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  1. If you think there is no pegp, why do you null it then? You only can see if there is also pegp besides SL01 by switching in IOREG to the IOACPIPlane! You cannot see that under IOService! I am sure you also messed something within the HDEF implementation. Can you upload and link your complete EFI-Folder and an IOREG.save of your systems ACPI table without any SSDT in your EFI-Folder? I encourage to stay away from AppleHDA.kext patching. Try to keep your system vanilla!
  2. Errors: 1.) your device-id apparently is not 0xA0, 0x43, 0x00, 0x00 but 0x47, 0x87, 0x00, 0x00 2.) compatible is not pci14e4, 43a0 but pci10b5,8747 3.) are you sure that when nulling SL01, the latter is replaced by PEGP? Have a look to you original ACPI table implementation for PC01.BR1A in IOREG under IOACPIPlane! Alternatively, you can also investigate your DSDT.aml. 4.) any additional SL01 -> ARPT replacements in you config.plist? If so, remove! 5.) You are also using SSDT-DTPG.aml, correct? Good luck, KGP
  3. macOS Mojave 10.14.2 Beta 2 (18C38b) macOS: 10.14.2 Build: 18C38b _xcpm performance_patch Find: C1E3084863D389D048C1EA20B9990100000F3048FF05B37076004883C4085B5DC30F1F4000 Repl: B800FF00004863D389D048C1EA20B9990100000F3048FF05B37076004883C4085B5DC39090 Enjoy and have fun,
  4. Revision and Modification of Section E.4) - USB Configuration Enjoy and have fun,
  5. De nada BTW.. for now I implemented the full XHC USB kext. You might want to replace it by the truncated 15-port KGP-iMacPro-ASUS-PX299D-XHCI-15port.kext and disable the port limit patch in your config.plist. You will loose the lower internal USB3.0 connector and the most left back-panel USB2.0 connector, but you will gain 100% sleep/wake functionality and full 10.14.1 compatibility
  6. I see.. anyway use the new EFI-Folder and activate TB in your BIOS before drawing conclusions.
  7. The TB/USB-C or USB3.0 ports of the TBEX 3 will not work before activating and properly configuring your TB adapter in your motherboard BIOS! I don't understand why you actually see some issue related with your usb3 dock...
  8. Just download and use this EFI-Folder! What you still have to do: 1.) Please reinstall the vanilla AppleHDA.kext under /System/Library/Extensions using Kext Utility, in case you primarily patched the AppleHDA.kext by implementing the realtekALC approach. 2.) Enable Thunderbolt in your BIOS settings and implement all TB BIOS settings as outlined in my guide. Else, the linked EFI-Folder should work OoB without further modifications. Suerte, muchacho!
  9. There are several severe issues in your EFI-Folder, which I have to clarify before providing you a modified EFI-Folder. 1.) In which slot of the ASUS Prime X299 Deluxe is your TB adaptor? Which TB adaptor do you use. You have SSDT-X299-TB3HP-APR.aml and SSDT-X299-TB3HP.aml implemented, which is impossible! Just use one or the other! That's why your TB implementation crashes during boot and non of the TB properties is implemented in your PCI table visualised by IOREG! 2.) You also use RealtekALC and AppleALC! Again never use both kexts at the same time! I recommend to use AppleALC! Please reinstall the vanilla AppleHDA.kext under /System/Library/Extensions using Kext Utility until I proved you the new EFI-Folder.. 3.) Seems you are not using any NVMe.. What for you implemented SSDT-X299-ANS.aml?
  10. 1.) At first place please provide your detailed system specs, i.e. mobo, CPU, GPU, etc. 2.) At second place please provide your entire EFI-Folder. Only providing your config.plist is not sufficient. After receiving all missing information, I can properly investigate your system configurations and search for flaws and respective solutions.
  11. No you misunderstood.. Whatevergreen.kext is definitely not the problem! The opposite is the case.. Usually Whatevergreen.kext makes the DPI/HDMI HDAU Audio kext patch obsolete, which however does not seem to happen in your case. That's why you likely have to enable and properly adopt the DPI/HDMI HDAU Audio kext patch for your particular Nvidia GPU.
  12. I don't understand to which HDA driver you are referring. Following your "PCI" screenshot, the PCI driver for the Realtek ALC S1220A onboard audio controller is properly implemented and loaded. You seem to have a problem with HDAU though.. The respective PCI driver is not loaded. Usually Whatevergreen.kext fixes this issue. You can try to enable and adopt the com.apple.driver.AppleHDAController kext patch in your config.plist. Replace HEX value in this patch must be system-id under GFX0 apparent in IOREG.
  13. Does this one now work for your? modified EFI-Folder
  14. Well.. the link is for downloading the modified EFI-Folder. It does not work for you? Or why do you ask?
  15. Call for fully-implemented, board-specific XHC USB kextsAll experienced users with fully-implemented, board-specific XHC USB kexts for motherboards not yet being part of the respective XHC USB Kext Library are kindly invited to upload their particular XHC USB kexts after following the correct kext nomenclatures defined in my XHC USB Kext creation guidelines, by also providing full motherboard and SMBIOS denominations. Many thanks in advance for your appreciated collaboration,