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  1. Allan

    OSX86.net taken down?

    I'm a osx86.net member, but I don't know what happened. Maybe it's a Forum upgrade...don't have idea, but unfortunately I was not much active there...
  2. Maybe @Pavo can awnser your question...
  3. That case needs to come to Brazil!!
  4. Allan

    Upgrade to Mojave

    That's really strange...
  5. Allan

    Upgrade to Mojave

    Use the Etcher.app, it's better and easy.
  6. Allan

    Upgrade to Mojave

    Yes, it would be great.
  7. Allan

    Upgrade to Mojave

    Did you tried with the last image? MOJAVE Olarila -Google Drive Link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uL3rck ... sp=sharing -Olarila Server Link http://bit.ly/2ZrxolT
  8. Allan

    Lenovo 330-IKB graphics acceleration

    Install WhatEverGreen + Lilu and reboot
  9. If you have a USB stick with Clover, you can try boot your system, and check what happened in your EFI partition.
  10. Allan

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi Luca, be welcome to InsanelyMac
  11. Hi and welcome to InsanelyMac. Run this app, and upload the file result here. RunMe
  12. Allan

    Bugs gráficos após um tempo de uso (Mojave)

    Você chegou a alterar algo no seu config.plist? Não abri seus arquivos, estou no Windows por hora. Talvez o @MaLd0n possa dar uma olhada