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  1. Mojave 10.14, doesn't open after osascript execution. I have virtual machine with a version for mojave that i fixed most of the frameworks but it' still not there yet. I did a bit of research and it appears the only way to do it is to mess with DYLD library injection. I had somewhat of a progress and then i got busy with work. I could share that file see if it takes us anywhere. But I am setting up a new machine today with high sierra I will test it further. As a note, if you try to execute it via terminal: dyld: Symbol not found: _OBJC_CLASS_$_NSStatusBarWindow Referenced from: /Users/...../Desktop/Disk Utility 13.app/Contents/MacOS/DiskUtility Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/AppKit.framework/Versions/C/AppKit in /Users/...../Desktop/Disk Utility 13.app/Contents/MacOS/DiskUtility I followed that chain before and I hit a wall. Thats where the DYLD injection comes in. Disk Utility Mojave attempt (not functional) - The loader is renamed and the original binary is used while testing. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G5Z2j9OzTr5Dx6Iom2LEruKdz2oweY3u/view?usp=sharing All the frameworks are from El Capitan, it seems to be the safest way.
  2. dimosgmx

    Old App Store for Mojave

    Version 1.0.0


    The High Sierra version of the App Store that can run in Mojave. According to my tests they can run in parallel, downloads work, access to purchased tab works. You can easily access old macOS downloads. It doesn't need to modify anything on the system. You might have to open the Terminal and xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine <Drag and Drop Old App Store.App> in order to run it * Note: The bundle is named Old App Store.app but it will appear as App Store
  3. dimosgmx

    Flat Package Editor patched for macOS Mojave

    It should. Actually I just finished setting a High Sierra virtual machine I will test. It seems to work just fine. Only thing it needs the xattr command.
  4. dimosgmx

    Flat Package Editor patched for macOS Mojave

    I had no idea.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    To be honest I am not sure if there is a higher version of Flat Package Editor, that's the only one I was able to find and it was not working under Mojave. As far as I can tell it is working, at least I was able to use it for what I needed it. You might have to open the Terminal and xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine <Drag and Drop Flat Package Editor.App> in order to run it
  6. I had an issue while testing the upgrade to Mojave, where the system would freeze and the HDD light would stay on or I would come back after a few hours and the PC would be turned off. When I switched back to High Sierra the freezing seemed to had carried over which made no sense. Random lock of the system, it could be as often as every 30 mins up to every 16 hours. And mostly while the computer was idle. Following this post -> I checked the BIOS for sata agressive link power management but I didn't find the option and then it hit me. While testing the Mojave switch, I was using multiple spare SSDs and my motherboard would not post. And on the internet they recommended to disable OPROM for the SATA Controller on the BIOS and make the drives Hot Pluggable, which indeed worked. So I went back and disabled Hot Plug feature on the SATA Controller(after I completed the Mojave install) and I haven't had a freeze yet. At the beginning I thought it was the new clover build, Chrome because it would mostly happen while just a video was playing. Hope that someone finds it useful. Asus X79 Deluxe Intel Core i7-4820k 40GB RAM NVIDIA GTX 760 1GB
  7. dimosgmx

    Disk Utility v13 for macOS Sierra.zip

    Yes this happened to me and I started working for a way to repair this automatically. Didn't get a chance to complete it since I am recovering from the flu but this is exactly what happened to me. Hackintosh crashed and couldn't execute either of Disk Utilities. I was thinking of implementing it like this: 1. Check if diskmanagementd is Sierra or El Capitan version. Check if more that one files is named diskmanagementd*. 2. Keep a backup of the Sierra diskmanagementd on the contents of the Disk Utility.app 3. Run a GUI before launching Disk Utility with the options to restore everything to default or run Disk Utility, so in the event that it breaks you can use the option to repair. Any opinions? Not sure how to implement version checking without keeping a database of md5 for all current and future binaries.
  8. dimosgmx


    I like Textmate but I still catch myself using Textedit every now and then. The frontmost is a checkbox option if you go to Textedit->Preferences.
  9. dimosgmx

    Disk Utility v13 for macOS Sierra.zip

    The only system file modified(temporarily) is /usr/libexec/diskmanagementd. After you enter the password at the osascript prompt, a script gets executed. The script renames diskmanagementd to diskmanagementd-sierra, copies the El Capitan diskmanagementd to /usr/libexec and executes Disk Utility. When the program exits, the script deletes diskmanagentd (the El Capitan version) and renames diskmanagementd-sierra to diskmanagementd. Thats the only modification to system files. This is done to allow both Disk Utilities to co-exist and work. Note that you can't operate both at the same time. If you want to see the script browse the contents and check the macOS folder. I was/am working on a different version that will be working different way if successful. It still needs a small modification to /usr/libexec but it shouldn't be affecting Sierra at all. I guess under Sierra you can't access encrypted HDDs while this Disk Utility is running because of the modified diskmanagementd. But closing the application reverts any changes made and everything should be back to normal. Thanks.
  10. dimosgmx

    Disk Utility v13 for macOS Sierra.zip

    I would look into for you
  11. dimosgmx

    Disk Utility v13 for macOS Sierra.zip

    I am sorry but I don't understand what the problem is. Could you perhaps rephrase it?
  12. dimosgmx

    Disk Utility v13 for macOS Sierra.zip

    The only thing that will do that is if you don't have SIP disabled. If the osascript is executing then it must be that it can't execute the sudo command because of SIP. Are you running this on a real Mac? Also rebooting the computer and trying again might help.
  13. dimosgmx

    Disk Utility v13 for macOS Sierra.zip

    Probably System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Allow apps download from It needs to be Anywhere but it's not there by default. To be able to select it open up Terminal and execute: sudo spctl --master-disable
  14. If you look inside the Contents/SharedSupport of this download injectDiskUtility.zip you will find a Disk Utility.app that shows debug menu to mount EFI partitions that works on El Capitan. It also works on MacOS Sierra use this if you like (experimental) Disk Utility v13 for macOS Sierra.zip Thanks.