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  1. PippoX0

    MacOS sudo without password

    Ok. But why reduce security on terminal commands ? sent from my iPhone
  2. PippoX0

    Intel WIFI Driver

    Good to know ... sent from my iPhone
  3. Fast solution: AppleTV. It 's cheaper compared to an Hackintosh. On the other hand if you wish to build a media center based on Osx , you can ... It all depends on how much you want spend to create one. sent from my iPhone
  4. PippoX0

    OSX Lion on Dell Optiplex 760

    Hi, First, in SL , extract DSDT with MaciASL and post here. I will try to compile it and fix errors if there was any... Then try to use smbios.plist iMac10,1 i post to you. ( It is better for your HW) Insert in /Extra folder of USB Lion installer Put ElliotForceLegacyRTC.kext in /Extra/Extensions to avoid RTC Bios reset error Try to install/upgrade OSX Lion over Snow Lion ( beware that if something went wrong you have to reinstall SL) Tell us if you got success to install and run Lion. Cheers
  5. Good work Hervé !! sent from my iPhone
  6. PippoX0

    OSX Lion on Dell Optiplex 760

    Hi, Try again to re-create hdd partitions. Use Disk Utility, choose Guid scheme, make two partitions HFS+ , apply Then check from DUtility that all is ok. Install Lion on first partition. sent from my iPhone
  7. PippoX0

    OSX Lion on Dell Optiplex 760

    HI, OS X upgrades are free, so don't have to pay any more. First you have a working OS with a working Eterneth connection and a good smbios.plist iMac10,1 is a good choice. you can use Chameleon Wizard to create it. or use the one here.smbios.plist Then we can fix video card, i have some ideas how to get graphics acceleration QE/CI. Hint : Use MaciASL to extract and compile DSDT.aml for your HW .
  8. PippoX0

    OSX Lion on Dell Optiplex 760

    Boot lion with -x option, then change back to SL active partition. Use flag 0 with terminal command. So you will get back SL. If Lion is not an option, you can choose Montain Lion or Mavericks. Your Hw should be compatible sent from my iPhone
  9. PippoX0

    OSX Lion on Dell Optiplex 760

    Hi, You have to set active OS X Lion partition, so you can start directly from Lion Hdd/ partition. Try also to boot SLeopard from USb , it should boot fine... To boot Lion, by now, use USB and -x option, then we fix it. Check that audio, ethernet and video card are working. What is the resolution of your monitor? You can set it in org.chameleon.boot.plist inside Extra folder. Set OS X Lion active 1. Run Osx 2. Run Terminal from utility 3. Type these commands sudo diskutil list sudo fdisk-e /dev/rdisk0 p You should see the list of partitions 0 should be SL, 1 should be Lion, 2 should be Data. Choose Lion partition Type flag 1 write y exit That’s all. Reboot Sent from my iPad with Tapatalk
  10. PippoX0

    OSX Lion on Dell Optiplex 760

    Very strange, Try to create another USB pen with only bootloader. Do these steps : 1) Format USB Guid HFS+ 2) install Chamelon on USB. 3) copy /Extra folder to usb Boot from Usb Usually you should see the two Os, Snow Leopard and Lion. sent from my iPhone
  11. PippoX0

    OSX Lion on Dell Optiplex 760

    Hi, Boot from usb installer. You should be able to see Snow Leopard and Lion. Boot Lion from usb. If all work fine (complete installation, create lion user, choose keyboard) then copy /Extra folder from usb to Lion and install chameleon on Lion HDD. Sent from my iPad with Tapatalk
  12. PippoX0

    OSX Lion on Dell Optiplex 760

    Hi, ElliotForceLegacyRTC.kext is needed to avoid Cmos Bios reset. Install FakeSmc and NullCPUPowerManagement also in /System/Library/Extensions/ on USB pen. Video issue seems related to GT430 video card. Try to remove it and try to boot with internal video card. It should work. Then when you have installed OSX Lion , we could take time to complete post install tweaks. sent from my iPhone
  13. PippoX0

    Help me recover OS X please!

    From Google: MSI Wind netbook specs Cpu - 1,6ghz intel Atom Hdd -80 Gb -5400rpm sata Ram - 1-2 Gb Wifi - 802.11b/g Graphics - intel GMA 950 Hint: Make your own signature sent from my iPhone
  14. PippoX0

    Help me recover OS X please!

    Hi, Fast answer : Boot windows7, install EasyBCD, add OSX boot option , reboot. Then you should boot again from windows bootloader into win7 and OSx.. After that if you wanna have chameleon bootloader again as main screen to choose which os to run, you must set active OSx partition. sent from my iPhone
  15. PippoX0

    Switch from iMessage to WhatsApp

    You can use iMessage and WhatsApp at the same time. you don't need to switch off ... sent from my iPhone