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  1. well in Siera and High Sierra it's working for sure. I don't have any older system here, so can't confirm or not on older systems thanks Allan, nice to hear someone appreciate it. I get always some haters to kick me...
  2. Did you ever know you can quickly show hidden files on Mac OS with just a simple keyboard shortcut? I'll show you. I hope you'll find it useful. https://youtu.be/G5LOXG76D9s
  3. I get a lot of questions about HOW TO BACKUP A HACKINTOSH. So I decided to create Complete Guide with 5 methods described in detail, how to easily make bootable clones of Hackintosh system disks, or backup your data. Full step by step tutorial is here:
  4. Hello everybody, I’ve got a lot of request and complains from a lot of hackintosh users that they can’t get their iMessage working. So I decided to make a 100% working a STEP by STEP tutorial under 4 minutes HOW TO GET IMESSAGE AND OTHER ICLOUD SERVICE WORKING ON ANY HACKINTOSH. Enjoy it.
  5. My latest successful HACKINTOSH build using Intel Core i7-4770 into hardly modded Apple PowerMac G4 case running latest MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6. Geekbench and Cinebench Scores included.Video of this build with scores is here: Components used:- Intel Core i7-4770- Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3H-A motherboard- 16GB Kingston HyperX 1600 MHz- 450W power supply - MSI Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 2GH OC- Arctic Cooler 11 LP CPU cooler - Installation & Review in this build:
  6. I have already sold all AMD gpus I had because I've lost hope to get 3 displays working. I switched to Linux where everything is much more smooth and powerfull than on the same machine under MacOS.
  7. I am using MacPro SMBIOS, there shpuld be no restriction. And even with this same SMBIOS I can run HD5770 wotj 3 displays without problem, so it should not be related to SMBIOS I think.
  8. @Pavo Hello, I have new discovery. I bought second RX 560 4GB just for the one display that was not working as a third display on the first RX560. I now what? It also does not work. My setup and plan is now like this. GPU1 connected via DP to main Display1. GPU2 connected via HDMI and DVI to Display2 and 3. When I start computer, my bios post messages are on display1 and 3 mirrored. When OS boots, display1 and 2 are working, display3 went black. So there is definatelly any bottleneck which restrics to run only 2 displays together from 2 RX 560s. Strange is, that when I install only single HD5770, it can drive all 3 display out-of-box without any issue. Do you have now any idea, what could causing this stupid behaviour?
  9. @Pavo My Hack can't sleep even with your clover files, tried different darkwake modes but now I'm out of ideas. I click sleep, screens go black, but computer is still running, I waited 5 minutes. Can you help me to solve sleep? I am prepared to pay for it when it will work. Thanks.
  10. @Pavo When I buy second gpu - RX550 - will it work together with my RX560? I am asking because the GTX1030 together with RX560 is not playing well as described above.
  11. Cable can't be a problem. I can drive any combination of 2 displays. Left + middle, left + right, middle + right Do you have any advice for the nvidia + amd? When displays comes up, it looks like all 3 are accelerated. I think I am close. Just to be able to log in.
  12. BTW I have also GTX 1030 which is alone running great. But when I add it side by side to RX 560 it can boot, then all 3 displays lit I see the login prompt and when I login, screens blink few times, for 2-3 seconds I can see desktop little dimmed and than it revert back to login screen with blurred background. (correct NVidia driver installed and in Clover selected). @Pavo Do you an idea why is this happening?
  13. My RX560 is "MSI Rdeon RX 560 AERO ITX 4G OC", GDDR5, DL-DVI-D, HDMI, DP I had manually added my RAM info to config and it is displaying all 96GB RAM correctly now. Also deleted your FakeSMC and sensors and put back my old one, which has all sensors inside the package and my sensors are back. I also corrected my SMBIOS settings so iMessage and iCloud is working again.
  14. Yes, I know iMessage etc. will work after I put back my orig. info to smsbios. But the rest is really not working. I have to delete all your work, copy back all my Clover files to have at least all my RAM, FireWire and sensors back. Do you have any info about yourself tested and 100% working motherboard for my setup? Maybe when I change the board it could help (this board is 100% healthy, but probably not so compatible). Or to change something in bios.
  15. Unfortunatelly sad to say, it is still the same Only two displays (VNC shows all 3), only 48 GB RAM instead of 96, iStatMenus shows crazy memory numbers, no sensors for cpu etc., no FireWire 400 ports, no iMessage, iCloud etc. At least I know, when you, the "Legend" are out of ideas, then my Hack is definatelly lost But once again, really thank you so much for your time, skills and effort you putted into help me.