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  1. AppleHDA Patcher

    great work =)
  2. Introduce yourself.

    who says super n00b these days lol must still be playing counter strike condition zero =p My names R0bby I'm young and restless with these damn red bulls. I thought i should join the forum since i use it all the time for knowledge. so here I am anyone feel free to ask me any questions Im here to help =))
  3. MSI G31TM-P21

    My macintosh took a Cr*p on me so i decided to go ahead and use a Hackintosh in a mac case. I went out and purchased a MSI G31TM-P21 and a brand new copy of snow leopard 10.6.3, 30 minutes later I got the system running installed proper kext's. The video is working flawlessly, ram reads the right speed , cpu is recognized as a newer CPU due to the same architecture, as for the sound it was a bit tricky at first but someone on the forum actually did an impressive job putting together a VoodooHDA installer =) Thanks again for your hard work. My question is ... How to i get this internet working without it crashing on every page i visit . Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance
  4. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    If you have purchased a Net-gear WN311B BCM4321 in hopes to get Airport up and running. Hope this helps any Newbs like myself get it going =) Thanks to our German Friend this script works great. This is the method that worked for me in 10.6.2 & 10.6.3 Download the script then download 4311.kext (google) it. take the kext you downloaded off google, drop it on top of (app called Kextutilty) -google that too. it will install your 4311.kext to your extra folder and your HD extensions folder for you and fixes permissions as well. Once you've done this restart your computer to make sure it will take affect. Run the script by putting it in this location /HD/user then open Terminal and type the fallowing. sudo ./bcm43xx_enabler.sh it will ask you is this the right location you press (enter) it will ask you, do you want to back this folder up. Just fallow the instructions the script does all the hard work for you. Once its completed I recommend repairing your disk permissions run off your USB or purchased SnoW Leo. Hope i helped anyone who was having issues. . . Thank you MACSMART for the script helped me set the ID's without typing all that {censored}.