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  1. Lilu — kext and process patcher

    It should be so: kextstat | grep -i airp 27 0 0xffffff7f83447000 0x8000 0x8000 as.lvs1974.AirportBrcmFixup (1.0.1) 4FB3F52B-5B9C-31D8-B160-EA217E9AC826 <25 12 7 5 4 3 2 1> 71 0 0xffffff7f81d5e000 0x836000 0x836000 com.apple.driver.AirPort.Brcm4360 (1150.12.1a1) BB3626FA-A579-348F-AF69-3249DAC7949D <70 69 59 58 12 7 6 5 4 3 1> AirportBrcmFixup is not loaded.
  2. Lilu — kext and process patcher

    Did you check installed Lilu version? It should be 1.1.6 or higher. Type in terminal: kextstat | grep -i airp kextstat | grep -i lilu And put output here.
  3. Lilu — kext and process patcher

    Do you mean the following one? Kext: AirPortBrcm4360 Find: 81F952AA00007529 Replace: 81F952AA00006690 You can try DEBUG version of AirportBrcmFixup_1.0.1.kext.zip And string -brcmfxdbg into boot-args and reboot. After reboot type in terminal: log show --predicate 'process == "kernel" AND eventMessage CONTAINS "BRCMFX"' --style syslog --source And put output here.
  4. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    Thank you for the fast reply! So it is only related to some annoying messages in the kernel log. I think we can wait for HS release. In 10.13 I still have issues with natively supported SD Card Reader and Ethernet Card (both Broadcom), hopefully they will fix all broadcom stuff.
  5. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    Hello guys, Today I accidentally discovered this wonderful topic (since I am collecting different patches for broadcom 4360 kext). My idea is to implement a new Lilu plugin to patch this kext in the more intellectual way, just not by replacing bytes (thanks to @PMheart for the initial idea). It's called AirportBrcmFixup: https://sourceforge.net/projects/airportbrcmfixup/ And here I found out that I missed something: BCM4352-iovar. I was not able to find any explanations what this patch actually does. What is the influence of this patch? Could somebody answer to my question, please?
  6. Lilu — kext and process patcher

    Actually not at all, I didn't manage to help you. Have a nice day!
  7. Lilu — kext and process patcher

    You can also try hibernate mode 59. Debug logs are useless here. Also you can try to set standby and autopoweroff to 0 in pmset. No more ideas. Probably you have some dedicated ACPI method in DSDT to control a brightness. Probably it has something common with embedded controller.
  8. Lilu — kext and process patcher

    Don't quite understand: what is the issue has been resolved? What do you mean?
  9. Lilu — kext and process patcher

    I don't see a big difference... Could you try to remove SMCHelper.efi and repeat the same actions? And after that could you try attached FakeSMC & CPUSensors instead of installed on your system? HWSensors.5.2.678.pkg.zip
  10. Lilu — kext and process patcher

    Yes, HibernationFixup creates nvram.plist in the root folder of boot disk. There's no any problem with two nvram.plist, because Clover chooses the newest one (checks modification time). So, you need to get nvram.plist from the root folder and post it here.
  11. Lilu — kext and process patcher

    Correct! Do you have nvram.plist which causes this issue (step Four)? Could you attach and post it here? Can you reproduce this issue after every new restart?
  12. Lilu — kext and process patcher

    Hello Sherlocks, thanks for greetings! So, you don't have a hardware NVRAM... There is only one difference when we use HibernationFixup: nvram.plist is saved. This means that clover will restore all saved nvram variables. Could you do this: - repeat one hibernation/resume (EmuVariableUefi-64.efi + lilu.kext + your hiberantion kext(1.1.4) + rc script + -hbfx-dump-nvram) - after resume copy nvram.plist from your boot disc to EFI partition and remove clover rc.shutdown script (or just clear executable attribute for it using chmod -x) - shutdown your PC - turn on again - check whether you can control a brightness using keyboard I just want to be sure that something stored in nvram.plist causes this issue.
  13. Lilu — kext and process patcher

    @Sherlocks Could you try to perform the following steps: - Remove HibernationFixup.kext - Set hibernatemode to 29 (you will have to set it manually in /Library/Preferences/com.apple.PowerManagement.[your UUID].plist). - Put you PC into hibernation - Turn on your PC and resume from hibernation - Check whether you can control a brightness using keyboard
  14. Ati X1400 mobility with Evoenabler

    Yes, it might help! You can use "AAPL00,override-no-connect" with your EDID.
  15. Ati X1400 mobility with Evoenabler

    Hi! You can try value "@0,override-no-connect". It works for me. I haven't managed to find any other way to get working video with ATI1600Controller.kext. Only with "@0,override-no-connect" driver gets correct EDID. See attached file: EVOEnabler.kext\Contents\Info.plist. PS: Have you tried sleep and wake? With ATI1600Controller my laptop can't wake - reboot. The reason - a kernel panic. 4NativeFramebuffer.zip