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  1. Allan

    InsanelyMac Chat rooms

    For all of us. Maybe in the future Fubra wanna solve that.
  2. Allan

    gtx 1060 not working in high sierra

    Run this app, and upload the file result here. RunMe
  3. Allan

    Efi Fusion Pairing

    Post all hardware specs. And tell us what method did you tried.
  4. Allan

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    Hey @telepati, I don't know if you already told this, or if someone already asked you, but...do you have the last UEFI/BIOS version?
  5. Allan

    gtx 1060 not working in high sierra

    Do you use the last version of your UEFI/Bios?
  6. Which options are you using in System Preferences > Energy Saver? Run this app, and upload the file result here. RunMe
  7. Allan

    gtx 1060 not working in high sierra

    Hello and welcome to InsanelyMac. Download and install the last Clover version Do the same for the Nvidia Webdrivers. Use this option in your config.plist: https://clover-wiki.zetam.org/Configuration/SystemParameters#systemparameters_nvidiaweb
  8. Allan

    Sleep acts weird in High Sierra

    High Sierra it's one of the macOS version with many Sleep issues, so, sometimes is not possible to fix them all. But you can follow some tips. Upgrade your UEFI/BIOS to the last version Use a DSDT patched. Use the correct .kexts Proper patches in config.plist You can get all of this following this guide:
  9. Allan

    Mac Tweaks

    Congrats @Cyberdevs
  10. O @RehabMan atualizou a kext para baterias, veja se funciona: https://bitbucket.org/RehabMan/os-x-acpi-battery-driver
  11. Allan

    Theme Bugs

    Maybe is issue with your browser. Here the 'Star' fits pretty good.
  12. Allan

    rEFInd feat. Ozmosis

    Thank you @STLVNUB. I'll do a test using a USB stick. My Laptop uses the 7-series.
  13. Allan

    Problemas com shutdown

    Repara as permissões do macOS pra ver se volta, tem algumas ferramentas que podem te ajudar enquanto seu DSDT não é modificado. Reparar as permissoes e limpar a NVRam: Para o iMessage: Já para o @MaLd0n aplicar os patches pra você, roda esse app: RunMe