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  1. You are replying to a message from 2 years ago!
  2. OK I know but the unlocker no longer fixes this issue. I am working on something new to fix this but it is not ready.
  3. You don't need the unlocker on real macOS.
  4. I have started some stability testing with ESXi 6.7 to find the best way to run the patch files. I will release a simple test script that builds a new vmtar ramdisk and need volunteers to test it on 6.5 and 6.7. Note this is not the patcher and no files will be patched so it won't run macOS. This is a test of technology to ensure ESXi runs smoothly and also vCenter does not have problems connecting to the host.
  5. Can you run chcp from the command line and tell me the value please? I think it is an issue with Python and code page 65001. You could try running chcp 850 and then running the unlocker.
  6. So I have now become semi-retired and have more time to go back to looking at the unlocker code. My plans are to start a 3.0 version which includes: Specifically for Workstation 14 and Fusion 10 ESXi support 6.0-6.7 if possible Remove the non-Server check for versions 10.5 (Leopard) & 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Tools download needs to get 2 ISOs depending on the version of macOS running in the guest A simple way to bootstrap a new macOS High Sierra VM directly from Apple software download repos AMD for recent CPUs using CPUID masking techniques (will need volunteers with Ryzen systems) Now this is not going to happen overnight as I am enjoying some freedom after 30+ years in the software industry and I have other projects both IT and non-IT related that will also take my attention. Do you, the great InsanelyMac community, have any suggestions that I can look into for the future?
  7. Thanks. I missed working on it, but family and friends had to take priority.
  8. My test code still works on it. I may go back to this in a month as I am semi-retiring and may have time to pick up the unlocker code once again.
  9. I am still around but there was a family medical problem over the end of last year and beginning of this year which meant I had different priorities for awhile. I am still happy to discuss handing it over.
  10. Please see this post http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/328285-macos-unlocker-21-for-vmware-workstation-111214-player-71214-fusion-7810/?p=2518430
  11. As I said earlier this year, I am retiring from maintaining the unlocker after 10 years now that this version has been released. I have 2 volunteers willing to take it on for the future and we will announce who they are when we are ready. Before this happens I want to point out a few things about the unlocker that newer members may not know about and where to look if they have problems. 1. The unlocker does not modify any code in the executables. It only patches data tables for the virtual SMC (vmware-vmx to run VMs) and the Guest Host Tables (vmwarebase to show macOS in the OS selector). 2. Issues with guest resolution and keyboards/mice etc. will be down to VMware tools. It may need them to be downgraded to a previous version if issues are found with the latest ones. Issues like resolution also occur with unpatched VMware Fusion on Apple hardware, and so it is worth looking on the VMware forums as well for a solution. 3. Kernel panics during macOS guest startup are usually down to 3 possible causes: Running on an AMD CPU which is not natively supported by Apple macOS and requires a modified XNU kernel. Installation media incorrectly built from the downloaded installation app. 3rd party macOS "distros" which quite often have KEXTs and settings that are not VMware friendly 4. Installation issues for unlocker have mainly been due to certain AV products protecting the VMware folders. I know that McAfee Host Intrusion Protection can cause the installation to fail, so disable them when running install/uninstall. Also make sure VMware is not running during installation. 5. Issues where macOS guests do not work after a VMware upgrade. This will be due to the patched executables being overwritten during the upgrade process. Make sure you re-run the installer. I will still be lurking around on the forums but not working on this topic. I need a break and some new challenges. Thanks to all those who have helped over the years with the different incarnations of code to make macOS on VMware happen. You know who you are and I could not have done it without those who helped answer questions, donates code patches and tried out early versions. Dave (Donk)
  12. The unlocker won't have done this but it is likely the tools. Get the previous tools and trying replacing them.
  13. How did you create the ISO? Panics ae usually due to incorrect conversions. Or do you have an AMD CPU which is not natively supported by macOS.
  14. Please start a new topic with this question. It is not directly related to the unlocker.
  15. Donk


    Version 2.1.1


    macOS Unlocker for VMware V2.1 ============================== +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | IMPORTANT: | | ========== | | | | Always uninstall the previous version of the Unlocker before using a new | | version. Failure to do this could render VMware unusable. | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ 1. Introduction --------------- Unlocker 2 is designed for Workstation 11/12/14, Player 7/12/14, and Fusion 7/8/10. If you are using an earlier product please continue using Unlocker 1. Version 2 has been tested against: * Workstation 11/12/14 on Windows and Linux * Workstation Player 7/12/14 on Windows and Linux * Fusion 7/8/10 on macOS Sierra The patch code carries out the following modifications dependent on the product being patched: * Fix vmware-vmx and derivatives to allow macOS to boot * Fix vmwarebase .dll or .so to allow Apple to be selected during VM creation * Download a copy of the latest VMware Tools for macOS Note that not all products recognise the darwin.iso via install tools menu item. You will have to manually mount the darwin.iso for example on Workstation 11 and Player 7. The vmwarebase code does not need to be patched on macOS systems so you will see a message on those systems telling you that it will not be patched. In all cases make sure VMware is not running, and any background guests have been shutdown. The code is written in Python as it makes the Unlocker easier to run and maintain on ESXi. 2. Prerequisites ---------------- The code requires Python 2.7 to work. Most Linux distros and macOS ship with a compatible Python interpreter and should work without requiring any additional software. Windows Unlocker has a packaged version of the Python script using PyInstaller, and so does not require Python to be installed. 3. Limitations -------------- If you are using VMware Player or Workstation on Windows you may get a core dump. Latest Linux products are OK and do not show this problem. +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | IMPORTANT: | | ========== | | | | If you create a new VM using version 11, 12 or 13 hardware VMware may stop | | and create a core dump. There are two options to work around this issue: | | | | 1. Change the VM to be HW 10 - this does not affect performance. | | 2. Edit the VMX file and add: | | smc.version = "0" | | | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ 4. Windows ---------- On Windows you will need to either run cmd.exe as Administrator or using Explorer right click on the command file and select "Run as administrator". win-install.cmd - patches VMware win-uninstall.cmd - restores VMware win-update-tools.cmd - retrieves latest macOS guest tools 5. Linux --------- On Linux you will need to be either root or use sudo to run the scripts. You may need to ensure the Linux scripts have execute permissions by running chmod +x against the 2 files. lnx-install.sh - patches VMware lnx-uninstall.sh - restores VMware lnx-update-tools.cmd - retrieves latest macOS guest tools 6. macOS -------- On macOS you will need to be either root or use sudo to run the scripts. This is really only needed if you want to use client versions of macOS. You may need to ensure the macOS scripts have execute permissions by running chmod +x against the 2 files. osx-install.sh - patches VMware osx-uninstall.sh - restores VMware 7. ESXi ------- ESXi is no longer supported as there are too many errors on newer versions due to VMware hardening the ESXi image. 8. Thanks --------- Thanks to Zenith432 for originally building the C++ unlocker and Mac Son of Knife (MSoK) for all the testing and support. Thanks also to Sam B for finding the solution for ESXi 6 and helping me with debugging expertise. Sam also wrote the code for patching ESXi ELF files and modified the unlocker code to run on Python 3 in the ESXi 6.5 environment. History ------- 10/10/17 2.1.0 - New version to support ESXi 6.5, Workstation/Player 14 and Fusion 10 - Removed support for ESXi 6.0 - Added ESXi boot option to disable unlocker (nounlocker) 11/10/17 2.1.1 - Removed all support for ESXi 6.x (c) 2011-2017 Dave Parsons