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  1. Appreciate your reply, Thank You.
  2. I am stuck with some PM981 too, bought a NVMe M.2 SSD Enclosure (10Gbps) from http://www.orico.cc/us/product/detail/951.html I had tried booting os x 10.14.5 with it and of course data storage works, doing about 500-600 MB/s with BlackMagic Speed test via USB3.1 Type-C. Never achieve speed what they claim.
  3. @osy, i am not interested in your reply anymore. I thank you for your contribution which I think it was great (It not what it looks like) and have fun guys !!! signning off this thread
  4. What do you mean by saying " I do this only on my free time--which is already rare"
  5. @osyYou should have at least reply or acknowledge LPC not loading bug than I dun have to waste my time hunting. I ask you at least 3 time or more. That was when ?
  6. @kowbot Thanks, that means AppleLPC.kext was not loaded in your system (HVK) also. I have a HNK version and wonder why it not loading AppleLPC.kext despite device-id change in clover->devices->properties changes with "PciRoot(0)/Pci(31,0) device-id C19C0000" (according to osy it should load). At the end of the day, AppleLPC.kext is needed for proper CPU Power Management (https://pikeralpha.wordpress.com/2013/10/05/xnu-cpu-power-management/). To get AppleLPC loaded: - Disable device change in clover/devices/propeties by adding a "#" to "PciRoot(0)/Pci(31,0)", see attach picture. - Install the attached AppleLPC_Injector.kext in clover/kexts/others. - save/reboot and verify with command "kextstat | grep AppleLPC" in your terminal again. - double check with IOregistryviewer HNK & HVK should have the same LPC controller (HM175 Chipset) pic8086,a152. Attached picture & terminal LPC output are mine. Can you or anybody test and reply, Thanks ! Managed to test on a HVK system and confirmed AppleLPC.kext was not loaded without LPC injection. Last picture is a HVK (iMac18,2 profile) average idle frequency with AppleLPC.kext loaded. More test and time to tell. AppleLPC_Injector.zip
  7. @kowbot Glad you found a way to manage the freezing issues and Thanks for sharing. You might want to include the BIOS version (0057 or 0056). I'm trying to borrow one HVK to test. @kowbot "I disable VT-d in bios how working Parallels os OS X? " At this point of time, the biggest bottleneck with hypervisors is Direct I/O and with VT-d enable, it should help with I/O intensive virtualization. To me VT-d is good to have not must have. If you are a PRO providing a virtual service, hosting guests, running something where you need the performance ........ then VT-d is very important. Normal day to day, casual run additional OS ...then not that important, I can't tell if they were any difference. I use VMware Fusion I don't know much about Parallel.
  8. @kowbotHey, have you tried resetting your BIOS and select Low Power Enable or Balance Enable under PrimaryPower Settings and see how it goes.... Other things your can try to isolate your issues by -Removing your windows' m.2 storage -Running your system with single stick of ram -Disable wifi/bt in BIOS
  9. @KKKW, glad it work out for you. To match our PEGP to injected AGPM profile add the following patch below or after "change GFX0 to IGPU". See Pic1 - Add a patch "change PEGP to GFX0" in Clover->DSDT->Patches, find hex "50454750", replace hex "47465830" Save and reboot, verify with IOregistryviewer see Pic2 That should be all for AGPM..... i hope
  10. 여보세요 I don't have BCM943602BAED DW1830 so I can't really tell you much. lt very unlikely the IGPU patch cause your Bluetooth not to work but I won't rule that out. If you really think is the patch then disable it or revert back to original HaC_mini. You should know by then.
  11. Just take mine, latest working version config.plist. config.zip
  12. Are you are referring to patch "change GFX0 to IGPU" ?
  13. I am sorry I don't know about dw1830. What igpu patch you think is the problem ?
  14. You should only used BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext & BrcmPatchRAM2 in /Library/Extensions OR BrcmFirmwareData.kext & BrcmPatchRAM2 in clover/kexts/others. HaC mini config.plist work bluetooth ???
  15. No, I cannot get them to work together (VT-d conflict with BrcmFirmwareData.kext). Work around, disable Bluetooth and enable VT-d in the BIOS. I have reboot from wake issues on 10.14.6 but none on 10.14.5, both with NTFY patch disabled. @Dagvelo I have no trouble with sleep/wake 10.14.6 with NTFY patch disabled.