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  1. Status Bar InsanelyMac

    Another simple but awesome app. As always, thank you so much chris1111
  2. L iCon Resizer

  3. Jessica

  4. Rachel

  5. UniTool

  6. GetmacOS

  7. HoRNDIS

  8. ESP Mounter Pro

  9. UniTool

    In previous versions, there were two separate buttons for Show/Hide. One for showing and the other for hiding. In version v1.7, you have to click the same button to toggle between showing and hiding.
  10. UniTool

    Luky35 ~ Show/Hide Files Click the same button to toggle the hidden files. Hidden files will appear/disappear at the root of your hard disk. ~ Show/Hide Desktop Icons Same as above. Instead of root, observe your desktop icons when toggling.
  11. GetmacOS

    I'm sorry, the file/app is not broken. It doesn't work if you don't have QE/CI acceleration.

    Nice.. thanks
  13. HoRNDIS

    Great kext... Thanks dreadkopp
  14. Jessica

    The crash will happen if you keep changing the filter continuously.
  15. Jessica

    You're welcome Qwels