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  1. Network controller issues

    So I've got Sierra running finally on my FX machine, but running into one issue. Everything works, but after 10-15 minutes or so my network cuts out and loses its DNS address. Here are my specs. AMD FX 8120 @ 4ghz(until my new cooling rig arrives) 8GB Kingston DDR3 1600 mhz XMP @ 1866 mhz Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z UEFI V2201 Asus Strix Geforce 970 Samsung 850 EVO 250gb SSD The network controller is an Intel 82583v controller, I've tried different versions of AppleIntele1000.kext with the same results, Rehab man's Intel driver does not work at all even adding my device ID to the config.plist, and one thing I noticed is the IONetworkingFamily.Kext loads a different controller, so I completely took that kext out but still having the same issue.
  2. Xiaomi starting to make its own MacBook's

    Xiaomi already makes some decent handsets... But now this...? I want one, even more at that price.
  3. We run MMD(Mobile management) for our deployed iPhones, and for our users right now I have them on 8.4. For what we use, 8.4 has been the best performing and most stable release. They cannot update to iOS 9 since I have it disabled for our devices. There has been a couple that have tried to put it in DFU mode and restore that way, but when they boot up the device for the first time it's locked due to trying to go around MMD orders. I have a test 6+ with 9.0.1, and an Ipad Mini 3 with 9.0.1 and they run nice and the smaller file size is nice. But I have encountered to many problems with some of the app pushing and definition terms in MMD with it. My person phone is still on 8.4 due to jailbreak.
  4. At that resolution, cpu bottlenecks are so low and each cpu will run about the same. It's mainly using the GPU power and memory at that point. Look at the Mac Pro benchmarks with other gpus inside of, and notice the lower framerates. D700 Firepro is not a gaming GPU either, it is a rendering GPU. I also believe that Mac Os X does not use Crossfire, so only one D700 is being stressed. The real advantage the Mac Pro tower has is its expandibility. However, the new Mac Pro has higher disk transfer rates. You can always put a PCIE SSD or controller in the Mac Pro though, and while there are thunderbolt converters to PCIE they are very expensive.
  5. And this would hurt us how....? What would someone honestly have to hide that could be used against them in legal situations? Did they kill someone and emailed someone that they hid the body? The simple solution is disable it. You agree to the terms when you accept them, doesn't matter if you read them or not. I understand UELA's are long, sometimes confusing, and downright boring. But they do keep it pretty well separated and organized so you can glance at the sections. I urge this to people when I used to sell phones, always always always read the guide lines of your user agreement. Usually they're in bold, and will always having more information following it. You got no one to blame but yourself if you don't read it.
  6. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    Here's an example of one. http://www.amazon.com/100x100x0-5mm-Heatsink-Cooling-Conductive-Silicone/dp/B00KSYSGFO
  7. Windows 10 - Discussion

    Dude I was never not calm. =] These are also two different companies that build 2 different operating systems, you can't compare the two. Even so the DP1 is exactly what it says it is, a Developer Preview. This build of Windows 10 isn't even in Developer Preview yet.
  8. Windows 10 - Discussion

    Right now it's a very early build that is subject to change. It is also part of the terms that they can track your usage of the OS while using it, if you don't want to be tracked then don't use it.
  9. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    Have you thought about Thermal Conductive Heatsinks?
  10. Windows 10 - Discussion

    GTASA doesn't use Open GL, it's Direct X. I would expect Direct X to work seeing it's a Microsoft product. I'm going to do some more testing with it later, changing out the CP version I'm using.
  11. Windows 10 - Discussion

    I've been playing with it here, and did a few test runs. I did two installs of Windows 10. First install is a fresh install. Second install is an upgrade from my Windows 8.1 partition(Which I did back up just in case) I didn't clock in what the boot time is but it's not much more than Windows 8.1 for the fresh install. The upgrade took longer, maybe 10 seconds longer. Fresh install I used drivers for Windows 8.1. The Nvidia control panel wouldn't install, I've tried setting compatibility mode, run as admin, and even take control of it and still refused. So just took the drivers and installed them. Since it was previously installed in my upgrade partition, the Nvidia Control Panel opened but did nothing. No values changed when I tried such as basic things like resolution or rotation. The "Start Menu" feels very cramped. Does not feel right with a mouse. I know that this is just a very early preview of it and it is subject to change, but this does need to improve.... Open GL is broken. Doom 3 runs but there are weird textures popping in and out, and is very slow. I thought it was because of my mods such as Sikkmod and Wolfens textures, but even after a fresh install on both the upgrade and fresh installs did the same thing. Quake 4 runs, but defaults to the lower ARB rendering. Trying to force ARB2 rendering does nothing. Later I'm going to do some scaling tests with it.
  12. Project AnodizeD: G5 mod

    Honestly you are better off loading mosfets and high RPM fans on your PSU.
  13. [AMD] Working Builds!

    Not wikipedia my friend. http://developer.amd.com/resources/documentation-articles/developer-guides-manuals/ http://blogs.amd.com/developer/2010/03/29/you-down-with-amd-p/ I already knew this, but here are a few articles directly from AMD explaining the two. Anyone who has been into heavy AMD overclocking should know the difference, and I've been doing it for years.
  14. [AMD] Working Builds!

    Cool and Quiet does lower multipliers on demand, lowers vcore to match the lower multiplier, and can control fans. C1E does more than that. It shuts off cores and HT links for example.
  15. [AMD] Working Builds!

    Cool and Quiet automatically changes your cpu's voltage and multipliers on demand. For Power consumption and heat, it would be better to have it on unless you're overclocking.