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  1. IMHO updating EDK2 is a fight with windmiles. No matter what EDK2 developers will invent tomorrow we can compile Clover with old revision and the result is good. So why I will stay with UDK2018. I want to ask script builders why we need these macros ECP_SOURCE = /Users/xxx/src/edk2/EdkCompatibilityPkg EDK_SOURCE = /Users/xxx/src/edk2/EdkCompatibilityPkg EFI_SOURCE = /Users/xxx/src/edk2/EdkCompatibilityPkg May be exclude them?
  2. Slice

    New macOS version hackathlon

    If this is enough then it will not be challenge. I have to remind SIP introduced in 10.11. What news will be with 10.14?
  3. Slice

    Clover General discussion

    clover-genconfig should also be advanced for new clover's features.
  4. Slice


    Mouse X,Y ?
  5. I also have to mention that LoadImage() is allowed only from FV, not from HDD as Clover did. There are other discrepancies with pure EDK2. There is a bug with Thunk.s which is not correctly compiled by clang. Other clang problems still not submitted to EDK2. There was a strange bug with SafeString which made Clover not working. We resolve it but a hacking way.
  6. Yes, all modules and all libraries should be modified. I partially made the job. DUET is a part of Clover tree now being very old and modified version instead of patches_for_recent_duet. EDK2 as is? You are laughing.
  7. Slice

    New macOS version hackathlon

    I think few hours will be enough for Sherlocks to explore new kernel and propose patches for Clover. Radeon cards will work just with RadeonDeinit=YES, it is system independent.
  8. Slice

    New macOS version hackathlon

    If you have a real mac then the process can be faster. 1. Attach USB external HDD to the macbook. 2. Install new OS until first restart. 3. Reboot to original system and place FakeSMC and Ethernet (!) driver into SLE. 4. Move the drive to hackintosh 5. Continue installation with moving your data from "other Mac", i.e. from previous installation. There is a possible problem if someone accustomed to use Lilu to make graphics. They expected to get black screen. I have no real Mac so I am out of the competition.
  9. Slice

    New macOS version hackathlon

    If a non-programmer will be able to install new OS then it will be a challenge whose internet is faster. There will be a question who first find a workaround to install new OS if it will not work on hackintosh for some new reason.
  10. Slice


    I compiled rev150 from sources. All is fine! Just a question. What are the numbers at USB devices in monitoring column ? May be can show here real current (amperage)?
  11. Slice

    Clover Change Explanations

    Rev 4487 Fixed a feature introduced by rev 4466.
  12. Slice

    Dell Latitude E6430 full solution

    Yes, other things work.
  13. Thanks, STATIC arrays accepted in 4484, plist.c fixed in 4483. EFI_PHYSICAL_ADDRESS will be fixed. EDITED: 4485
  14. Slice

    Clover General discussion

    Clover can load bootmgfw.efi if present. It can be found in boot.wim package when creating USB installer. It is really 7z archive.
  15. Yes, it is a way. Take all headers from EDK2 and place them into Clover/Include. Take all Libraries and all Modules, including cross dependencies. It just requires efforts.