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  1. PippoX0

    macOS Catalina 10.15 is out !!!

    Downloading now .... Just a small time and ready to go ...
  2. PippoX0

    Catalina MBR HFS Firmware Check Patch

    Yeah, it can be installed on GPT /HFS+ one partition too and with Recovery HD . For iCloud and other errors i think we can find some workaround tricks ... BTW I just tried to login on iCloud and I was able to ... with no issue Cheers
  3. PippoX0

    Catalina on MBR HFS+

    Catalina works either on Apfs or Mbr Hfs+. And this is good thing, because i use Clover or better Enoch to boot my old rig. If it doesn't works for someone it doesn't mean that it doesn't work at all. "The way of lighting is full of tries and errors" That said @Pinarek The error seems to be related to the lack of read and write permission on hfs+ drive. I can confirm if SO is well installed, Catalina can run well on hfs+. I can install and remove any app, kext or patch i want...
  4. PippoX0

    How to run faster Catilina beta ?

    Hi, thanks for the hint, but ... I have an 512Gb SSD , i use it on external USb3 case to make experiments. My effort is to run well on Hdisk. ( i have installed on Sata Hdisk from Lion - Mojave and are all fine tuned to give full max speed on old Hw) This is why i have installed Catalina on MBR HFS+. It's a beta and probably almost buggy , but i like to find out how to give it better ... For the moment, on Sata Hdisk Cat is slower than Mojave See Ya
  5. Working in Progress I want that my Catalina runs smooth I run Catalina beta on MBr HFS+ (only one partition) So what we can do ? 0. I have gained my Intel HD3000 QE/CI working - i have used Intel HD3000 High Sierra Kexts Done 1. Reduce size - I have used monolingual and I have deleted all unwanted languages - i have deleted unwanted Speech voices - i have delete unwanted Fonts ( Japanese , Chinese, Emoji ...) - i have delete unwanted Templates ( again speech voices) My Cat OS have been shrinked from 16 Gb to 9,96 Gb Done 2. Disable all unwanted Deamons and Agents - I'm looking for disable all Debug deamons or Agents running which are slowing my Os Still seeking .... What's else ?
  6. PippoX0


    Find --> 40600200 Replace --> 00000000 AppleAHCIPort This ALPM Patch for AppleAHCIPort.kext works very well also on macOS Catalina beta I can use my internal Ahci Sata Disk. now ...
  7. PippoX0

    Catalina on MBR HFS+

    Awesome, as usual...
  8. PippoX0

    Catalina on MBR HFS+

    Basically now to get Catalina on HFS+ all must be done by copying manually from 2 Apfs installated partitions to a newly created Mbr HFS+ partition. BTW We have to: 1. Create installmedia USB 2. Use Clover 3. Install on Apfs CAT volume 4. Boot again on USB 5. Using terminal, type ditto /Volumes/CAT/ /Volumes/HFS/ ditto /Volumes/CAT\ - \Data/ /Volumes/HFS 6. Boot HFS in single user mode 7. Mount RW /sbin/mount - uw / 8. Recreate cache update_dyld_shared_cache - force kextcache - system-prelinked-kernel 9. Reboot in HFS and finish installation. 10. That's all... Or wait for the tool which CrayBirdy is working on to make all easy and errors proof... See Ya
  9. With a lot of tries and errors , and with the tricks of CrazyBirdy , i was able to install the CAT on my old Rig - i5/2500k - Intel HD3000 Many many thanks to CrazyBirdy who give me the right trick to get the result ...
  10. PippoX0

    Mac Tweaks

    Seem good.
  11. PippoX0

    macOS 10.14.4 final released!

    Yep, i will update my rig on the last Mojave update 10.14.6 or 10.14.7. For now, i stay on 10.14.3. Cheers sent from my iPhone
  12. PippoX0

    How To Play Windows Games On Mac

    Very Good ! I wanna give a try !
  13. You need to boot with Clover and FakeCPUID option set . I.e FakeCPUID=0x0306A0 because your intel Pentium G3250 is not recognized by OSX/macOS sent from my iPhone
  14. PippoX0

    SDCARD/PCI-E is not detected in Clover?

    Fast solution as you find out is Sd usb adapter. sent from my iPhone