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  1. what is your opinion on gay people?

    fair enough, we can disagree rationally, thank god the act thereof has no bearing on relevance of life. moving on .. so what your saying is that anything that prematurely causes death ( therefore hindering your ability to procreate ) is a disease. the deadly car accident disease and the drug overdose disease ( ok addiction may very well be ). weather the process is internal or external is irrevelant at this point. if this is what you are saying, then i will concur that logically you have to conclude homosexuality is a disease as well. and seeing as we are all diseased, we better start reproducing more !!! ( i will try this angle at the bar with the ladies, will get back to you on it ). As for the politics of definitions and the bodies that regulate, you really can't cherry pick that argument. every institition, weather non-profit care giving, to public/private research, education systems; the people that print the textbooks that feed us definitions of the word disease, are all politically motivated in one way or another. with enough time you can dispute any official/institutional opinion on the basis of political bias. mind you some a lot easier than others. the deaf child is interesting.. even though the connection maybe weak, i remember richard dawkins talking about how there are no christian or mouslim children, there are only children of christian and mouslim parents. sufferage at the hands of parents is something intrinsic to 'life' maybe ? its more a question of morality/ethics, rather than definitions, although you can definitely mash em up for a while if you are so inclined.
  2. what is your opinion on gay people?

    just for fun now ... "What counts as a disease also changes over historical time, partly as a result of increasing expectations of health, partly due to changes in diagnostic ability, but mostly for a mixture of social and economic reasons. One example is osteoporosis, which after being officially recognized as a disease by the WHO in 1994 switched from being an unavoidable part of normal ageing to a pathology (WHO, 1994). This has consequences for sufferers' sense of whether they are 'normally old' or 'ill', but more concretely for their ability to have treatment reimbursed by health service providers. Another well-known example is homosexuality, which has travelled in the opposite direction to osteoporosis, through medical territory, and out the other side. After being redefined during the nineteenth century as a state rather than an act, in the first half of the twentieth century homo-sexuality was viewed as an endocrine disturbance requiring hormone treatment. Later its pathological identity changed as it was re-categorized as an organic mental disorder treatable by electroshock and sometimes neurosurgery; and finally in 1974 it was officially de-pathologized, when the American Psychiatric Association removed it from the listed disease states in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV (Bayer & Spitzer, 1982). " http://www.nature.com/embor/journal/v5/n7/full/7400195.html so officially homosexuality is not a disease, and officially the 'popular social definition' for disease is up in the air.
  3. what is your opinion on gay people?

    i see 'life' just as simply as you do, but i see humans as just a bit more than just life, and no that is not a spiritual or religious endeavor. maybe it help to think of it like life++ to avoid confusion. actually your definition is still incorrect. ofcourse diseases can be brought on through external sources ( virii/bacteria/fungus/what have you ), but its at the point where it interacts with our own genetics, that it becomes a disease. there are a lot of maladies that aren't diseases that you can contract externally. cancer is a disease, does it stop you from reproducing ? no, its the death from cancer that stops you from reproducing. what you are suggesting is that 'herriditary diseases' are an oxymoron, and cannot exist. i fail to see why you trumpet yourself as being 'purely objective' in the name of science. you are using an outdated definition to prop up a shock statement. thats not very objective if you ask me, unless your objective is to thread troll. symantics asides, i think we atleast have the same respect and sentiment for our fellow homosexual human beings.
  4. pc keyboards on the mac

    i already figured that part out. but thanks. let me be more straightfoward. this keyboard ( like a lot of pc keyboards ) has media keys, to use to control something like itunes/winamp/your fav music player. ( play / pause / stop / next track / prev track ) etc... now while the volume up / down / mute buttons do their thing, the other keys don't. also we in pc land might have buttons to open up things like browsers / email clients / etc.. i would also like to map these buttons to open up programs like 'calculator' etc.. its really quite a trivial concept.. so why is the solution so elusive. ( no you can't do it from the keyboard/mouse preferences pane )
  5. what is your opinion on gay people?

    from a biological standpoint, the purpose of any life is to reproduce, to propogate a species. however, you can't paint all life with the same broad stroke. we value our conscious existance. maybe a feat not achieved by any other known species. we think twice about killing humans ( for the most part ), but we don't fuss over killing a fly, stepping on a spider, throwing anti-biotics at bacteria. we are a bit a more than just a biological existance, and that is scientifically quantifiable. not getting into the realm of religion or spirituality. we differentiate our lives from the stuff we grow on petri dishes, as we should differentiate our use of language. mind you the classical scientific definition you speak of, fits right along the science of ether and orgons. the more contemporary definition of 'disease' is that it requires genetic interaction... all diseases alter your genetics at some level, and this is maybe where you are crossing the line. by saying homosexuality is a disease, is suggesting homosexuality arrises from a genetic flaw. weather or not the genetic flaw inhibits reproduction is inconsequential. you are not going to make friends suggesting homosexuality is a genetic flaw. i never suggested homosexuality was a choice, i'm not quite sure where you read that. i acknowledge 'sexual orientation' as it were.
  6. what is your opinion on gay people?

    whatsit with people and faulty logic these days, so your saying things like casteration, suicide, and monk-dom are diseases ?! let me take your logic one step further, at some point YOU are going to die, and exactly at that point in time, you will no longer be able to reproduce. so you my friend are one sick disesased {censored}... maybe you should go seek some help.
  7. so i have my shiney new mac pro, but i'm not down with the keyboard/mouse that comes with it, i can type faster than superman, part of the trick is to use slimline keyboards, that notebook action, you can blow on the keys to register a keystroke. the stock apple keyboard feels like i'm drilling for oil or something... so whats the deal though, i figured out how to swap around the control and alt keys, to make osx happy ( even though it screws up all my terminal sessions ) but i want to get them damn media keys to work, and maybe some of the shortcut buttons on my particular keyboard. i found a piece of software call 'controllermate' and it registers every keystroke, but i can't seem to remap them for osx to be happy... any tricks, any software ? i hate to rag on osx, but in windows, i can remap my delete key to flush the neighbors toilet if i want. so what gives ?
  8. what is your opinion on gay people?

    hate to break it to you, but homosexuality is older than the bible, older than recreational weed usage. And perfectly natural. Apparently penguins are notoriously homosexuals. A few months ago, by accident i had a rather tearful discussion with the auntie of matthew shepard. a boy that was beaten, and hung off of a farm fence, just because he was {censored}. they had to use dental records to identify the poor guy. And matthew's mom begged the judge not to give the guilty the death penalty. even after their girlfriends lied about their alibi. there are lots of stories like that around, if thats not blood and sweat, i dunno what is. you should have prefaced your comments with 'i'm sure this will offend all the intelligent and reasonable people' instead. i'm not even {censored} and your utter stupidity offends me.
  9. in fact you'll see how the constant memory swapping between the osx and bsd kernels in fact cripples performance of intensive multithreaded applications. but really what sort of application could you possibly want to run on your mac that qualifies as 'intensively multi-threaded', a database ? uhm no, you'd just fbsd or linux, 3d/movie rendering ? you'd probably have a network renderer on fbsd/linux cluster.. etc... its marketting hype kiddies for most consumer grade applications, you will notice 'peppier performance' from a quad core clocked higher, over a slower clocked octo core. and don't give me the 'when applications will be compiled to support', look at how long its taking adobe to come out with universal binaries, asking them to compile to optimize for 64bit 8 cores will take them a decade atleast.
  10. Do you belive in Jesus

    you can't really say, jesus' existance is a question of faith, and try introduce some empirical evidence to substantiate, via literary, archaelogical, or otherwise. Either it passes 100% the scrutiny of science, or it doesn't. Selective evidence ( and even selective 'style' of evidence ) is just not kosher scientifically. You can't use any empirical evidence whatsoever in support... unless you are willing to subject the question to 100% scientific determination. so back to faith. it seems like the concept of jesus having a human father vs jesus being divine are one and the same, a faith based belief, just they sorta oppose each other. so which you chose to believe is a matter of preference. yet you want me to accept your ( right to a ) faith based belief ( regarding creation, jesus, etc ), and you take the moment to ridicule mine ( jesus could have had a human papa ). quite ironic don't you think ? i rather enjoyed the davinci code as a work of fiction..
  11. Do you belive in Jesus

    you mean tiberius pantera doesn't have a son, maybe someone should tell him. ?! oh dear
  12. Does Raid Work

    Actually, a 'soft' raid or software raid is configured in the os without any hardware level raid implemented, using dynamic disks in windows world, freebsd has geom and vinum, linux has something too i can't recall the name. most onboard raid controllers are stripped down raid controllers sure, they may lack caching and other features you would get with an expensive add on card. but i don't think your problem has anything to do with the fact that it is 'a common cheap hardware raid chipset', more likely that osx doesn't support the chipset peroid.
  13. Evolution vs. Creation

    and the earth (being flat) is the center of the universe, and the sun rotates around the earth, and the moon is made of cheese made by witches. i'd suggest religion is based heavily on social sciences... and has never gotten along with technical sciences.
  14. That's it I'm giving up - Apple won

    mmmm maybe osx just isn't a poweruser platform. its certainly not a good server platform. its a great laptop or appliance platform though. ok ok in all seriousness, the best you can hope for from a hackintosh setup is a somewhat reliable internet appliance. If your lucky you might end up with more.. its certainly not a sound idea to go out and spend the money to try build a compliant box, but if you have money to burn, or spare hardware... then why not. if you want reliable, and well supported, get a mini or an imac or wait for the pro
  15. Israel and Palestine

    DISCLAIMER i am agnostic, mothers side of family is muslim, fathers side of family is jewish, i neither condone terrorism or war crimes. I like to play the devils advocate. Its fun in this case because boths sides are quick to go postal on a pin drop. mind you, whats at stake, can't blame them. so just some snippets from everyones favorite encylopedia : so to note, 1891, and this jewish intellectual has stated: 1) jewish opinion of arabs is very poor 2) they will not easily yield THEIR place. interesting... this puts the carrot in front of the horse, i'm hearing a lot of sentiment where the horse is running away from the carrot. suggetion that Arab opposition did not start as a religious or nationalistic jihad, again interesting.. Again there is this sentiment that ' the Arabs aren't going to play nice when we take their land '. reading more on Jabotinsky is rather interesting, looks like he was instrumental in setting up radical militia groups ( terrorists groups ? ) to proactively attack Arabs. ok, if it quacks like a duck. guess what.. diplomacy is the art of saying one thing and doing another. Seems like there was a lot of effort into not allowing Arabs to form a Palestine, this idea is reiterated a few times in this article, but i won't paste more. Sure Palestinians didn't help their cause out a whole lot through out history, but its not like Israelies were innocent little angels either.