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The "Explain your nickname" thread

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mine is from when i was a soccer player and some friends start to call me mendietinha, because of the spanish player gaizka mendieta.



if ronaldo = ronaldinho, mendieta = mendietinha


sadly i had to stop playing because of a knee injury at 18yo.

Well, it's kinda obvious, isn't it? :) I am fascinated by Matrix movie series, for me it's much more than a movie, Morpheus is my favourite character. I use the same username everywhere on the internet with some alterations if it's already taken. It's usually only Morpheus, Morpheus NS or MorpheusNS if the first one is taken (NS = Novi Sad, my home city) or Morpheus 021 (021 = Novi Sad's area code is 21000). I also use the same avatar everywhere. Morpheus is my second identity, even most of my close friends call me Morf (Morph)... :)

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If I may be presumptuous on two counts - my avatar from the best Super Hero flick ever made to date period (The Watchmen - directors cut) and my Nick from a brand of rum - 'E.S.A.Fields' from my birth place Barbados. My adoption of the characters describes my favourite past times - Eat, Sleep And F#$K - my wife says it's more like Eat, Sleep And Fart or to be kinder, as my name is Eddie and hers is Safie, its Eddie, Safie And Family. Hope this brought a smile to some faces.

Mine means I like to fiddle around a lot my poor computers :P .

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Once upon a time there were the Kosak Warriors in Russia. I wondered what kind of kickass music they used to ride the battles, must 've been a hell of a Groovy theme song, because of the way they dance :D

Therefore I am the bringer of the KosakGroove. 

PS: It's also the name of my Youtube channel where I play guitar

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