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  1. Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    Hello! Please change to this version. Have fun. config.plist.zip
  2. Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    Hello! Please try this Config.plist with removed nullcpu.kext and report back. Have fun. config.plist.zip
  3. Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    Hello! Can you boot with my uploaded Clover folder? Have fun.
  4. Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    Hello! HDD. Have fun.
  5. Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    Hello! Can you boot with the Clover Folder? Have you free space on your hdd or free partiton? Have fun.
  6. Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    @ wiewiorcwaniak Hello! I think, that it is a bit of nonsens to try to correct all problems at the same time. When I have installed OSX on varios devices, I have been doing this with the following priorities til now: 1. Create proper installer of OSX version. 2. Boot the device with installer without working network, powermanagement, bluetooth, correct gfx, audio etc. 3. Installed system. Get working: 4. Network (wired or wifi) 5. Gfx (No NVDA web drivers on MBP 8.2/3) 6. CPU-PM and AGPM. 7. Patching DSDT and SSDT 8. USB 9. Sleep/Wake. 10. Battery 11. Audio 12. etc. I have a Dell 3d device from the same generation as yours working for more than two years. I ended up with Yoesmite because of the USB3 problems with the not working Nec chipset. I have digged through the files and informations of your started thread and mixed up a Clover folder. You can try to use it by renaming your existing folder and copy the new one in place on your stick. In any case you have to boot by ignoring caches. If you canĀ“t boot, add in Clover bootscreen temporary bootargument "-x" for save mode. If you have no success copy back from Clover/Kexts/Backup/ nullcpupm.kext to ..../others. Have fun. CLOVER.zip
  7. Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    Hello! Patch the Info.plist of AGDP.kext manually with your device ID (btw better matching with your device is MBP 8,3). Then use the Clover patch. As I remember , it is told in the thread, that this patch is working only after having patched the info.plist by oneself. This patch is working for me with an other device in this way on every update. If sleep/wake is working with lid closing/opening you can try to let it fall in sleep and the open the lid with working Lcd. Have fun. @ wiewiorcwaniak To get proper support/help it is perhaps better to upload a personally made complete DarwinDumper report.
  8. Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    Hello! Adding the named argument should be the easiest way to install OSX on your device without erasing any kext. May be with the help of WebDrivers. Have fun.
  9. Dell Precision M6600 - asking for help

    Hallo! During installation I would set boot argument "nv_disable=1". If you can then boot your install the fix above. Have fun.
  10. freeze yosemite

    Hello! GTX 560 is sometimes freezing. Try to install this as autostart object: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/291300-fermi-freeze-investigation/?p=1939732 Have fun.
  11. [HELP] Fix battery percentage in DSDT Lenovo L420

    Hallo! Have you compared the bat part of your DSDT.aml with the one of the T420 of the Tluck package? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285678-lenovo-thinkpad-t420-with-uefi-only/?p=1952283 Have fun.
  12. Sierra - Nvidia (GTX970) - Black Screen at login

    @Brenku Hello! Rebooted by ignoring Caches? Have fun
  13. @ Brumbaer Many thanks! I have been looking for a long time for a working clover patch. The patch is working with the SMB of MBP 8,3 on GT 550m with Yosemite 10.10.5. There should be the big chance, that it is also working on El Capitan. Have fun.