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  1. bought a macbook pro... also dropped & dented it. Custom powdercoat project coming soon

  2. I finally added you to my friends list

  3. wow... ive been out of the scene for a while... but psystar is the last thing that i thought would still be kicking i figured they would have been shut down ages ago, ether due to exorbitant legal costs
  4. bwhsh8r

    TPB lost in court

    lmfao, apparently they missed 1 or 2....... its a damn shame as tpb was no different from google or yahoo
  5. bwhsh8r

    A quick note...

    lol thats only been in the rules since like, i started posting here? =] p.s. que pasa rhapsody guru
  6. bwhsh8r

    SSE2 emu for SSE-only cpus?

    lol the sse cpu's would run osx so slow, let alone with having to emulate two different types of cpu command sets and translate.... it would be a waste of time. qemu is the best option if you still have sse, ether that or drop like $200 on a cheep computer thats got sse3 trust me, computer hardware has dropped price so much.
  7. they include a new install disk from apple, in apple packaging, theyre all licensed. its just the clause in apples eula stating that you can only install it on original apple hardware
  8. bwhsh8r

    2 x 500GB or 1 x 1TB HDD?

    I'd get two drives, ittl be faster and better, and you dont need to set up raid. if your going to dualboot the best way is one harddrive formated for the one os and one for the other and a bootlader
  9. bwhsh8r

    The Care & Feeding of XNU

    Awesome work! this is one of the most promising new projects ive seen in a while. cant wait to see what comes of it
  10. Banned????


    asap18 theres no wai youd ever get banned, your too good a member! haha, whats the story behind your new avatar

  11. yeah, that you have no idea what your talking about theres a big difference from a physical difference or a total code difference, such as ppc vs x86, and us vs uk power supplies but apples hardware is different in a way in which it would not be able to run on a regular pc provided it was unlocked how? its not.... its just pc stuff.... i cant buy a vista box with a g5 ppc chip.... but i can buy a mac with a intel chip.... i can also buy a pc with an intel chip. theres a big difference between what you said as examples and what this is.... all your examples have completely different architectures or physical differences.... mac only has a different case... and efi. i dont really know which side im going to take on this case.... because i can see where both sides are coming from in this battle, but id probably put my money on apple coming out on top
  12. bwhsh8r

    R.I.P Prawker

    goodbye and goodluck prawker, youll be missed thanks for being a part of this community my thoughts go out to his family
  13. bwhsh8r

    Spam Bot in PM

    lol yep, happened to me too
  14. bwhsh8r

    The Earth is Flat!

    LMFAO! this is the pinnacle of internet right here
  15. bwhsh8r

    Annoying Avatars

    hmmm..... yeah, ive seen some annoying ones, but uh, idk...... its kind of hard to define annoying as its objective, and not subjective....... i mean, i would agree to stricter rules if they were worded correctly..... this is just such a hard subject to define. im kind of on the fence with this one because it doesnt bother me all that much. BUT im glad you brought this up and maybe someone will be able to figure out a way to handle this =] and also i agree that flashing / fast moving ones shouldnt be allowed, i mean, they give me a headache, some people seasures, and everyone an eyesore.