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  1. Hey Allan, Hey Admin after the update has everything become very habituation. I share the same opinion as Mork-von-Ork and the other critical users here. the simplicity and ease of use of the website has gone missing. The design is not mine. Light gray and dark gray text color font on the blue background? I do not like it. As a wearer of glasses I have big problems to recognize everything.. Before the update it was much better. I'm only talking about the design. Nothing else. Very sad, I mourn the old website design and usability. In addition, I missing since the ubdate, many pages in the AMD Area.- No idea why they were forgotten to activate.
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    Kernel Panic - System uptime in nanoseconds AIUTO

    La descrizione è molto buona e il metodo 1 è raccomandato. Se hai qualche domanda o non vuoi andare avanti, scrivi il punto in cui non vai oltre. L'italiano non è la mia lingua madre, basta usare il traduttore di google. Quindi nessuna garanzia per la traduzione.
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    Help with patch code

    download this tool, start it and then upload the generated files here.
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    Hi all

    welcome here on insanelymac
  6. Hey Ydeng, is it possible to integrate the AVX2 into OPEMU, so that to emulate AVX2 features for older CPUs ? The problem may be caused by a unavailable AVX2 features. Please look at the content of this new file, since 10.12.0 : "osfmk/x86_64/lz4_decode_x86_64.s" Edit: Maybe I'm wrong with my guess. This assumption exists since apple has published the first Sierra source. Maybe someone has a viable solution to this problem. that comes very close to the note you've made here: (unfortunately I had other thoughts at that time) http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/322370-task-force-amd-to-missing-sse41-instruction-set-older-cpus-on-macos-sierra-1012x/page-4?do=findComment&comment=2497520
  7. is it possible that you "ve not listed sse4.1 in osfmk/conf/files.x86_64 ?
  8. I'll check this and here is my last kernel it stops at this point AMD10.12-SSE4.1-Ydeng.zip
  9. I will test now the new OPCODE from ydeng (the pictures are from the experiment with the first OPEMU from yedeng)
  10. yes it boots, but does not olow that's what it has become. A new art that's el capitan not sierra After booting with the old El Capitan kernel, my desktop picture looks like this.(Pic.4)
  11. I think I'll try first with El Capitain and if it succeeds then with sierra. my last kernel has not achieved the hoped result. I will make further attempts tomorrow.