youse them we will not support them and neither spend the time to troubleshoot and help the ones who do. based on the documentation of your mainboard you need to use IntelMausiEthernet.kext and you should place it under /EFI/Clover/kexts/Other rather than installing it into /S/L/E, that would also work but it's better to keep /S/L/E as clean as possible. The kext folder on the EFI partition is pretty much the same as /S/L/E and it has its benefits. Kexts.zip
  8. iMac18,2 (21.5") has an AMD RX560 and iMac18,3 (27") has RX570 and RX580 and they are all use KabyLake processors the Haswell based iMac's are simply older than the AMD RX GPUs they either use Intel Iris GPUs or AMD R9 Seires. If your CPU power management works ok and the SpeedSteps are working as they should using a different SMBIOS won't affect anything, besides even if the CPU PM isn't working properly you can always use SSDTs to fix that.
  9. As far as I checked there aren't that much newer iMacs with an nVidia GPU to go through but I guess testing the iMacs with AMD GPUs wouldn't hurt but to be honest I don't think that would work anyways.
  10. Well I can dig a little bit deeper into the subject and see which other SMBIOSes use the same Config Map as the iMac 13.x family uses but it's highly unlikely because you already tested the iMac14,x SMBIOS right?
  11. Yeah that would do it. This update is only for iMac 13.x models. It won't be offered for newer models.
  12. Cyberdevs

    Hackintosh Install Issue

    You need to remake the USB disk because based on your first post I can tell you might have used the tools that we do not support, you can create the USB disk using the createinstallmedia method and then install clover and optimize the EFI folder based on your hardware specs. Please update your signature with the hardware specs so helping you can be easier.
  13. Cyberdevs


    You can ask for a DSDT patch in this topic