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  1. JennyDavid

    strange issue

    Switch the GFX BIOS Settings back to RTX2070
  2. JennyDavid


    Sorry, Yosemite support has been depreciated.
  3. JennyDavid


    Yes, Mavericks is no longer available in Appstore. Otherwise, I'd have added it into the list. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.
  4. JennyDavid


    If you get this error, then I'm afraid that Apple has temporarily removed the image from their server. This could be a temporary issue. Since, the image is downloaded directly from Applestore, I have no control on this. Like you, I wish Apple will add the image back ASAP.
  5. JennyDavid


    Hi yaoqb, I have uploaded the app again after fixing the bug. Please try now. Thank you.
  6. JennyDavid


    Thanks for informing. I'll re-upload once I've fixed the bug in couple of days more. Please be patience. Thank you.
  7. JennyDavid

    Clover Themes

    Sorry to interrupt your communication guys. @insanelyDeepak If you are free, could you please update your CrispyOSX themes for Mojave icns. Thank you in advance.
  8. JennyDavid

    Finder Up

    Works like a charm! Thank you so much
  9. JennyDavid

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Hi telepati, You're using a debug version of VirtualSMC. Use a release version when building the kexts. This will solve your early SMC boot log issue.
  10. JennyDavid


    Hi luky35, I guess this was just a Mojave beta bug. El Capitan is detected in Appstore now (DP 10).
  11. JennyDavid

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    I'm uploading the kexts here in case if you have trouble building it yourself. Here you go: VirtualSMC + Lilu.zip Thanks again to @vit9696 for his awesome work.
  12. JennyDavid

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Here's the nasm version that I used to build. The macOS built-in nasm in /usr/bin/ is incompatible.
  13. JennyDavid

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Awesome work @vit9696 Built from your repo in Github, Tested and working flawlessly. Thank you so much
  14. Gatekeeper disabled? If not, run this in Terminal: sudo spctl --master-disable
  15. JennyDavid


    Just re-uploaded a new version. The new version comes with mute/play button as requested. Thanks for the suggestion @STLVNUB. Enjoy!