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    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    18A391 its out

    iMessage won‘t activate with Clover >4428

    hi. I tried and tried and no no no)) I think I will wait for final 10.14 and will try from white page to fix this issues) thanks

    iMessage won‘t activate with Clover >4428

    Yes, I will try, sure, just to be sure. I have a EFI backup from old Sierra working system, I think I must try to be 100% sure. Let me know exactly what system report I must provide Thanks

    iMessage won‘t activate with Clover >4428

    well hello. if you read a few post up, after clover update don't know exactly what version no more messages and FaceTime. iCloud are ok and with the NVRAM I think sorry are the same (but I will test just in case) thanks I just checked with and without LANInjection, same error

    iMessage won‘t activate with Clover >4428

    yes) i tried but with 4428 and up.. now lets try with 4411 ty

    iMessage won‘t activate with Clover >4428

    but, same dual port mainboard was working ) here its the question - not changed anything in clover and EFI just updated and voila) sure, I could try second port. but first lets check older clover.

    iMessage won‘t activate with Clover >4428

    sorry, i don't loved iOS and using only android for phones and don't have other ID about removing device from apple account I think I could try ethernet, first port (mainboard have 2 ports) error with iservices (message and FaceTime) starting just after a clover update, not sure what version just HighSierra at the moment (Sierra worked just ok) attached log thanks log.rtf

    iMessage won‘t activate with Clover >4428

    hi. checked iMessageDebutg are reporting the same, just like SMBIOS (post update was tested and working just great) atached screenshot with error- there was an error during activation. retry

    iMessage won‘t activate with Clover >4428

    hello thanks for reply serials are ok, (like i say, all was good post clover update, don't know exactly what version), need to check about - they don't change. i will make a screenshot with error.

    iMessage won‘t activate with Clover >4428

    well, anyone who could make some light in this issues. I have reseted from terminal all plist mess iCloud FaceTime downgraded clover.. and the same. with old clover, some time ago all was ok.
  11. i see, I just configured too good MacProSMBIOS and I think I must try... how about to add just iMac Pro to SMBIOS and leave anything from Mac Pro? like serials board number...
  12. the only that work in HS and without black screen...
  13. hello brave people ... after update from 10.13.5 to 10.13.6 all ok, first day, ... now I see some freeze, image are funny)) Nvidia drivers are old.. MacWebDriver 378. with new drivers for 10.13.6 I have black screen, connected over DVI, with DP black screen and with old drivers some ideas are welcomed
  14. please check all UEFI settings... also try to boot with minimal kext and patches...
  15. welcome. we have almost and the same display)) well, you could try to detach that board and report hows going... crossed circle if I am remembered its about using wrong cupid...