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The "Explain your nickname" thread

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My nicksname is kind of simple.Zealot just because i like the way the Starcraft zealots talk.Thats it and

i didnt want it to use my others nicknames (Mithrandir,Kaito).

Since i m a Hip hop geek you should see it on the streets too.




i love the combat !

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4:20 =(responsible marijuana use)


Responsible use of pot, excellent, and remember it's always 4:20 somewhere ;)


Mine is simple, my name and birth year. I've been known to get a little lippy sometimes too :)

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Mine came from a one of my favorite songs. The song was called Break The Chains, by Bionic Jive. I've been using it on the net ever since. I also have another name for video games and stuff like that. That one is CarbonatedWater or if I can't use that many letters it's CarbWater. I was trying to use a name no one else used and that was the one. If you see me around remember to say hi.


Apparently other people have used the name but I still did it first. I wish it was copyrightable instead of just trademarkable.

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Depending on my mood, I'll use more than one nickname. The most common one for me is simply "Lucas", which comes from high-school. It was used to "tease" me (because I was, like I assume some of us, a geek to be teased and rejected), but I accepted it and used it even with my friends, so the joke was on them! Ok that was a rather short version of the explanation, the whole thing is on here: My Wiki.


I've also used "Hikaru-Kun" with my asian-fangirls-and-fanboys-type friends.

Pretty long story here.


I have had plenty of nicks, some based on my real Christian names (I have got 3!)


My very first nick was nothing but my real first name. It was a Linux forum, I was unexperienced and I partly earned a reputation for being a troll (my intentions were good, I believed certain things could be done better. I was proven right in the long run).


So when I moved on, I picked my second real name, sometimes followed by my day and month of birth. This one became quite known (and loved, because I liked to help people) over the internet. I used it at Linuxiso.org, now dead, at Libranet (also dead), and ExtremeTech forum, which changed software and we had all to re-register and our posts count started from zero. So this second nick was very unlucky.

I have a third name, which I still use in some forums, and then nicks which are totally unrelated to my identity.


I chose this nick for this forum. Alessandro isn't even one of my real names. It is a name that I love, mainly because it should have been my brother's name, but a girl was born instead (the actual story is a bit longer). Besides I have had many friends called Alessandro, it is rather popular in Italy.

17 is the day of the month I was born. I decided that in every OS X related forum I'd be using this nick. So here you are.

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IanP - My name

Koh-i-Noor - Arabic for "Mountain of Light", which is a diamond. I just enjoy the name. It is a pencil company too, for some reason

Ramm - It is just cool sounding (I did not copy Rammjet -- Ramm just sounded cool to me).

Dice was the name of my old car, it was a 88 VW cabriolet, it was boxy and white and kinda looked like a dice. The net came a little while ago when I was finding new domain names to get. dicenet was available so I got it. I have had many other nick names on the web but Dice is my primary one. I just add stuff to the end of it depending on the website


Dice :)

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