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The "Explain your nickname" thread

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when i was the first day on the internet i needed a nickname. i looked around in my room at some posters, there was an old poster from the band nirvana. before nirvana was nirvana they were: skid row, ted ed fred, pen cap chew and bliss (in the beginning they had name problems so there was nirvana, aka ........). so bliss was the only one-word-name and i picked it and im using it until today and maybe forever... :)

Staphyl pronounced (St-ah-ful) originates from the microbe Staphylococcus. Latin of course. Just saw it one day while googling for nicks and it stuck. No one else has my nick. Quite ingenious if you ask me.

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Big IBM installations use a userid password system called RACF, and sandwer was my first ever ID... Its a juxtaposition of first initial and x letters of the surname. Ingenious those chaps at IBM, eh? No hacker could ever guess that :)


Laughs@AppleLegal - nice one...



My nickname comes from the Phish production "Gamehendge". In it, Errand Wolfe is a revolutionary fighter desperately trying to over throw the evil King Wilson by capturing the Happy Phriendly Book. Alas once the book is in Errand's position, given to him by the Famous Mockingbird, he usurps Wilson and takes power for himself.

REVENGE: A bold name that sends a message to fellow gamers...well...if I don't noob it [*sigh]. Anyways, yeah people have complained about me using a nickname in all caps, but others have pointed out that its fitting for the term...


PS: And for those of you who don't know, my avatar is an ARM Commander from TA:Spring, firing his DGUN.

Sandman: I always liked that name. Used that is planning games on lan (Unreal Tournament etc).


Fvr: Stands for forever. I had to add that back in my AOL days.


Ga: Georgia, USA. I had add that when I went back to AOL the second time.


I usually use sandmanfvr on the net. Everywhere. If you see sandmanfvr on forums, that is me. I just used the ga version for the hell of it. heh

Known as 39th Ronin around the 'Net:


The tale of the Forty-Seven Ronin (also known as the Forty-Seven Samurai, the Akō vendetta, or in Japanese as the "akō rōshi" (赤穂浪士 Akō Wandering Samurai) or the "genroku akō jiken" (元禄赤穂事件 Genroku Akō Incident)) is a prototypical Japanese story. Described by one noted Japan scholar as the country's "national legend" [1], it recounts the most famous case involving the samurai code of honor, bushido. The story tells of a group of samurai who were left leaderless (became ronin) after their master was forced to commit seppuku (ritual suicide) for assaulting a court official named Kira, who had insulted him. They avenged him by killing the court official after patiently waiting and planning for over a year. In turn, they were themselves forced to commit seppuku for committing the crime of murder, as they had known they would be—the tale being about the honorable fulfillment of revenge, especially for an honorable leader.


For more detailed info, please see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ako_vendetta


As for why I chose this nick - well, it is unique, I love Japanese history & Samurai tales, and as a former Netscaper I intend to take my revenge on M$ someday ;-)

Lt. Xenodite

Hmm...I'm not too sure about my name. All I can tell you is that I invented it, and no-one else has it or anything similar. The root (Xenodite) I made a few years ago, I do not remember how I made it. The Lt. (for Lieutenant) came in about a year after establishing the original. I even my name engraved (by CNC) on a metal plate on my keychain.


I recently (in the last few months) started using the shorthand of my name, LTX or ltx. I am starting to use that mainly for account names and idenfication and such.



I grew up in the early and mid 1990s when anime was beginning to take America by storm. Sure, there've been Japanese cartoons on American T.V. before, but this was the biggest period of anime craze in the U.S. Being a young and impressionable person, I feel into the Pokemon fads and joined a lot of anime rpg chatrooms.


I originally used the name "Koolaid Man" and did the "wall-busting" thing every time I enter a chat room, but it didn't fit into place with what everybody else was doing. I used Google to find some Japanese names, started scrolling, and stopped with my cursor on a random name. "Takuro" was selected so I went by that alias.


Later I found it was a good alias for other reasons. It's among the most common of Japanese male names, so it does provide some sort of identity protection. Since it isn't an original name at all, doing a Google search would bring thousands of results that wouldn't conclusively track me. At the same time, it's rarely used in chats and messageboards that are predominately English-speaking, so there isn't much chance of finding somebody who already has a similiar name in the places I commonly visit.


Edit I just did a Google search and the 3rd result was a hyperlink to my wiki profile. Ok, maybe its not so secure, but I still like the name. It just stuck.

Salax originates in the Greek word salahi which means stingray. I visited Barcelona a long time ago, and they had a realy big aquarium there, where there was this oval pool with lots of stingrays swimming around, that you could actually touch. That trully amazed me, and when i got back home (Greece) i told my friends that i figured out the name for our rock band. Being a girl, they thought it would've been something stupid, until i said: salahooures (meaning stingray tails). They found it very original, and we adopted it. Well, the years went by, we didn't actually evolve into anything pro music-wise, but the name remained and i still use it one way or another..

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Mine was a bit like Takuro's, needed to think of a new name (previously under 'Chibi Link') I'm pretty into anime and stuff so I started using the english > japanese translators, trying random english words and observing the outcome. Finally, I settled on 'Master' which converted to japanese is 'Meijin' however the domain 'Meijin' was taken, so through a simple process of first-letter-substitution I found myself with 'Xeijin' :(

My name is kind of a long story. The short version: it's an alias I use on the Internet(lol, bush). The long version: The first name, Dax, came from my brother named Josh. He said he was nicknamed Dax at school and stuff. I really looked up to my brother as an idol, so I kinda stole the name. :( As for the last part, I needed a last name for my alias, and I thought Tsurugi fit well with Dax, so there you have it: Dax Tsurugi.

Staphyl pronounced (St-ah-ful) originates from the microbe Staphylococcus. Latin of course. Just saw it one day while googling for nicks and it stuck. No one else has my nick. Quite ingenious if you ask me.


No offense, but it's Greek of course.. :(

Staphylococcus (in Greek staphyle means bunch of grapes and coccos means granule) is a genus of gram-positive bacteria. Under the microscope they appear round (cocci), and form in grape-like clusters.


(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Staphylococcus) just to let you know..

Theres two nicknames I go by on the internet, and thats Weebs and Eproht Evad.


Weebs was a nickname given to me by my oldest brother mike when I was 3 or 4, and he was 12 or so. The name just stuck with me and my family calls me by my actual name more often now, but they still use weebs time to time.


As for Eproht Evad, it's just my name backwards. The same brother thought of it when I was 10 and he was 18. He had just bought an Xbox and Halo and that night me and him created profiles and started to play co-op. When we were creating profiles my brother being himself had to have a name that was creative, and so he put in his name backwards, but he used his middle name instead of his first name, and got Eproht Naed which sounded alot like a name that would be used in 2252 :P, so I did it as well but used Eproht Evad.

i was reading a slashdot article when i was thinking of a nickname for this board, and i saw someone used "non sequitur" in the comment. i was attatched to the expression because of how awesome it sounds and because i love screwing up conversations.



i usually go by leaping lemur, and that was from when i was in 6th grade, i had a mini obsession with lemurs and i had to think of an adjective to go with it. i use it in most of my online games.

mmk - i invented the name (it contains my initials) about 9 years ago, when playing quake2 with my freinds, starcraft came, and then others :P and i used the same name. in less than one year my prof. from school started calling me that :)

Doctor Creek - Come form when i was at college and half the guys called me Doctor Who as I have a slight resemblance to Tom Baker (and wear a similar hat) but without the hat i look like another guy form a BBC show Called Jonathan Creek. (Alan Davis)


They quite simply mixed the two and i adopted it as my handle.

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