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  1. Works now! There were just 4 or 5 differences in config. Not sure which one made it work. I guess I could compare both configs again and do changes 1 at a time until I see which one did it. Thanks!
  2. No luck. HDMI works on my Windows partition, so its not the card. Can u upload your working clover folder, less your SMbios numbers?
  3. Well, I updated Lilu and AppleAlc.kext just after install. HDMIAudio.Kext is in Clover/Kexts/Others Edit: Did you not state a few posts back , that HDMI did not work with your Gigabyte 710 and Mojave? What changed?
  4. Well, it worked until I upgraded to Mojave. Changed to your dsdt because mine was edited for HD5450. Had my dsdt edited for device id 15, now injecting with clover. So, what step am I missing? Edit: Okay, I that dsdt also edited for device if 0F.
  5. I saw where you had posted that a while back, and I tried it last night, and tried again just now with no luck Using Device. ID 15. I have Line out, and Headphones.
  6. Mojave now installed on my Optiplex 790 with Gigabyte 710 2gb Graphics card. Everything working, (except HDMI audio). Preview JPEG Freezing issue resolved with Lilu plugin, NoVPAJpeg, https://github.com/vulgo/NoVPAJpeg/releases (Thanks Vulgo) If you are having problems booting into your USB installer, remember to put your Clover folder on your Hard Drive EFI partition, then select boot from hard drive, not usb drive. Then when clover starts, select InstallOSX.
  7. I ordered a Gigabyte Geforce 710 2GB for my 790 i-7 core. A few days ago, I started testing with an Optiplex 9020 SFF, i-5 Core. (about $160 US on eBay). I have it running Mojave on the internal HD 4600 Graphics, no graphics card needed! Using AppleALC device ID 15, with MacPeets Dell T20 patch. Everything is working except HDMI audio.
  8. Look in this guide.... Step 8, and then under that subsection, step 7 starts with opening Config in clover configurator. https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/308097-guide-el-capitan-1011x-dell-optiplex-780-760-755-790-990/
  9. Sorry, the Video kexts rollback is something I have not had to deal with because I upgraded to 790 and 990.
  10. I use TeamViewer, but have not used it in a while. Are your Bios Settings Correct, and is the Hard Drive seen in your Bios?
  11. Did you rollback kexts as explained in Step 6 & 8?
  12. There are new Bios updates that came out. I think these were to address the security defects in the kernel? I updated both my 790 and 990 without issue.
  13. Well, glad all is well. Just wanted to mention that I have flashed bios on these many times without windows installed. I use Hiren's boot CD, load Mini-XP, C&P bios file from usb drive to desktop, then flash bios. 5 minutes or less, start to finish.
  14. Yeah, I was wondering more people from High Sierra Guide have not migrated to this thread, but i think you answered that question. I have been using Optiplex 790, and 990 for 2 years now, and have not had to deal with some of the issues people have been having with the older models.
  15. Yeah, for the money, an SSD is probably the best bang for the buck for added performance. Not sure why it is not being detected on each boot. No issues at all with the 3 that I have.