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  1. Gigamaxx

    MSI Trident 3 Hackintosh?

    It should work, except for the WiFi.
  2. Gigamaxx

    Problem with the Hackintosh Notebook installation

    Probably clover drivers64uefi folder problems. Can you post your EFI folder?
  3. Gigamaxx

    AMD Ryzen High Sierra Install Guide.

    Sorry for such a late response. My 970 EVO works on X470 with Ryzen 7 2700X.
  4. Where is that patch? I must have missed it before.
  5. I wish this tool would work for AMD for the USB ports.
  6. Nice, with optimizations you should be able to reach 5000-6000 or so like windows. I’ve read there is a gaming mode that keeps the cores defaulted at 16 cores for gaming performance.
  7. Nice, did the benchmarks work, results?
  8. Gigamaxx

    No USB works on final boot (to finder)

    Google usbinjectallkext and follow rehabmans guide.
  9. Gigamaxx

    No USB works on final boot (to finder)

    Try GenericUSBKext in other folder to get installed. Later you can fix USB with USBinjectallkext and dsdt.
  10. It did bump it up with a consistent 1%, I ran several benches and it holds up. My Cinebench hit 1800 for CPU.
  11. I got about 1-1.5 % increase in performance.
  12. I’ll test in a few minutes when I get back home.
  13. IS there any way to add about 10% to that fix? Intel setups run Vega at 205,000 to 208,000 even on my 3.2GHz Pentium G3258. It would be nice to get Intel level performance out of Ryzen for AMD graphics if its possible.
  14. Nice, thanks it works! R7 265 Geekbench now 82,000 up from 28,000. RX Vega 64 @ 170,000.
  15. Thanks for this useful tool, it works well for AMD systems where others won’t do a complete rebuild. Intel as well, thanks again, and especially for updating the tool.