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  1. Allan

    Hackintool v1.7.7

    Hey @cvad here is XHC1 -> XHC or XHCI to XHC? Thanks
  2. Allan

    Hackintool v1.7.7

    Got it.
  3. Allan

    Hackintool v1.7.7

    I'm using High Sierra
  4. Allan

    Hackintool v1.7.7

    I want to increase the VRAM to 2048MB. I generated the patch using KextToPatch (Base64). But didn't work. And talking about the boot problems, I've found another way to boot, and don't have glitches - Now I'm using only DVI port, not the HDMI. Unfortunately the Dual Monitor don't work.
  5. Allan

    Hackintool v1.7.7

    No success: The config2.plist - Used to test
  6. Allan

    Hackintool v1.7.7

    This config.plist is the one that can boot the macOS. If I do the changes as guide, I can't boot. Look: config2.plist
  7. Allan

    Hackintool v1.7.7

    <s>Wow, that I've didn't noticed. I'll change it right now.</s> Hmmm I've checked here, and I think that this value come from Clover. Look my current config.plist: config.plist
  8. Allan

    Hackintool v1.7.7

    Look: Archive.zip
  9. Allan

    Hackintool v1.7.7

    Hello guys. I'm having troubles with an GA Z370 HD3 + Intel i9 9900k + Intel UHD 630. I had followed the instructions in this guide, look: CLOVER.zip But the boot stucks. What else I can do? Thanks EDIT: The main reason that I'm trying to use this tool, is because that if I use iMacPro 1,1 SMBios I can boot perfectly but my screen sometimes get black for 2/3 secs.
  10. Allan

    Hackintool v1.7.7

    Do you use only the Intel HD 630?
  11. Allan

    [Help] My hackintosh can't shutdown

    Did you disabled the GT 740M?
  12. Run this app, and upload the file result here. RunMe
  13. Allan

    Will this run High Sierra?

    Hi @TerribleAtGames, welcome to InsanelyMac! I don't know about the GT 9600 - I guess no, but hey! Use our Forum search tool. Look here:
  14. Allan

    Lenovo ideapad 110

    Hi @halalsbpac Run this app, and upload the file result here. RunMe