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    Great software, thank you very much. I purchased Snow Leopard 10.6.3 and used it with Windows 7 Pro SP1, VMWare Workstation 11.1.2 and Unlocker 2.0.6. I followed the included instructions and had the following problems. When I first created the VM the OS install was failing at the start with "Not a server" or similar message from OS X. I added both efi64.filename = "efi64-srvr.rom" and smc.version = "0" to the .vmx file. After that I progressed to the error "A virtual CPU has entered the shutdown state". OS X 10.6 wasn't available as an option while creating the VM so I had selected 10.7 as the closest. This left me with an entry in the .vmx file of guestOS = "darwin11-64". By changing that to guestOS = "darwin10-64" I got past that error. After that I kept using the Apple Software Update check until I got to OS X 10.6.8 and no more updates were available. At that stage I installed OS X 10.10.4 from the App store. That worked fine so I installed VMWare tools. Hopefully these additional steps will help someone. Lovely job, thanks again.