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  1. HWSensors3

    Actually the code that read s.m.a.r.t. attributes is the same as app v1 and it look for attributes 177 that is under specific vendor data. That means that vendor can use the same location or not. ...why I mentioned to import smartmontools code. In fact they are using a database for that: https://github.com/smartmontools/smartmontools/blob/master/smartmontools/drivedb.h ..but will be a long task.. Anyway I can tell that I sobstitute my old OCZ Vertex III with a Samsung EVO because the app was reporting a life of 0%, the same was in Windows with another tool.... and also the bios UEFI was giving me an error about that. ok, that means that the app is compiled somewhere else other than: "${SRCROOT}/compilations/HWMonitorSMC2" can you tell me if the app is there (hwswnsor3/compilations/HWMonitorSMC2/) or you can locate it manually?
  2. HWSensors3

    unless other bitfield are ok
  3. HWSensors3

    Not entirely, we only get the temperature
  4. HWSensors3

    fabiosun, Cyberdevs please try this: smarter.zip
  5. HWSensors3

    .. i.e. set Xcode 9.2 as default application to open any .xcodeproj (right click->open with->Other... select Xcode9.2 and set it as default)
  6. HWSensors3

    Yep, not the stock one. I think that you can add a module and be fine, or I can make a new command line to set an image and get rid of python Ensure you are using Xcode 9.2 then. Please show the log.
  7. HWSensors3

    Thanks fabiosun, I'm preparing another modified smarter cmd.. but I'm thinking
  8. HWSensors3

    Not sure about python, this is what I have.. the one shipped with the OS: FrancescoRs-MacBook-Pro:~ vectorsigma$ python -V Python 2.7.10 FrancescoRs-MacBook-Pro:~ vectorsigma$ and FrancescoRs-MacBook-Pro:~ vectorsigma$ which python /usr/bin/python FrancescoRs-MacBook-Pro:~ vectorsigma$ please ensure is the stock one. Anyway this is only used to set the image to the package. About HWMonitorSMC.app I have Xcode 9.2 and the log should show errors or something like that: "HWMonitorSMC.app v2.x requires Xcode 9 +" unless the app is built to another location but these are the clear settings: xcodebuild -quiet -project HWMonitorSMC.xcodeproj \ -IDEBuildOperationMaxNumberOfConcurrentCompileTasks=`sysctl -n hw.ncpu` \ -sdk macosx \ -configuration Release \ CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR="${SRCROOT}/compilations/HWMonitorSMC2" \ SYMROOT="${SRCROOT}/compilations/HWMonitorSMC2/obj"
  9. HWSensors3

    Guys try this: smarter.zip ...also is it working for normal sata drives?
  10. HWSensors3

    I made some changes (see attached smarter command line), but I can not notice that s.m.a.r.t. it is not enabled for you (see fabiosun screenshot and see mine). also read this: https://mac-optimization.bestreviews.net/why-apple-drop-support-smart-status-late-2016-macbook-pros/ I don't think any driver or plugins will be able to read something about smart if isn't supported by Apple (or I'm wrong?), anyway should print something about "Got a NVMe disk.." to ensure the disk is found. Tell me.. smarter.zip
  11. I've already done something similar several days ago with: Build_Clover.command --edk2rev 26467
  12. HWSensors3

    Dual gpu support must be written, Fun speed depend on your DSDT. About temperatures you should post a screen shot to see differences. I'll take a look as soon as I have time with no promis. Hi, in the meantime you or anyone has a NVMe disk can try the attached command line and post the output? smarter disk0 It's just a quinck port of smartmontools in obj-c and may not print readable stuff, but I want to see if We got attributes. Thanks! smarter.zip
  13. HWSensors3

    Bug previously mentioned solved in r110. In r111 I've added a new Icon for the app v2, new package here. Please report back. @Slice, I see this post on Apple Life. The "force to use dark appearance" option in the Preferences is for who wants the app to be Dark on a normal appearance (i.e. Light). When the macOS appearance is alerady Dark ...will do nothing ... is already Dark and HWMonitorSMC already know what to do automatically.
  14. HWSensors3

    Guys, in r107/108 I've introduced a new bug in HWMonitorSMC.app v2 and in Sierra and El Capitan is crashing due to the new code that add the app to the login items. ...working to solve.. so don't panic
  15. HWSensors3

    It will. But I need time to import this code: https://github.com/smartmontools/smartmontools It's written in c++ but I need obj-c or swift or even plain c (c is more than enough). in the meantime, if someone wants to start the job I'll be happy since next days I'll be very busy with my work. What is better?