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Create the USB installer for macOS 10.12 Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion or Lion, Installs Enoch or Clover, edit/create/generate the config.plist or o.c.B.p, SMBios.plist and kernel.plist.

  • Generate credible MLB & ROM, generate SMBIOSes (96 available) and its serials.
  • Install kexts from a large selection or install your own in /S/L/E, /L/E, /Extra/Extensions or /EFI/CLOVER/kexts or OEM sub directories (also on EFI partition).
  • FakeSMC.kext + plugins from both Slice or kozlek (latest) versions.
  • AppleHDA patcher or voodoohda, Nvidia Web Driver Updater (download and installs latest version!!!!). Ethernet/Wifi kexts... more and more..
  • Auto patcher for unsupported NVMe pci-ssd disks based on Pike R. Alpha's patches (lnfo inside Pandora)
  • Create/update/upgrade the Recovery HD partition.
  • Mount any ESP (EFI partition) you have in multiple disks.
  • Embedded web broswer, Youtube videos.
  • Embedded Clover WIKI.
  • more? can speak... really.. in en, it, es, pt, fr and de (thx spakk for German)

Is Pandora's Box secure? is compiled from source with 80,000 lines of code, no scripts, no AppleScripts and no Platypus, is a real app:



Pandora is code signed and use an advanced Helper Tool to perform its tasks, and this using advanced APIs by Apple. How it works?

The OS check for the digital signature of the Pandora's binary, its Helper tool and the launchd-daemon. Only if on all three binaries the signature match, the OS

grant Pandora to be executed. This avoid malicius softwares to take posses of Pandora to perform unwanted operations, unlike can be happen from a app containings *poor scripts. This secure your hack, but also your Mac.

Can Pandora erase your partitions by mistake like other tools has demostrate possible as already reported (even if they assure the opposite just to justify himself)?


Hermes, creating your installer does not allow you to select your current OS ie "/", but also inform you with Alert-windows if you are selecting

an internal volume or that belongs to the same disk of your current OS. Also calculate if there are enough free space before proceeding.

Not last, when you create an installer Hermes before each operations have a triple check: target Volume must be the same always, must have the

same disk identifiers and also the volume uuid must match. This happen through the use of advanced API like Diskarbitration (made by Apple).

Also you don't have to rename anything before proceed: Pandora does not have this silly limitation, also your target volume can have spaces in the name unlike someone else *poor t-app (consider that 'OS X BaseSystem' will contains spaces.. so a t-app what can do later if cannot manage blank spaces???? :hysterical: ).

In addition, Hermes does not use funcy methods like "direct install", ie running OSInstall.mpkg manually. This last is particulary foolish

since OSX need to boot an installer to install OSX.

Otherwise what?

an installer copy some vital files from its root ("/"), in a direct installation INSTEAD some files are copied from "/" of the running OS.

Is not incredibly stupid? :hysterical: (also is why you have to run it inside the same OS... otherwise no chances to make it work.. )

Also that method can cause apps to crash because they are expecting important libraries to be updated or to be there, but instead ... you will have old or missing stuff.

You are warned!


A lot of code, but you will see a real graphical interface with some facilities and a lot of checks to do right things! .. nothing is done by case! :)

* a script can be well done, depend who made it ;), but someone really has no idea, pay attention.




About Updates:

Sunday 31 July 2016

Pandora's Box is able to update itself, the click counter from the Server indicate that 68% of users usually update through Pandora it-self instead of downloading again here (a lot of downloads :)):

Well, for users with slow or mobile connection this is particularly important since you can save time or MBs to download it. In fact only newer bytes are downloaded instead of

the entire app, usually 1-2 MB.. and your Pandora will be up-to-date.


Furthermore, Pandora receive updates for Clover and Enoch when available, at the same time maintaining a stable release to rely on (the one contained by default in the app), plus some intermediate versions if already downloaded.


video by JahStories

video by Fljagd

"All in One" solution for pre and post OS X installation.

Code redone from scratch, two new apps called Ares and Webkintosh:


bootloaders configurator for both Enoch and Clover. Can edit the config.plist entirely with some facilities(as well for o.c.B.p, kernel.plist and SMBios.plist).

Clover WIKI is embedded in the config Editor to have quick access to the instructions and examples. Ability to update Enoch and Clover to latest revision available w/o update the entire app.

Ares can install the bootloader by targeting any ESP you have directly or in congiunction with the target Volume.

You can drag your config.plist directly into the Pandora's Box window, Ares will be automatically opened. What remain is to edit it and save where you like!



is now specialized in kexts installation from a large selection, but also permit you to drag your kexts (into the Pandora's interface) and let you decide where to install:


in any supported filesystems, in different volumes, but is also able to install in the target volume and its ESP at same time.


Support installation in




/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other - 10.X (and on all OEM sub directories),

...again at same time!




now produces two kind of installers, one with "restore" method, other with "createinstallmedia". Both are untouched installers (Vanilla), and no kexts are added, nor the bootloader.




a web browser to navigate hot Topics on insanelymac. Use YouTube API to show videos and users can make its own on "how to" do things using Pandora's Box.



More info here

What's New in Version r3.036


  • Ares (Clover Installer): Clover updated to r4050.
  • Ares (config editor): added KernelAndKextsPatches->DellSMBIOSPatch.
  • Ares (Enoch Installer): Enoch updated to r2878 with new kernel and kexts patcher.
  • Ares (Enoch Installer): added new FileNVRAM.dylib develop version.
  • Zeus: FakeSMC.kext & Plugins updated to 6.25.1426.
  • Zeus: Fixed a bug (introduced in previous version) that was causing Zeus to not repair permissions on hfs volumes (thanks smigol81).
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Ooop's accidentally clicked on the 4star rating.. Sorry Micky1979.. I haven't even tried it.

Can you tell me what it is? What is this "All in One" solution? I'm not going to run something without knowing what it does.

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I see a link has now been added to the product description above. Thanks, I'll check it out a bit later.

Mod's, you can delete my posts here if you want to keep it clear for proper reviews.


ps. Hi Carmine.

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Sorry Guys, time zone and personal commitments have prevented me from doing all right now! I hope you will understand. In a few hours the topic will be open to the public.



Why All in One solution?


because with Pandora you can create your system installation on USB, Hard Disk and DVD, using the official app from the App Store, and if you are a developer, and have a GM image, you can use that as well!


At the end of the installation on your disk, after the first boot, Pandora is already there waiting for you, if you want to make changes!


Pandora is a new project, I hope that its development involves everyone to get to a stable and powerful release!



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If you have a problem downloading this file, please try the mirror or PM me!

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Such a great tool! Already setup two machines with it. Whole process is so much easier and less time consuming with Pandora Box. I haven't encountered any bugs, besides gfx card detection. I had to use GraphicsEnabler=Yes to enter OSX installator, otherwise I had black screen. It happened on both mobos.

Successful installation on Gigabyte EP45-DS3+NVidia GTS250 512mb, and Asus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen 3 + NVidia GTX 560 Ti.

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Looks amazing, checked out the hack list, but didn't try it out yet, will do on my next build ;)



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We are adding some translations in Pandora Beta2, prepare some Topics/articles, and then publish, I think 2/3 days

The new App will also work in Snow, and each version > = 10.7 will be supported


Micky ;)

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When can we expect OS X Mavericks Developer Preview support? I tried Pandora.app 1.12 Beta1, but "can't find mach_kernel folder" occurs....

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Oh, this is getting better. I noticed the spanish translations are not complete, I can help with that.

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 SORRY the tool did not work for me. i could install to usb stick but would not get me past the install to hard disk.

i like the new lay out and the post install options you have added

keep up the great work

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There is something wrong in the scrip, I have tryed 100 times to make Bootable USB ML en M... no succes. Allway a mistake with pandora DMG file. 

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THis is what I get: dev/disk2           Apple_partition_scheme        

/dev/disk2s1         Apple_partition_map            
/dev/disk2s2         Apple_HFS                       /Applications/Pandora.app/Contents/Resources/Base/lioninst
Validating target...done
Validating source...
Could not recognize "/Applications/Pandora.app/Contents/Resources/Base/lioninst/BaseSystem.dmg" as an image file
Note: checksumming turned off due to format argument
Could not get source volume name
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A bit buggy with the creation of mavericks usb. Crashes quite often. But overall an amazing tool.


Feedback: Can you plz add the modified kexts for intel hd graphics to the installer. THAT WOULD MAKE ME HAPPY

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