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  1. Thanks for those testing the unlocker on ESXi. I will move to make it generally available in the next week. Just want to install latest patches for ESXi and check it out. For now ESXi I will remove the ESXi code from it and repackage for just Workstation & Player on Windows and Linux.
  2. That's probably the issue. You have no idea what is in the VMDK, and could easily have somerthing that is causing the problem. The unlocker works fine when used with the downloads from Apple.
  3. So I have built a new ESXi only version of the unlocker but want to have more testing before I release it. Are there 5-10 volunteers who would be willing to give it a go? Of course there are no guarantees, it may not work and may screw the host up.
  4. Try looking for duplicate lines that can cause VMware to report VMX is corrupt.
  5. I am not sure the view counts are working correctly. I ahve checked this topic a few times and the count does not increment. As to the problem, you could try this Preference Pane https://github.com/MarLoe/VMware.PreferencePane Install it into the guest and see if it works. I think it drives the vmware-resolution utility which is part of the VMware tools.
  6. You are replying to a message from 2 years ago!
  7. OK I know but the unlocker no longer fixes this issue. I am working on something new to fix this but it is not ready.
  8. You don't need the unlocker on real macOS.
  9. I have started some stability testing with ESXi 6.7 to find the best way to run the patch files. I will release a simple test script that builds a new vmtar ramdisk and need volunteers to test it on 6.5 and 6.7. Note this is not the patcher and no files will be patched so it won't run macOS. This is a test of technology to ensure ESXi runs smoothly and also vCenter does not have problems connecting to the host.
  10. Can you run chcp from the command line and tell me the value please? I think it is an issue with Python and code page 65001. You could try running chcp 850 and then running the unlocker.
  11. So I have now become semi-retired and have more time to go back to looking at the unlocker code. My plans are to start a 3.0 version which includes: Specifically for Workstation 14 and Fusion 10 ESXi support 6.0-6.7 if possible Remove the non-Server check for versions 10.5 (Leopard) & 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Tools download needs to get 2 ISOs depending on the version of macOS running in the guest A simple way to bootstrap a new macOS High Sierra VM directly from Apple software download repos AMD for recent CPUs using CPUID masking techniques (will need volunteers with Ryzen systems) Now this is not going to happen overnight as I am enjoying some freedom after 30+ years in the software industry and I have other projects both IT and non-IT related that will also take my attention. Do you, the great InsanelyMac community, have any suggestions that I can look into for the future?
  12. Thanks. I missed working on it, but family and friends had to take priority.
  13. My test code still works on it. I may go back to this in a month as I am semi-retiring and may have time to pick up the unlocker code once again.
  14. I am still around but there was a family medical problem over the end of last year and beginning of this year which meant I had different priorities for awhile. I am still happy to discuss handing it over.
  15. Please see this post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/328285-macos-unlocker-21-for-vmware-workstation-111214-player-71214-fusion-7810/?p=2518430