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  1. Brumbaer

    The Beast

    No, Alpine Ridge Some Chinese models for/from "Mac" off ebay. The Adapter might have been from Amazon, I'm not sure, I bought 3 adapters two years ago and haven't needed any more in the meantime. Not within easy reach, check their website, there is only one 140mm series. The Fans I use are Noctuas not EKB. It depends on so many factors. If your processor is able to reach 5.2 GHz, it will do so with a H110, if only for a short while. As soon as the water heats up too much, the system will crash or throttle the cpu clock. You do not have only to get the heat from the cpu, but also from the cooling loop. With so much heat, your fans will have to run faster and even if you tolerate the noise, this might still be not enough. Just, try it out. No, doesn't make sense, because I replaced the card. If I disable it, the new card will be disabled. Yes I have no experience with it, so I can neither recommend nor advice against it.
  2. Brumbaer

    The Beast

    Go ahead 5GHz on all cores should always be possible. Whether you go higher or not is just a question of your cooling solution and the strength of your wish to pass 7000/40000 Of course a 4% higher benchmark score can not be felt in daily operation, but sometimes you just have to cross that line of nice round numbers
  3. Brumbaer

    The Beast

    Overclocked to 5200. Board Z390 Phantom Gaming itx/ac
  4. Brumbaer

    HS on 8700K, Coffee Lake

    Vcore 1.43 Turbo Ratio 51 all Cores Uncore 50 AVX Offset 0 What Geebench 4.0 or Luxmark (CPU only) scores do you get ? Cheers
  5. Brumbaer

    HS on 8700K, Coffee Lake

    Use the Kext as it is, it should work.
  6. Brumbaer

    HS on 8700K, Coffee Lake

    I386Accessor does not control the AIO. It only collects data for it, like FakeSMCSensors do. Still you have to copy it into the Other folder on your EFI partition, for the control software to get it's data. To control the AIO you will need the Info.app. It has to run to control the AIO, so when you are sure everything is working correctly set it up to run at startup. Info has some Info/animation screens. Verlauf and Instrumente show the current values of processor temperature, water-temperature and such. One shows the current value the other a timeline. Both screens allow you to set the control curve for pump and fan. I'm sure you can figure out how it works. The software is supposed to support X62. I think X52 uses the same "controller", so it might work as well. It did work at some point with X60 and some Corsair AIOs. Don't know whether it still does. This is the main reason I do not really want to make it available, because I do not have any interest in it beyond what I currently use. I switched to a custom water loop and built my own controller, so Info will only support the X62 until it breaks for the first time and I will not try to get it running again. So feel free to see whether it runs on your system, but I will not invest any time in trying to get it running if it does not do so. Sorry, but my days only have 24 hours and 25 of them are already accounted for. Archive.zip P.S. The AIO has an USB connector which has to be connected to your mobo and the USB port must be working. So you might have to change your configuration depending on how you configured your USB ports.
  7. Brumbaer

    Vega Frontier Edition on High Sierra

    No problems with stability. @citizin Which card do you have ? Frontier ? Air or Liquid ? The fan on my Frontier Air is running full speed nearly all the time, how about your card ?
  8. Brumbaer

    HS on 8700K, Coffee Lake

    IGPU works for me. Tested it with a 4k Monitor at full resolution and graphics output has been accelerated. I use a 8700K. The pciid of it's gpu is 0x3E928086. If you have a CPU with a different pciid (i.e. Coffee Lake i3) for it's gpu the kext will not work. Didn't care about a SSDT for PM. PM is good enough as it is for me. Sleep is working, USB and all devices are working as they should, so no need for a SSDT or DSDT - besides the HDA->HDEF patch in Clover. Anyway thanks for asking, it triggered an idea about something to test.
  9. Brumbaer

    HS on 8700K, Coffee Lake

    You put UnSolid in the Other folder in the kext folder of your Clover installation. To be working you must have booted from the Clover Installation containing UnSolid, when starting the install macos High Sierra app. UnSolid is an optional kext, not needed for the install, so it's not included. If you want to use it, why not google, duckduck or whatever for it ?
  10. Brumbaer

    HS on 8700K, Coffee Lake

    Put EmuVariableUefi-64.efi in your drivers64UEFI and install the RC Scripts. After reboot, switch Web Drivers on again and check that the WebDriver Checkbox in Clover is set.
  11. Brumbaer

    HS on 8700K, Coffee Lake

    Haven‘t messured Gpu temps, but the card is very warm to the touch, even after non demanding use. Much warmer than the 1080TI. Would it work otherwise ? Having said that, macos still calls it unknown. Sleep does work and different SVIDs are set, so I‘d say it‘s supported. So, what ? At one time I will need them again and I can‘t see them to cause incompatibilities or to hit performance. I thought it common knowledge that Vega Frontier worked OOB without helper card since it‘ it was first included in the Amd..5000 kext. It never needed helper card, WhateverGreen or patches etc. Regardless the Vega-OpenGL driver has lots of room for improvement. OpenCL and Metal seem fine. Have a nice weekend.
  12. Brumbaer

    HS on 8700K, Coffee Lake

    CodecCommander.kext should help about the audio. Sleep might be anything. Send the computer to sleep. When it's fully awake again, start the console application. Enter wake reason in the search field. This will give you a hint what caused the wake i.e. XHCI has something to do with an USB device or port. Search in this forum or google what you can do to solve the issue.
  13. Brumbaer

    HS on 8700K, Coffee Lake

    Sleep seems to work. Don't use it often, but tested a 4 hour sleep spell and it worked, even sound came back. USB 3.1 is handled by an Asmedia Controller, which is supported by macOs so we ignore those. That leaves USB 2.0 and 3.0 which are supported by the Chipset USB controller. BBStrixUSB.kext (open by right clicking and selecting show package contents) is an ordinary kext with an Info.plist file only. Open the Info.plist with XCode. Of interest in Info.plist are the two IOKitPersonalities. Strix Z370i Gaming and AppleUSBXHCISTB Z200. The latter loads the driver for the XHCI chip - leave it alone. Strix Z370i Gaming contains besides other things a field called model and a list of USB ports in IOProviderMergeProperties. Right click on the window and select Show Raw Keys/Values to see all contents. If you expand the relevant items you will see: !!!!!!!!!! Important !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The value of the item called model is the SMBIOS type you use. In my case iMac18,3. You have to replace it with whatever SMBIOS you choose. Under ports you find up to 15 entries, one for each USB port in use. Your chip has 24 usable ports, 14 HS and 10 SS ports. We name the ports HS01 to HS14 and SS01 to SS06. Each port has an id. The HS ports use the ids 1 to 14 in Hex 0x01 to 0x0E, the SS ports use 17 to 22 in Hex 0x11 to 0x15. The id of an HS port is the number in it's name, the id of an SS port is the number of it's name plus 16. MacOs has a limit of 15 ports that you can use, so you will have to select 15 out of the 26 ports for use. Which ones you use is up to you. Usually you select the ones connected to connectors at the backside of the mobo plus those ports you need for internal things like BT and AIO and the frontside connectors. An USB 2.0 connector will use one HS port, an USB 3.0 connector will use one HS and one SS port. Which ports are connected to which port, you will have to find out. Look up some description of installing USBInjectall to learn how to find out which port is connected to which connector or because Asus is helpful in this regard look up the documentation of your mobo. There will be a plan of where which USB port is. And each connector is named for the port it is connected to. Also Asus Mobos usually assign the SS and HS ports with the same number to the same connector. Example: USB 7_10 is a 4 times connector and uses HS Ports 7 to 10. U31G1_34 is USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen 1 is the same as USB 3.0), 34 are the ports 3 and 4. Because those are USB 3.0 connectors these use the HS ports 3 and 4 and the SS ports 3 and 4. In my version I use only 14 ports: HS3 to 5 and SS 3 to 5, because they are connected to USB 3.0 type A Connectors on the backshield. HS7 to 10, because they are connected to USB 2.0 type A Connectors on the backshield. HS11 and 12 are on an internal connector that I use for the AIO Cooler. HS13 ist connected to the RGB controller and HS14 to the BT controller. HS12 and 13 I do not really need and could use 2 other ports instead like the USB 3.0 C connector on the back. You will find an entry for each port under ports. Let's look at HS13 First there is the name HS13 could be anything else, but using HS13 makes clear what it is. UsbConnector is the type of connector the port is connected to. Possible Values are: 0 an ordinary USB2.0 Typ A connector - the wide, black ones. 3 an ordinary USB3.0 Typ A connector - the wide, blue ones. 9 USB-C conenctor 255 unknown or custom. All Headers fall in this category. HS13 on my board is a header, so the value here is 255. port contains the channel id as a 4 byte hex value. In this case its 0d000000 Let's do a second one SS05 is the name UsbConnector is 3, because it's an USB 3.0 Type-A connector at the back. port is 15000000, because the id of an SS port is the number + 16 which is 21 in hex 0x15. If you really need more ports, you can define more ports, but only the first 15 will be used, except if you use an USBPortLimit Patch Google it, if you are interested.
  14. Brumbaer

    Thermal Paste - The Debate.

    When overclocking I use Liquid Metal from Coollaboratory or Thermal Grizzly. Temperatures are between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius lower than with ordinary pastes. When not overclocking it usually doesn't matter much. Having said that I like the paste from Noctua - sold with their coolers, but also available separately. My rigs are in use rarely longer than 12 months, so I can't comment on longterm stability. With Liquid Metal you use very small amounts and spread it out. You do not want to use so much that it starts running off the heat spreader. With ordinary paste I do a thin cross. If in doubt or to check a method install and deinstall the cooler and look at the contact areas, whether the paste is spread evenly and the paste looks a bit like dough torn apart.
  15. Brumbaer

    HS on 8700K, Coffee Lake

    Attached you will find my EFI Folder. Note: Serial Number changed of course. Removed the optional kexts. BBStrixUSB defines the USB Ports I use on my board. The port list will probably not be compatible with your board. You can change the Kext or replace it with USBInjectAll and an enabler Kext for Z200USB. The folder is rather bare, you might have to add EmuVariableUefi-64.efi etc. as needed, The EFI Folder has been moved to the first post.