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  1. Quick question, Can the install on the ASRock be done retrospectively? Or does the partitioning wipe out everything else on the drive? Also will this likely work with Snow Leopard when it comes out in September, is it worth waiting?
  2. Just wondering if someone could bring me up to speed (have been trying to search but not bringing up the right results) Firstly, What is the status with Dualcore AMD processors? (Specifically, a 4200+ running on Asus A8n-SLI32 Deluxe mobo) Are both cores recognised by OS X? Do they run at their given speed? Also are there any problems running them on leopard? My second question is about graphics drivers. I remember there being alot of trouble with ATI x800 series cards, has this been resolved? (I'm guessing not since they were old technology even back then) I seem to remember callisto being the driver used, is that still around? Also does Software Update work properly with AMD Processors? And what is the recommended group release to use for AMD processors? (Note realise some of these answers may be in stickies but since I'm asking anyway, hope it's no trouble). Thanks in Advance.
  3. Xeijin

    Weird Sing When Booting

    Btw, Do a search for 'Adium', much better than MSN for Windows
  4. Xeijin

    AMD CPU Problems

    Damnit, now safe mode is giving me crappy scores Will try a reinstall this weekend see if that makes a difference. If not I'll try and get hold of JaS 1048.
  5. Xeijin

    Freeze on restart

    I'm using Callisto (b006 but try all of them to see which one works for you), along with the Koverg 0.2 patch. This gives mouse tearing so I'm using Mighty Mouse to get rid of most of it. I've installed to my 40GB IDE Drive, not SATA as I've heard too much stuff about corruption etc and my sata has all my data on it. OS X does recognise my sata but It can't read either because they are in a RAID-0 Array (and os x does not have the nvidia driver for nvraid) but I'm sure that if i took them out of the array OS X would be able to see them.
  6. Even the MacBook Pro card is aging now, won't be very good with new games coming out like Crysis. However, something that might be of interest is the ASUS XG Station. It's basically like an external graphics card for laptops, and hooks up via a laptop express port. I doubt that OS X drivers will be made though (if they are needed) but it might work with Bootcamp.
  7. Have you tried a different version of Castillo? I had numerous problems and tried all the versions but found the only one which worked for me was b006 (b003 just didnt work, b008 wouldnt let me change resolution).
  8. Xeijin

    AMD CPU Problems

    ATI Kexts are not loaded so no QE/CI (from koverg patch).
  9. Xeijin

    Freeze on restart

    I think its a problem with MSI boards as I have exactly the same problem. Shutdown works fine, restart just freezes. I don't think there's much you can do about it, Its not exactly a critical problem though I mean to workaround it all you do is Shutdown, then hit the power button...
  10. Xeijin

    AMD CPU Problems

  11. Xeijin

    Sound on ASUS P5W DH Deluxe does not work

    To fix your topics issue, in the bar where the topics title is written (the blue one) click the 'Options' drop down, and under Display Modes click 'Standard'. That should fix it
  12. Xeijin

    Kext Installation

    Try the following: Open the hard disk on desktop, navigate to /System/Library then delete the following files: Extensions.kextcache Extensions.mkext (If a box appears about permissions hit authenticate and type in your password) Then open Applications, then open the 'Utilities' folder inside, then double click on 'Disk Utility'. Once it loads, select the drive OS X boots from on the left, and click 'Repair Disk Permissions'. Once its complete, reboot and see if the problem is fixed.
  13. Xeijin

    AMD CPU Problems

    Hey All, Running Tubgirl 10.4.9 (PPF Patched) now have everything working except that I'm getting very low xbench scores in normal mode (15.92). However when I boot into safe mode (i.e. -X at the darwin prompt) and running xbench I'm getting 81.62. I'm guessing there's a dodgy kext somewhere limiting my CPU, does anyone have any ideas what it might be? If not does anyone know how I might be able to find out? Cheers. (Spec in Sig for info) Oh, btw, I'm running the newest netkas 8.9.1 kernel for AMD, (the SSE3 only one with Sleep enabled) but was having this problem before upgrading the kernel. The Xbench score in my sig is from my old goatsecx ISO (proof that my processor is pretty fast).
  14. Xeijin

    The new Tubgirl 10.4.9 pff (for AMD)

    It's working fine here, patched the day it came out, everything still working after installing netkas's SSE3 Sleep enabled kernel (though sleep dosent seem to be working properly for me). Could someone else who's used the patch post their xbench CPU score? Mine seems really low but was fine with my old goatsecx ISO, just a suspicion...