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  1. vector sigma


    Thanks to all for the tests! @Slice, I made more than one commit to separate things: r147 have all the new code for the USB devices monitoring and the new log with the info about USB LPBC, SATA, NVMe..LAN and WIFI controllers, in r148 I inserted few lines of code to expand the USB group if the user wants this in the preferences. In r149 the app use different API to run at login. Attached my compilations. HWSensors-3_r150.dmg HWSensors-3_r150.pkg
  2. vector sigma


    Thanks, is good and full of details. Guys I'll commit the changes soon after a good clean of comments I made in to the source, after that I'll keep a break because of my job. See you all!
  3. https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/282787-clover-v2-instructions/?do=findComment&comment=2614159 apparently yes
  4. vector sigma


    Hi all, this one: HWMonitorSMC2.app.v2.1.6_test.zip has some improvements: Changed the API to sign the app as login item: LSSharedFileListCreate() is deprecated and ther was also a little leak in the existing code, so now I'm using the new reccomended way by Apple, i.e. using the ServiceManagement.framenwork's SMLoginItemSetEnabled(). So now HWMonitorSMC2 use an Helper app that take the step to run the main app at login. In internet many people think that it is required that the app must be sandboxed and code signed, but our isn't.. and in the matter of the fact I cannot found any documentations that this is required, more here is working well. Please confirm this. NOTE: to be sure that is working please remove from the login items the old app by simply going in to the "Preferences" panel and mark as inactive the "load HWMonitorSMC2.app at login" checkbox. Close it and replace with the one attached, open it and again mark as active the "load HWMonitorSMC2.app at login" checkbox. Reboot and see if the app run by it self at the next login. Added a USB watcher so that now all USB devices are listed as "sensors" in the interface. By removing or inserting a device you will see detailed info for it like its name, its vendor/device/sub system ids.. port number etc. Added USB 2.0/3.0 controllers info to the full log. Added LAN/WIFI controllers to the full log. Added SATA/NVMe controllers info to the full log. Added LPBC info to the full log. In r146 I've modified a bit the memory management due to some lakes I saw by Profiling the app. Now is completely memory leaks free, at least here. There is a lot of new code that I want to ensure is working before commit it. As I said I completely profiled it, but this can't assure that there are problems since as demostrated some posts ago, hakintosh(s) can inject properties through DSDT/SSDT in a non Apple-like way (e.g. something that should be bytes instead of a string etc...). So please report back. EDIT some pictures of my tests: ...see performances in the spoiler: Hi @fabiosun, try the above app. If the problem persist you should follow these instructions I made here and show me a pict of the line where the app crash.
  5. You can adapt this if you want: #!/bin/bash EDK2_REP='https://github.com/tianocore/edk2.git' DIR_MAIN="${HOME}"/Desktop/EDK2_TEST SHA1='3e72ffe8afdd03f1f89eba65c921cbdcb004cfee' # empty if you want the latest commit GIT_DEPTH=1 # this speed up the download but too old revisions of edk2 will not be in the history (so you cannot revert before) BUILD_BASETOOLS=NO # this script checkout only packages needed by Clover (as per instructions). # if you need more add it to the below 'edk2array' edk2array=( MdePkg MdeModulePkg CryptoPkg DuetPkg EdkCompatibilityPkg IntelFrameworkModulePkg IntelFrameworkPkg OvmfPkg OptionRomPkg PcAtChipsetPkg ShellPkg UefiCpuPkg BaseTools ) updateOrReverEDK2Packages() { cd "${DIR_MAIN}" local cmmt=$(git rev-parse HEAD | tr -d '\r') if [[ "$cmmt" == "$SHA1" ]]; then echo "edk2 is already at the specified commit!" else echo "Resetting edk2 at $SHA1 because is at $cmmt" git reset --hard $SHA1 BUILD_BASETOOLS=YES fi } checkoutEDK2Packages() { local checkout="" mkdir -p "${DIR_MAIN}" for pkg in "${edk2array[@]}" do checkout+="${pkg}/*\n" done git init "${DIR_MAIN}" cd "${DIR_MAIN}" git remote add origin ${EDK2_REP} git config core.sparsecheckout true echo -e "${checkout}" >> .git/info/sparse-checkout git pull --depth $GIT_DEPTH origin UDK2018 if [[ -n "$SHA1" ]]; then updateOrReverEDK2Packages fi BUILD_BASETOOLS=YES } edk2() { mkdir -p "${DIR_MAIN}" if [[ -d "${DIR_MAIN}/.git" ]]; then updateOrReverEDK2Packages else checkoutEDK2Packages fi } clear edk2 if [[ "$BUILD_BASETOOLS" == YES ]]; then echo "We should clean/build BaseTools, checkout/update Clover and apply patches.." fi ..just ensure to clean old stuff downloaded from the old svn mirror and put the right $DIR_MAIN (actually you can test it by running it and will create ~/Desktop/EDK2_TEST with all you need). Using UDK2018 ensure less changes to Clover and less problems I guess. EDIT 'SHA1' is the latest commit like your $EDK2_REV, 'local cmmt' is like $LOCAL_EDK2_REV, P.S. was done to be ported to your script at the previous page, just changed 'master' to 'UDK2018'. and is very fast (takes only some seconds here to checkout it.. e.g. 20 seconds)
  6. vector sigma


    Same initial project, different branches, different views. Sorry I don't know the detailed info of your Mobo, but you should have only one LPC chip I guess, install only one of it and see at the kernel log for a match. Geforce.kext enable the reading of the GPU sensors for NVidia 4xx, 5xx, ...10xx Series while NVClock.kext enable the reading of the GPU sensors for NVidia 7xxx-9xxx Series.
  7. vector sigma


    Thanks, I'm now waiting for someone that have cards that supports Metal
  8. vector sigma


    You should not install every kexts Lol. Example: NVClockX.kext conflict with GeforceSensor.kext (they are for different classes of the NVidia cards) You have an i5, so surely you don't have the Intel X3100 (so why installing the X3100.kext ?) Or you have an ITEI87x chip, or Windbond836x or else (so why installing PC8739x.kext - W836x.kext - ITEIT87x.kex at same time???) ACPIMonitor.kext is only for who have edited its DSDT/SSDT to work with and is not an easy task. Is normal that you have kernel panics, cannot be otherwise. So I suggest to use the FakeSMC.kext provided (but please don't mix stuff that comes with other projects) and install only PlugIns for your motherboard! P.S. In the Download section were available also the .pkg where is clear what all kexts are for.
  9. vector sigma


    Write this here: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/299861-hwsensors3/ and please provide more info like a picture of the kernel panic and kexts installed. EDIT ok I've answered to your problem here: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/299861-hwsensors3/?do=findComment&comment=2613316
  10. vector sigma


    You can customize ACPIMonitor.kext->Contents->Info.plist->IOKitPersonalities->ACPI Monitoring Plugin to show what have you done with your ACPI tables.. Anyway I've not even tried this my self
  11. vector sigma


    I thought about answering a question I saw in my inbox, but it's not here .... Ok, @Slice and all, rev 142 contains a modification made by Slice in (r141) where He added a new Nuvoton chip (NTC 6681) in W836x.kext, in HWMonitorSMC2.app I added the ability to read Metal abilities and the Performances Statistics of the GPU(s). Metal stuff is printed only in 10.13 due to the fact that only in the last OS (so starting from High Sierra) is present the registry ID that allow me to ensure that the log print properties for the same GPU and its accelerator since the card name is not enough as demostrated here in the above posts. All is committed but attached you can find my compilation. Should be intresting for me to see a log from NVidia and AMD cards. HWSensors-3_r142.dmg
  12. vector sigma

    Clover General discussion

    I wonder if is the same config.plist edited/loaded
  13. vector sigma

    (pre-release) macOS High Sierra 10.13.5

    ha ha of course not , it's just a program that fake everythings we are doing for Macs in an incoming exposure to a fair, even the chassis will be unrecognizable. Until now the only true thing is the OS version string.
  14. vector sigma

    (pre-release) macOS High Sierra 10.13.5

    All works as espected