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    Guys, under Preference.strings I've added: "Translate units of measurements" = "Translate units of measurements"; This is for who wants to see everythings translated less the units of measurement. Example 10 GB (10 Giga bytes) French = 10 Go Russian = 10 ГБ So when the new option is off, you will always see 10 GB. r182 +
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    @Balamut sudo ethtool -E enp225s0f0 magic 0x15638086 offset 0x242 value 0x0a sudo ethtool -E enp225s0f0 magic 0x15638086 offset 0x243 value 0x00 sudo ethtool -E enp225s0f1 magic 0x15638086 offset 0x242 value 0x0a sudo ethtool -E enp225s0f1 magic 0x15638086 offset 0x243 value 0x00 but check if your enp is correct. This example is from my WS X299 Sage/10G and this way it works on my build without any problems.
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    To build a Hackintosh never was easier. Use my tutorial how to install macOS on PC and download already prepared and tweaked Clover folder. You can get up and running your Hackintosh build in just 2 hours and you will don’t need to tweak anything.
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    altre porte usb3 erano definite con usb2 interne sostituisci nuovamente, riavvia e fai ioreg SSDT-4-A M I.aml 3.zip
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    Sostituisci il config.plist con questo e metti questo SSDT in EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched config.plist.zip SSDT-4-A M I.aml.zip
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    PCI. info

    MaLd0n, Hello, I own a Z170X-Gaming-5 with a GTX980Ti (6 outputs) + 1 PCIe Wifi/BT Apple Broadcom BCM94360CD card + 1 PCI3.0 Orico PME-4U PCIe card (Fresco FL1100) all under High Sierra 10.13.6. The iGPU is currently disabled in the BIOS but I want to reactivate it to be able to use the 2 video ports (HDMI and DP) and also benefit from the AirPlay. The SMBIOS used is a SMBIOS of MacPro6,1 because I wish to add a GTX750 1Go with 2xDVI and 2xHDMI on the PCI-E 2 port of the motherboard if I can not use those of the iGPU, to be able to add 2 screens. The ideal would be to have and the iGPU and the GTX750. Could you, compile/provide the items so that I can view all my devices in the "PCI" section. I also want to add 2 SSD M.2, one will be an NVMe and the other an M.2 SATA. I will be grateful if you could help me, you will find attached my complete EFI file (APCI Origin, Congif.plist MacPro6,1) + an IOJones file. Thank you to tell me also if it is missing information and what elements it will be necessary for me to provide you for the iGPU and / or the GTX750. Thanks in advance! PS: "Sorry for my English, I used Google Trad." Files InsanelyMac.zip
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    Clover Themes

    Icons, Color and ... Disks (I don't know how to fix it). So feel free to use my idea
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    {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Hello! I have seveeral times read, that ACPIPoller.kext of Rehabman could solve promlems with acpi readout for battery etc. Could be found on his BitBucket. Have fun.
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    move 10.14.1 update

    The keywords were "make a signature with your specs" That way they show up in ALL your posts not just ONE. Only takes a couple of minutes to make a signature, but will save everyone a lot of time and trouble. edit: We seem to have hijacked this thread, I suggest you start a new one and we'll take it from there.
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    I had not. Thank you! Pulling the clover release for VMware rather than the upstream release from Sourceforge fixed that problem. Things are booting and setup appears to be working. The big question in my mind is now how do I get it to boot reliably in the future. The guides are currently a bit scattered, so knowing where to read from here to stabilize the system a bit would be quite helpful.
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