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  1. Windoze only lasted on my Hackintosh for about a week after I installed the original deadmoo image three years ago. After checking out the OS, running some apps, etc. I saw pretty quickly just how lame windoze was. Since then, I've done every update, and am currently at 10.5.4 on my P4 Dell 8400. As a direct result of my Hackintosh experience, I purchased a Mac Pro and it's the best computer I've ever owned. Having said that, my trusty Hackintosh is sitting right next to me and I use it every day.
  2. 39thRonin

    10.5.4 Software Update

    I was using a 9.2.2 kernel that someone built (forget who exactly), but just upgraded to the new modbin 9.4.0 kernel and it works *GREAT* with this upgrade. 1) Backup all Extentions (I use /backup/10.5.4extentions) 2) I used OSX86tool to install the modbin System.kext (Don't reboot yet) 3) I used OSX86Tool to install the modbin 9.4.0 kernel 4) Reboot, used -v and -f flags Runs great...
  3. 39thRonin

    10.5.4 Software Update

    I just upgraded my Pentium 4 from 10.5.3 (Jas upgrade over Leo4All 10.5.2) to 10.5.4 with no issues. 1) Downloaded 88mb Delta Upgrade package. 2) Used Pacifist to open package from the mounted DMG 3) Selected everything *EXCEPT* kernel and kernel.ctfg files 4) Selected Install from Pacifist menu 5) After install, I rebooted and at the command line used the -v and -f flags. My system retained all the important stuff - System Profiler, About this Mac, CI/QE, sound, etc. Everything works great - and it seems quite a bit snappier after the upgrade...
  4. 39thRonin

    iPod album Artwork Problem

    You need to get beatunes - it will grab all sorts of tags automatically from various dbs across the net.. I had the same prob - lots of nasty black icons - now I've got great art for all of it...
  5. If you feel that way, then you've not used Unison from panic software. It is the best - bar none - usenet reader I've ever used. I was a die hard newsbin user before I moved to Macs, but sinece the first time I used Unison, I've never looked back...
  6. 39thRonin

    Demonoid Back Online!

    My feelings exact! My old login even worked! AWESOME!
  7. 39thRonin

    I Screwed my Windows Box

    Jeez - I was just going to tell him to reformat the whole drive for MacOS and be done with that M$ {censored}...
  8. 39thRonin

    Mac users' opinion on Hackintoshs

    Wow! Some "Buddy". Here's the deal... I have been a Mac users for some time - though my day job is beating Unix boxes into submission. I got interested in Hackintoshes in the beginning - these were DeadMoo days - and played around converting an old Dell 8400 I had lying around gathering dust. As you can see by my sig - it's still going strong. Not a bad box at all. I NEVER have a crash (it used to crash all the time with XP), it's plenty fast enough to do almost anything (don't try converting video though!), and it isn't gathering dust anymore. My main machine is a full-blown Mac Pro. It's a great box - the best computer I've ever owned. It cost a great deal of money - even though I did the 3rd party memory and disk thing. I expect to have this box for many years before it's too far gone to do any good. Having said that, I don't think I'll ever get rid of my Hackintosh either. It is a technical challenge to setup and maintain, but it is FUN to run MacOS on a Dell!
  9. I started this trek with MacOS X a long time ago. I started with the original deadmoo image (6Gb), with the rest of the disk dedicated to WinXP. Within 30 days, I had reduced the WinXP partition down to about 30Gb, and with the release of JaS's 10.4.8 DVD I completely wiped my drive and installed MacOS X exclusively. I have never looked back. As a non/occasional gamer, I've not felt the need to keep XP around at all. MacOS is so stable I've been able to complete Master's level work as well as real work on this box without missing a beat. No crashes, nolost data - it's been rock solid. So solid, in fact, that I bought a Mac Pro for my main machine, an iPod touch, an AppleTV, a couple of AirPort Extremes, and lots of other Apple products. I'm getting a MacBook Pro after the next hardware update, and an iPhone after my Verizon contract ends this summer (and they have 3G as well). All of this began with a 6Gb flat image... I've never regretted it at all... Within a few months, I will have, for the first time in a very long time, a completely M$-free home...
  10. eddie - Many thanks for an awesome release! Your v2 bits installed without any major issues, and I have a fully patched 10.5.2 installation for the first time. Everything worked out of the box, save the well known issue with logining on to machines within my local network. I applied the Share patch, and everything works great...
  11. Children continue to fail in education Don't look at Conservatives as the cause of this problem. The issue is the Education Unions and the NEA who refuse to address the real issues wit our educational institutions: teachers who can't teach, and curriculums that stress acceptance of alternative sexual preferences over the basic ability to THINK. There is ALOT wrong with the diversity and multiculturalism as currently practiced in the US. The concept that has made this country great is the precept that we are a melting pot - e.g. people come here from many lands, and become AMERICANS. I have a varied background, but I don't need to constantly remind myself that I come from Italian, German, Polish and God knows whatever other culture is in my family tree, to feel good about myself. Your rant about the "Free Market" is typical socialist {censored}. Provide everything for someone and you remove their incentive to do ANYTHING for themselves. This is the goal of Liberalism - to replace an individual's natural desire to achieve and succeed with total dependance on a central government. The government has never managed anything effectively - why would anyone willing give control over their lives to those bureaucrats? Conservatism is not about putting people down - it is about giving everyone the opportunity to realize their goals... Liberalism is about enslaving people to the whims of government...
  12. 39thRonin

    Just ordered a new Mac Pro

    I've really enjoyed my Mac Pro Quad. It is literally the best computer I've ever owned (and I have a ton of Suns, Linux Boxen, et. al.). You will really enjoy the sheer power these beasts have. I bought mine last year - before 8 proc became the "standard", and I'm going to upgrade within the next 6-12 months. The only thing that this beast of mine lags on at all is ripping or converting video. Other than that, it screams through everything else...
  13. I listened to the ENTIRE comment. O'Reilly, was referring to the techo-lynching the media, bloggers, talk radio, et. al. perform on anyone who they feel steps out of line. While the statement in the segment you posted may be in poor taste considering that Obama's wife is black, and there is some level of hypersensitivity in that community about the word "lynching", O'Reilly was actually defending her. Freedom of speech is a right, of course, but it is political correctness that I feel is the curse of our day. Due to the balkanization of our country by the liberals in the name of multiculturalism and diversity, people take over-offense to literally anything most people say. The title given to this topic is a prime example, at no time did O'Reilly advocate or suggest the literal or figurative lynching of Michelle Obama.
  14. 39thRonin

    kalyway_hack_10.5.2ComboUpdate on "The Bay"

    I installed this on my Atkos 1.0 r2 10.5.1 install. Everything worked after boot, except for "About this Mac" - which crashes once again... Any fixes?
  15. There is no need to start with Tiger at this point. There are several really good Leopard DVD's out that incorporate most - if not all - of the fixes needed by most folks to get Leopard running. Personally, I've been installing Mac OX on my Dell since the deadmoo image days, and have ALWAYS done a native install. Since I am not concerned about running Windoze at all, or linux, it was much easier to simply blow away the disk and install my Mac bits...