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  1. I really do not understand at all what you are doing.. Vega56 SSDT has no loadtable. No OC! Everybody runs Vega56 SSDT + Whatevergreen without any issues including fully functional display ports! I clearly recommend to use VGTab app for the application of custom vega settings by creating a custom load table to be inplemented within the SSDT! In my config plist there is nothing enabled in the graphics section and there is certainly no change from GFX0 to IGPU implemented or enabled! Seems that you already totally messed up my predefined EFI-Folder. I really would recommend to start from scratch in your case. Good luck
  2. Option 1 just works perfect! Thanks!
  3. I was off for some days. Maybe this has been explained already somewhere else. Anyway, my problem is that when building the current clover revision with Build_Clover.command, I get the following error: Processing meta-data . build.py... ~/src/edk2/Clover/Library/WaveLib/WaveLib.inf(35): error 000E: File/directory not found in workspace ~/src/edk2/AudioPkg/AudioPkg.de How to solve this issue? Did I miss something? Do we need some modifications of Build_Clover.command?
  4. You should take and adapt the actual TB SSDT from the respective Github repository. Verify by both IOREG and „PCI“ section of Apple’s system report that it is properly implemented during boot. If you remain with issues we can discuss everything early next year.During x-mas holdidays I will be mostly unavailable. I don‘t use neither an i9-99xx nor a Z390 chipset. You will need to figure out yourself if a properly adopted TSCAdjustReset.kext is required in your case.
  5. Dudes.. no idea why in my latest X299 Mojave EFI-Folder distributions there have been the SMBIOS credentials and all ACPI replacements and kext patches enabled. Everybody using these EFI-Folder please remove the SMBIOS credentials (and replace those implemented by your own) and disable the respective ACPI replacements and kext patches not adequate for your system! I just removed EFI-X299-10.14.1-Release-iMacPro1,1-221118 and EFI-X99-10.14.2-Release-iMacPro1,1-101218 from Github and replaced the latter by a modified EFI-X99-10.14.2-Release-iMacPro1,1-101218 version.Please download the modified EFI-Folder and start from scratch. Thanks in advance, KGP
  6. Adopted TSCAdjustReset.kext added to EFI-Folder????
  7. Well my patches are exactly those of @PMheart. The SMT and pkg_scope patches are different between 10.13 and 10.14. The performance patch nearly changes for each macOS version. Are you sure you are using the correct patches for your macOS version? Between Broadwell and Haswell there is just a difference in the cpu_set_info and bootstrap patch. While both are obsolete for Broadwell-E, some Haswell CPU s still need the bootstrap patch. Else your CPU behavior will also strongly depend on your BIOS settings. If you have locked MSR, you also need to enable the core scope patch. I guess you already considered all these advices. Unfortunately, I am not able to provide further help in this case. With my i7-6950X everything works flawless with the patches implemented in my respective EFI-Folders. I can absolutely exclude that some of the patches do not meet the requirements. Good luck, KGP
  8. I clearly outline the differences between Broadwell and Haswell in README.md in my X99 EFI-Folder Github repository.
  9. Plugintype checked in config.plist? TSCAdjustReset.kext in EFI-Folder? Revise BIOS settings and play enabling, disabling the xcpm patches. You do have different board but also CPU. I cannot help you further. However, there are several people successfully running the 5820K based on my guidelines. Good luck, KGP
  10. But the CPU goes above 4 GHz.. Show IPG snapshot for CPU IDLE and CPU max. Load (2-3 cinebench runs) conditions!
  11. Because you have to change the bootstrap patch to Haswell-E! The one implemented in my EFI-Folder distrubution is for Broadwell-E! I told you that the correct bootstrap patch for Haswell-E and further guidelines for the 5820K you can find in the README.md of my X99 EFI-Folder repository!
  12. KGP-iMacPro

    ThunderBolt Drivers

    I don’t see any frustration at my side. I just tried to bring this discussion to some useful level. Seems also you totally misunderstood my feedback and intentions. Sorry for that. Enjoy and have fun the both of you! I am off of this thread and all this discussion Cheers, KGP
  13. KGP-iMacPro

    ThunderBolt Drivers

    The SSDTs are macOS independent! Your hypotheses now really start to be off the road . I don't believe in any different performance of both SSDTs (fully implemented or truncated) as when comparing the underlying simple basics (taken from SSDT-9.aml of the iMacPro dump) they are identical. You are creating lots of confusion with your contradicting statements and conclusions. BTW PCI snapshots for PCIE_4x1 and PCIE_16x2 should be identical if the SSDT has been properly implemented for each of the two slots. I don't know what you are intending to demonstrate by the above screenshot. What counts more are anyway the TB IOREG results. And they also should be the same for both slots! Alpine Ridge and TBEX 3 anyway work flawless also with my SSDT. I guess one should not only read your comments here but also those of hundreds of users in my respective threads in the other forum. This discussion here really starts to be totally off the road as already stated above. Else I would prefer to see clear statements from your side like... To improve SSDT-TB3HP change a.) code/ line.. b.) code/line because line a.) and line b.) in truncated SSDT-TB3HP implements code a.), code b.) ... Don't just intent to apply the codes, but rather try to improve what in your opinion is wrong in the codes. The community certainly will be grateful for all your efforts.. BTW... ASUS repeatedly confirmed in private conversations that the TTR needs a firmware update to fully work, when I addressed the wake on sleep issue with the ASUS Prime X299 Deluxe to them within a bunch of e-mails. They are not able to fix the issue within the ASUS Prime X299 Deluxe firmware , as based on their conclusions, there is no respective issue in the latter firmware. However, they have been able to reproduce the issue with the TTR on the ASUS Prime X299 Deluxe without using any of the two SSDTs you blame guilty for... The only part of the code that could affect sleep/wake would be Method (_PRW, 0, NotSerialized) // _PRW: Power Resources for Wake { Return (Package (0x02) { 0x69, 0x03 }) } which you can remove entirely without witnessing any difference..
  14. KGP-iMacPro

    ThunderBolt Drivers

    Interesting. There is absolutely no change in the TTR behaviour on the ASUS Prime X299 Deluxe, if I use my original TB SSDT or the SSDT resulting from the truncation by @maleorderbridge! I am using the TTR in Slot-4 (PCIX16_3). Always black screen on wake with a TB2 HDD connected via the Apple TB3 -> TB2 adapter during sleep. No issues with Alpine Ridge or TBEX 3 or when the TB2 HDD is not connected to the TTR during sleep. Absolutely same behaviour with both SSDTs! Now the interesting part: Inspecting my BIOS settings I witnessed the following under the PEG port configuration: While PCIEX16_1 is correctly implemented as x16 (Sapphire Nitro+ Vega 64), and PCIXE16_2 (ASUS Aquantia 10GB NIC) and PCIXE16_4 (NVMe) are correctly implemented as x4, PCIEX16_3 with the TTR is not present! TTR incompatibility with x16 slots? Reason for black screen on wake with a TB2 HDD connected via the Apple TB3 -> TB2 adapter during sleep? Now I wonder how you enable your TTR in any x4-slot of your Asus WS C422 FW PRO/SE in your Mainboard BIOS. In the BIOS of the ASUS Prime X299 Deluxe any TB Adaptor only can be enabled in one out of the four x16 slots (PCIEX16_1, PCIEX16_2, PCIEX16_3 or PCIEX16_4): Does this implement that when running your TTR in some x4-slot, you do not enable TB at all in your Mainboard BIOS? Does this likely remove the black screen on wake with a TB2 HDD connected via the Apple TB3 -> TB2 adapter during sleep?
  15. KGP-iMacPro

    ThunderBolt Drivers