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  1. cvad

    Clover Builder.app

    CB v1.1.9 macOS Mojave ready.
  2. cvad

    Clover Third-Party Tools

    @Matgen84, test CB v1.1.9.
  3. v1.0.3 macOS 10.8-10.14 ready
  4. cvad

    Clover Third-Party Tools

    Updated Clover Builder.app v1.1.7 Copy to Mandatory drivers64UEFI: ApfsDriverLoader.efi, AptioMemoryFix.efi, AptioInputFix.efi.
  5. cvad

    Bootdisk Utility

    macOS 10.14 Mojave Recovery HD:
  6. cvad

    Clover Third-Party Tools

    Updated Clover Builder.app v1.1.5 Added to distr HFSPlus-64.efi and FakeSMC.kext. @SavageAUS Updated Clover Builder.app v1.1.6 Added to distr apfs.efi. Enjoy.
  7. cvad

    Clover Third-Party Tools

    You can find HFSPlus.efi in: ~/src/UDK2018/Clover/FileSystems/HFSPlus/X64
  8. cvad

    Clover Third-Party Tools

    Updated Clover Builder.app v1.1.4 (Use UDK2018). Enjoy.
  9. cvad

    Bootdisk Utility

    To discuss various boot loaders and their work, it is better to go to the relevant topics of the forum.
  10. cvad

    Bootdisk Utility

  11. cvad

    Bootdisk Utility

  12. cvad

    Bootdisk Utility

    Rename the cham boot file to boot2 and press "2" during boot process.
  13. Yes, you can use KU with High Sierra.
  14. cvad

    Bootdisk Utility

    BDUtility.exe v2.1.2018 rev.023b: Can Use existing LZMA Clover archives from Local Repository; Trying to correct error :"Error During Extract Latest Clover Data Set"; Added undocumented debug key "LogEnable=1" in [Data Settings]; updated 7z archivator; Minor changes and improvements. Enjoy