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  1. Hello, and welcome to InsanelyMac. Read this guide: [Guide] Sierra / High Sierra on mobos Serie 100 / 200 / 300 / SkyLake / KabyLake / CoffeeLake DSDT
  2. Allan

    Need HELP! with Intel HD 5500 Broadwell Hackintosh Sierra

    Just follow the guide that I've sent to you. After you got the macOS installed, use the kext linked.
  3. Hello @Qwels. We (Admins/Mods) are analysing if will be a good idea to do this here. We already has the official releases at SF, and this final releases are tested before put to the public. Thank you. InsanelyMac Staff Team
  4. Here is: https://github.com/lvs1974/IntelGraphicsFixup/releases
  5. Allan

    RealTek ALC 887 No Output Devices Found

    Ok. When I get home I'll take a look.
  6. Allan

    ATI equivalent to nv_disable=1?

    Are you trying disable ATI at which hardware? Desktop or Laptop?
  7. Take a look at this topic: Help installing HighSierra on Xeon W-2175 and Asus WS C422 mobo
  8. Try another method, use the tips that I've gave to you above.
  9. Allan

    Need HELP! with Intel HD 5500 Broadwell Hackintosh Sierra

    Hi, and welcome to InsanelyMac. Follow this guide:[Guide] Sierra / High Sierra on Intel 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and x99 Chipset Series / Nehalem, SandyBridge, IvyBridge, Haswell, Broadwell And for you iGPU: https://github.com/BarbaraPalvin/IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup
  10. Good to know that you liked
  11. I mean which method are you using to install macOS. myHack, Tonymac, Olarila, etc...
  12. What kind of macOS image are you using?