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Base64 Encoder Decoder​

  • a small tool to convert NSString into NSData (useful for Clover 'patching on the fly') and vise versa.

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  • first version

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woh !! j'aurais eu ça à l'époque de ma GTX 460 ou HD 4850 1024 !! ........  quelle galère ces CG !! 


Merci fantomas , tu penses quoi de la GTX 950 ? :)


thanks, gils83  :D


about gtx 950?  too much for me   :P


more seriously, gtx 950 is a "castrated" version of gtx 960 and part of mid-range graphics card. "It's meant to be played" without ruining.  ^_^


but it seems that AMD counter attacked with its R9 370X which is a R9 270X rebranded which is a HD7870 rebranded (and overclocked).  :lol:

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thanks anonymousnbs


yes, you’re right... there are many base64 encode/decode ‘online' apps


and btw, clover configurator also does it


let’s just say that we can consider this app as an... ‘offline' app   ;)

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