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    Clover Themes

    Okay. I will take another picture and will try to do the box thing you mentioned. I'm looking at the center of the webcam. It's off center when i look at it from there. [edit] i guess it's center according to the screenshot i took with F10. sorry? maybe it's just my eyes?
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    Ummm... Make searching work correctly for both content and users. One doesn't allow you to narrow the search even though it provides those options and the other says Not found most of the time but randomly with show users.
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    @apianti, well, obviously, it is not (constantly) in SMM, just constantly busy-loops in 0 ring within SmmCommProtocol->Communicate (you may check its src). Should have been slightly more clear. The functions are pretty much irrelevant, though I am aware of them. Unmapping of UEFI Runtime cannot happen. For all the others: you have no other choice but AptioMemoryFix + EmuVariableEfi. Other insanity will doom you.
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