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  1. sandwer

    Lisa Emulator

    http://lisaem.sunder.net/ Of course, its a universal binary too! But - read the site and in particular, Ray's announcement of the downloadable emulator. Its sobering to see the amount of effort that has gone into this... //R
  2. I'll help - but lets not bother with the donation, eh? If it works, then donate it to Swad/Jason/Mash and help him out... First off, there is nothing in the wiki about the 9300 specifically (you have seen the wiki, right? If no, then go here http://wiki.insanelymac.com ). Have a read. Darn, you mention the HCL - well ignore that bit then, I'll sit over here with my granmother and half a dozen eggs.... I assume you are getting a panic when you boot from the DVD? If so, I bet that copy of 10.4.6 is brainfarting on the AMD patch or lack of it, or its having a hissy fit at the ACPI stuff. If you press F8 when the thing starts up and then enter -V it will boot in verbose mode, and then you can see where its getting stuck. Tell us what its saying.... Have you tried passing kernel parameters at startup? Platform=ACPI or Platform=X86PC ? But with one eye on the future, the big issue with you here is that in order to get close to a full experience on your laptop, you are going to need the 10.4.8 release that allwos you to run titan/natit which will give you a fighting chance at getting decent QE/CI on that nvidia. I think you may have to visit the pink or the green place, and get JaS's last release. //R
  3. sandwer

    Your favorite *nix GUI

    Sixty votes and not one nextstep/openstep nomination? Nextstep. But a close second choice would be bourne <g> //R
  4. sandwer

    Safari for Windows

    Quicktime? //R
  5. Of course, I was following the original link and giving up. A bit of perseverence (and reading) goes a long way. QE now enabled....yay. Thanks.... //R
  6. DSM aka Digital Standard MUMPS on a PDP/11-something. Fun. Mid to late 70's I think. Of course I was only 3 at the time
  7. Are you sure? I've been getting file not found on rapidshare.... If anyone wants to help me out <cough> my T40 is really looking for some QE goodness.... //R
  8. sandwer

    Anyone else thoroughly dispointed?

    @Bofors - <nods> Business applications. Serious ones. I thought I was the only one that picked up on that. Drat! Its like the best bits of the newton parts bin have been raided. <eyes newton development kit on shelf and laughs...> Of course, in the UK, any iPhone users are going to be shafted by the data transfer tariffs associated with GPRS/3G. Disappointed? A bit. Its a bit 'Jam tomorrow', no? //R
  9. sandwer

    Does Apple Know About US?

    A very clever way of gathering together a 60,000 strong beta testing programme. And although it sounds arrogant to say this, we probably contributed to that increase in sales they have just experienced. Not hugely, but we contributed, through word of mouth and through buying the new stuff ourselves. In fact, I'd go so far as to suggest that Swad will be made an Apple Fellow in due course. //R
  10. sandwer

    QE support for Geforce FX Go 5650

    Well, I think you may have more luck by upgrading to 10.4.8 (search the forums for clues if you have an SSE2 processor) and using Titan. Thats where I would start.... //R
  11. Well....there was a G5 case last week, a touch expensive although your £120 would have got it, I think. If you want a G4 case- the Quicksilver is best for modding imho - www.scrumpymacs.com, and email the owner Phil. Tell him I sent you. Mine cost me £40 //R
  12. sandwer

    notMac Challenge

    http://www.tnpi.biz/computing/mac/tips/idisk/idisk-v2.shtml And that link gives you all you need to create your own .notmac server. I've done it, it works. My question is though, who in their right mind is going to throw open a .notmac box open to people for next to no money? I mean, bandwidth costs money, hosting costs money, and administration costs money. Security costs money. Collecting the money costs money :-) So you have to charge something to cover the costs, and then people will want decent service levels and inevitably compare it to .mac - and Apple's economies of scale are such that you can never compete effectively. For a start you can never catch the switchers at install time like Apple do. On the other hand if its a 'use at your own risk' kind of thing, then no one will use it for 'serious' stuff - so why bother in the first place? Or am I a) a hard-bitten old cynic or missing the point? Answers on a postcard.... //R
  13. I've heard it said that apple's implementation of x leaves a bit to be desired....;-) //R
  14. Well, I used and existing set of bottles and it got itself confused over that. Once it was over that it is fine. Application load times are still the same as previous releases. Its an improvement - you have to nurse it a bit longer than previous releases. Two of my errors that I'd reported in the alpha have gone in this one. That makes life a LOT easier for me.... Now - my pet peeve is not so much crossover's fault, but the apple implementation of xwindows. I'd love a way to change the default font. I mean, really, it'd go a long way to making it all x apps look a bit better by default. And everyone - Its not an emulator. //R
  15. sandwer

    Host your own .Mac Server

    Great minds etc. I have just done this on a linux box...its a lot of fun. http://www.tnpi.biz/computing/mac/tips/idisk/idisk-v2.shtml The process is os-agnostic, but if you are doing it on macos x you *may* have to upgrade apache to v2. I did it in a native v2 environment, 1.3 may work. Anyway, hope the link helps.... //R