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  1. HWSensors3

    But it is HWSensors3:RadeonMonitor who has support for all new Radeons. Not kozlek.
  2. SLIC.aml is not being inserted

    Works for BIOS only as well.
  3. SLIC.aml is not being inserted

    Should work. It is very simple procedure and it's tested. I don't know where there may be a mistake.
  4. SLIC.aml is not being inserted

    You have to drop old SLIC.
  5. HWSensors3

    This is open-source project if ((vendor_id==0x1002) && (class_id == 0x030000)) { InfoLog("found Radeon chip id=%x ", (unsigned int)device_id); VCard = device; ret = 1; //TODO - count a number of cards break; }
  6. Update or not to update Clover...

    New package contains updated AptioMemoryFix which prevents OS crashes is some rare cases. There may be your case. About Clover revisions you may see what was changed in the history https://sourceforge.net/p/cloverefiboot/code/4415/log/?path= There are changes in package, in build rules, in hibernation, in private data - nothing significant.
  7. Clover General discussion

    This is version of the specification [Defines] INF_VERSION = 0x00010005 BASE_NAME = AtaAtapiPassThruDxe MODULE_UNI_FILE = AtaAtapiPassThruDxe.uni FILE_GUID = 5E523CB4-D397-4986-87BD-A6DD8B22F455 MODULE_TYPE = UEFI_DRIVER VERSION_STRING = 1.0 ENTRY_POINT = InitializeAtaAtapiPassThru
  8. HWSensors3

    Already done.
  9. FileVault 2

    Press F10 and show us what clover is not showing. As well preboot.log is very informative file. To get it press F2.
  10. Clover General discussion

    They have no version string. There are only two versions new and bad. If you somehow want to keep old drivers then you may copy drivers64UEFi folder to drivers64UEFI_rev4415 and keep it proposing all newer version will be wrong. It is not true.
  11. Clover General discussion

    Also checked. As well DefaultBackgroundColor. As well IOGraphics patches.
  12. Clover General discussion

    All my hackintoshes had black background. I saw gray apple in random cases.
  13. Clover General discussion

    We don't know the rule why black or gray.
  14. There was one real Mac with EFI BIOS 32bit, AFAIK MacPro1,1 But I think we can remove driver32uefi as never used.