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  1. BDUtility.exe v2.1.2018 rev.023b: Can Use existing LZMA Clover archives from Local Repository; Trying to correct error :"Error During Extract Latest Clover Data Set"; Added undocumented debug key "LogEnable=1" in [Data Settings]; updated 7z archivator; Minor changes and improvements. Enjoy
  2. How to make Clover BDU-ready zip-archive. C:\MakeCloverBDUReadyZip.bat Usage MakeCloverBDUReadyZip.bat CloverISO-XXXX.tar.lzma MakeCloverBDUReadyZip.bat.zip P.S. The Sourceforge site is often in a disaster recovery mode and requires the use of javascript to work. You can dl CloverISO-XXXX.tar.lzma via browser and prepare BDUReadyZip manually.
  3. Clover Third-Party Tools

    Updated Clover Builder.app v1.1.1. Enjoy.
  4. BDU makes such an archive from the downloaded file CloverISO-NNNN.tar.lzma for easy access to content under Windows. About Clover catalog content please see the appropriate topics in the forum. Good luck.
  5. The structure of the BDU-Ready Clover ZIP archive: Read the pm.
  6. Check winhttp proxy: C:\>netsh winhttp show proxy Try extract hfs-file from dmg manually - see first post.
  7. This is usually a temporary sourceforge server error.
  8. BDUtility.exe v2.1.2017 rev.022b: Reincarnation Updating the Recovery HD list (Now scaning all update channels together); it is possible to add new URL to BDUtility.ini (SUCatalogURL_User_Added); Alignment to 63 sectors now set by default (To avoid problems with some strange BIOSes); Minor changes and improvements. Enjoy
  9. BDUtility.exe v2.1.2017 rev.021b: The BDU default save path is now saved as a relative path, i.e. ". \", which is useful for removable disks; Updating the Recovery HD list is disabled (temporarily, because the set of files in the SUCatalog has changed); The download list for Recovery HD is fixed in the program (it is possible to add new URLs to BDUtility.ini); It's possible to do FreeDos boot disk with Volkov Commander; Minor changes and improvements. Enjoy
  10. SIPUtility.app

    SIPUtility.app v1.0.4 Improved usability.
  11. SIPUtility.app

    SIPUtility.app v1.0.3Added the boot_args->flags
  12. SIPUtility.app

    @Sherlocks thanks. SIPUtility.app v1.0.2 Added the New Apple SIP configuration bits CSR_ALLOW_ANY_RECOVERY_OS (1 << 8) // renamed, see https://opensource.apple.com/source/xnu/xnu-3789.51.2/bsd/sys/csr.h.auto.html CSR_DISABLE_KEXT_CONSENT (1 << 9) //added IN 10.13, name unknown yet ‚Äč
  13. Very happy for you. Good luck in your work and creativity. The PayPal link in the subject header.