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  1. No I haven't tested the HFS on the new NVMe drive. I just switched to NVMe for faster speed, the thing is that macOS loads fine on SATA SSD and the APFS format. it's weird why it takes longer on NVMe. I think it has to to with the TRIM being enabled on the NVMe by default. Let me disable the trim function and see how it effects the boot speed. Thanks again for the time and the brand new DSDT man you RULE!
  2. Here is the new folder. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2a5u07o1ju67ks9/New Send me Cyberdevs-iMac.zip?dl=0 I'm still having slow boot from NVME. do you know what could be the cause?
  3. Here is my folder. I'm on the latest BIOS F22f. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cyzet79h2rp634c/Send me Cyberdevs-iMac.zip?dl=0 Thanks a lot for you time and Magic Touch Bro
  4. @SavageAUS Here it is, sorry for the delay I wasn't at my desk: SSDT-HDEF.aml.zip I use it for activating audio and this one is for the HDMI audio SSDT-HDMI-NVIDIA-PEG0.aml.zip
  5. Cyberdevs

    Clover General discussion

    No not necessarily I just added to the Clover/ACPI/patched folder and it works, I use SSDT-HDEF.aml, SSDT-HDMI-NVIDIA-PEG0.aml and SSDT-UIAC.aml and I didn't sort them in the config.plist.
  6. They have found new bugs which Intel is working for new updates. (If I'm not mistaking)
  7. Cyberdevs

    Clover General discussion

    This one which is included in our topic which MaLd0n provided.
  8. Yeah I'm use the same BIOS version. But I think there should be another BIOS release soon to address the new Spectre/Meltdown bugs
  9. Cyberdevs

    Clover General discussion

    Yes using a SSDT solves the issue I have sound with no extra settings being added to the config.plist.
  10. @SavageAUS Hey buddy I decided to continue our conversation here. The old DSDT for Sierra has several ACPI errors on boot in macOS High Sierra so I decided to go DSDT free. Everything has been working OK os so far with the exception of my boot time on the NVME drive. On SSD it loads way faster and I guess the reason might be that the NVME has Trim support enable by default and I think you're right we need to ask @MaLd0n to doo his magic on a new DSDT for the latest BIOS update and new settings. I made some changes in my rig which won't matter that much because the only major change is that I just added a NVME drive for booting to macOS and I changed the case for better cooling and add some extra fans. I switched to AMD RX580 and all the headaches from the nVidia web drivers and lags (which I know is resolved now) are gone.
  11. Cyberdevs

    Clover General discussion

    Is it the same DSDT that we used on Sierra? or it's been improved and optimized for High Sierra?
  12. Cyberdevs

    Clover General discussion

    I don't use DSDT on my SkyLake rig anymore. FixHDA also don't fix my problem. Is there a way to add those properties in the config.plist? can you please clarify your statement a little more on how to add those properties without having to edit the settings.c?
  13. Cyberdevs

    Clover General discussion

    Same issue with r4499 as well the layout-id is set to 0
  14. I updated the Xcode from 9.3 to 9.3.1 and installed the toolchain, removed the clover files and src folder, updated the Build_clover-command to 4.8.5 and successfully built the r4499. Thanks to @Philip Petev and the new source for the Build_Clover.4.8.5.command