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    AppleHDA Patcher

  2. Mirone

    ESP Mounter Pro

  3. Mirone

    Clover General discussion

    hi Apíanti, This is even a forum full of fake accounts, and full of post editors as well By the way I have keratoconus, I do not know if this is your case but any problem related to vision is very complicated. Good luck!
  4. It's time to say Goodbye! First of all I want to thank the opportunity granted to have been a Moderator on this site, was a Privilege. It was also an honor to work on the Project AppleHDA Patcher with my friend Micky1979 whom I thank for sharing their knowledge and helping as many people as he could. I want to leave my thanks to my companions of the Olarila: Oldnapalm, Mald0n, Artur-Pt, iHackintosh, and others where we spent nights on IRC, tried to find a solution to the problems, they were great days/nights and fun + coffee. And not least important C.frio for your generosity and all those who made donations in the form of gratitude for my work, I leave here my "Thank you very much". But, as Micky himself said the scene took a different turn and currently has become a weight for me, I'm just being honest here, no offense ok? not to speak of the ingratitude of many for the work of a few without mentioning the dispute that exists in the present day. Indifferent of these facts I hope that all of you keep doing a good job. I Think I did my part for this scene contributes as I could, sometimes going beyond my ability as Jobs said: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish. All the best, Mirone.
  5. Mirone

    Hello everybody!

    I'm sorry that things have taken this direction, but they are as they are, there's no changing people, I want to thank you for the knowledge that I have acquired with you along our journey through AppleHDA Patcher were good times, and of course my friend and the story of the scene Hackintosh cannot be told without mentioning the big names, including yours.(maybe mine?..LoL) So in the end you opted for Mechanical Engineering?hahaha, good luck my friend, all the best always.
  6. Mirone

    AppleHDA Patcher

    External Mic ou Internal Mic?
  7. Mirone

    AppleHDA ALC280 - Combo Jack Support - 10.11.4 -

    send me your codec_dump
  8. Mirone

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    I'll try something else later and also Ask someone to move these posts to AppleHDA Patch Request. By are OffTopic.
  9. Mirone

    AppleHDA Patcher

    You are using CodecCommander?
  10. Mirone

    AppleHDA Patcher

    @icarl, try this:https://www.sendspace.com/file/u4891v
  11. Mirone

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    first, First of all try to use another App.
  12. Mirone


    Try this:files.zip Remember to start your computer with the HDMI cable connected.
  13. Mirone

    AppleHDA Patcher

    upload in: www.sendspace.com and past link here.
  14. Mirone

    AppleHDA Patcher

    The problem with the microphone can be caused by your codec has a PathMaps and Pinconfigs different than this present in AppleHDA Patcher so I can say this by analyzing your codec_dump.