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  1. olá beta 5 update sem problemas bom hack
  2. hello are u using beta5 kext ? https://osxlatitude.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=12274 for me is working very well in 10.13.5 betas good hack
  3. olá update sem problemas bom hack
  4. hello first try this https://bitbucket.org/RehabMan/os-x-null-ethernet then read all what u find here and google about activating that services good hack
  5. hello Optimus setup don't work lappy hackintosh if u can disable any graphic card in ur bios do it otherwise u must boot with Nvidia disable in boot arguments nv_disable=1 good hack
  6. hello have u disable Nvidia in boot arguments ? nv_disable=1 and see what is config for the sata in ur bios good hack
  7. olá para mim neste hardware , teve novo apfs e nova versão de smbios de resto update sem problemas bom hack
  8. artur_pt

    Help with Asus Q550LF Brightness+Battery

    hello try this one DSDT.aml.zip for graphics and backlight are needed ssdt files good hack
  9. olá beta 2 de 10.13.5 update sem problemas bom hack
  10. olá imac14,1 , 2 , 3 mas precisas testar e ver qual se adapta melhor bom hack
  11. hello intel is in cpu .. how u go disable from cpu ? only can disable the Nvidia from the acpi tables u can only disable it if u get that option in ur bios good hack
  12. olá tens de particionar o ssd primeiro , GUID para teres a EFI partição 1 - macos 2 - windows se usares o disk util do instalador a partição do windows em fat quando instalares o windows ele vai reconhecer a partição e depois vais so formatar para ntfs a do macOS se vais usar apfs tens de formatar logo em apfs ou o próprio instalador vai fazer isso não mexes nas partições so formatas para o sistema de ficheiros que utilizam bom hack
  13. artur_pt

    Vanilla AppleHDA wanted

    hello here u have it AppleHDA.kext.zip good hack
  14. artur_pt

    Clover General discussion

    hello Zenith432 rev 4433 is broken thanks
  15. artur_pt

    How can I use a Graphic Card Radeon HD 4350 on high sierra?

    hello probably u can't no metal support that card .. that is old hardware .. use old software or buy a recent amd card good hack