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  1. Hi,


    I tried unlocker 3.0.2 on win10. I am using VMware workstation Pro 15.5. The patching had some issue with downloading the darwin files (corrupted after download) so I downloaded the required contents manually and extracted them to the tools folder manually. In addition I removed gettools command from win-install.cmd to avoid overwriting the darwin files. The patching completes without any error, however I do not see an option for Mac under guest operating systems.


    I would appreciate any help.



  2. Hi! I used the MacOS Unlock 3.0 on ESXi 6.5 and it shows that installation is successful but when I run the script to check I get smcPresent = false.

    Is it because secure boot enabled on ESXi Host?

    Any suggestions? Please help! :help:


  3. From previous post "VMware changed their VMware Tools website downloads format (file type) to a big compressed file, instead of directly downloadable, single small ISO file." FYI VMware are aware the tools are missing and the Fusion Product Manager is following it up. https://communities.vmware.com/thread/619357 The current core download is the entire Fusion app. If you need the tools I suggest logging into the VMware website and go here https://www.vmware.com/go/tools. If VMware does not re-instate the tools only download I will setup a mirror with tools only as I see no reason to download 500MB for 16MB of tools. At this point I'm not going to update the getools.py until I get an answer from VMware.
  4. There is no specific Catalina option in ESXi. You will have to use Mojave 10.14.
  5. I am planning to get back to the unlocker. I've been working on a work contract and so it's had to take a back seat. I have appointed another maintainer on github who is an ex-colleague of mine.
  6. There is no virus it's a false positive due to the use of Pyinstaller. It's happened before with the stub executable that is added to the zipped up Python code and interpreter.
  7. I will take a look at the new version. It shipped whilst I was on holiday and having a break from computers, internet etc.
  8. Trying an earlier Intel CPU from MacbookPro10,1. FreeBSD 64-bit.vmx.txt
  9. So this is the my next thoughts on this. I had to do a bit off checking because some things have changed in Workstation 14 & 15. I'm not sure if there is anythiong else we can do if this doesn't work apart from try and find a way to add an AMD kernel to the image. FreeBSD 64-bit.vmx.txt
  10. Sorry I missed following up on this. I will take a look and see if there is anything I can find but first guess is that an Intel instruction is being used and AMD does not implement it. Need to check the CPUID dumps for both processors.
  11. VMware will likely need to fix something or it's an issue with the beta. I wouldn't expect proper support until Catalina is released which is usually when VMware release a new version of Fusion/Workstation. September timeframe.
  12. Try this one first. again make a complete backup of the VM first. FreeBSD 64-bit.vmx.txt
  13. If you are using a version of VMware from 11 onwards the old method of patching the server check won't work as the code changed inside VMware. I did release some version of the unlocker 2 with a pre-patched BIOS but this causes issues as it would not match the currently version of the VMM monitor and may crash. For unlocker 3 there is no patcher built in but I released a separate tool the EFI Patcher that can work with Worsktation 14/15 and ESXi 6.5/6.7 that modifies a copy of the EFI BIOS/Firmware. That should be used now and there is a separate topic here
  14. Can you attach a copy of your VMX file to a post for the VM please? No guarantees but I havd found some old CPUID patching details that may work. Make sure you have a complete backup of this VM before we start.
  15. No use the new EFI Unlocker for Snow Leopard. The older version dfoesn't work anymore as VMware changed the code.