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  1. bought a macbook pro... also dropped & dented it. Custom powdercoat project coming soon

  2. I finally added you to my friends list

  3. Banned????


    asap18 theres no wai youd ever get banned, your too good a member! haha, whats the story behind your new avatar

  4. I are not on your friends list. =''(

  5. bwhs is your school right ?


  6. Hy, great Guru Meditation from the 80's :)

    Makes me some nostalgic thoughts :)

  7. Thanks for sharing great releases, its really helping the community progress alot and osx86 in general. keep up the good work!

    also looking forward to the forthcoming 1.4i release! thanks again.


  8. thats just some {censored} who follows me around the internet lol

  9. hey max

    ur pretty cool i c!