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  1. olá saiu beta 6 de 10.13.4 bom hack
  2. Ajuda para editar DSDT

    olá faz o upload dos teus files .aml bom hack
  3. hello there u have it apfs.efi.zip good hack
  4. olá beta 5 seed bom hack
  5. olá novo beta 4 de 10.13.4 1 pouco tarde devido aos diversos problemas com o forum , mais de 1 semana para realizar o update do mesmo bom hack
  6. Bluetooth não funciona

    olá o device id e vendor id está nas kext ? convêm ler no overview se esse BT é compatível com as kext bom hack
  7. Mavericks MBR patch

  8. Mac 10.13.1 DSDT help needed

    hello try to use the new kext from rehabman good hack
  9. Hi all

    hello welcome at insanelymac enjoy good hack
  10. hello with that graphics from Nvidia forget both .. if u use nv_disable=1 u are saying to kernel to ignore nvidia that are old cards .. are u injecting Nvidia ? none of them work with Nvidia web drivers try to use amd graphics card .. google for that card to work in macOS good hack
  11. Installation Reboot

    hello take a read here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/332126-guide-ga-x58a-ud3r-v2-10133-high-sierra/ good hack
  12. hello intel wifi never worked in macOS .. any version see if the BCM is compatible with Mac Os good hack
  13. hello try to start from fresh install /src for me that do the trick Clover_v2.4k_r4417.zip good hack
  14. Atualização de segurança 10.13.3

    olá desabilita o SIP bom hack
  15. Random stutters on Realtek 887?

    hello check with clover acpi fixes IRQ fixes applehda need it for work good good hack