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  1. Am i doing this wrong i have tried a dozen apps to unzip it and it shows there is an iso that can be made, but i need the pass. there is a password from all kinds of websites that have the same link from megaupload and their password is always b:z. I have tried this and it doesn't work. Do i need to extract this with WinZip? I can do that, but i'm just wondering. Anyone who has gotten this extracted please explain how you got it. Thank you.
  2. Staphyl

    Leopard and ALC860 Audio?

    Hello, I left the OSx86 scene for about a year, but i still know how to edit and install kexts and stuff, I'm just lost as to why my audio worked without patching in Tiger, but got kicked in Leopard. I have the ToH image and i even got my XFX 7950GT 570M 512MB card working with CI/QE. so now i just need the audio out. i don't care about line in. but hey if you can help me get them both sweet. I wanna use my iHack for video editing. Help if you can thank you. btw i searched and still to no avail, i cant find any working solutions on the board, correct me if i'm wrong
  3. Staphyl

    9A527 Users...

    that's why i said PM me. Tried to keep it simple, but there isn't any other way to ask....mind you...
  4. Staphyl

    9A527 Users...

    Hello, I'm wondering if any of you would like to "rar" 9A527 and megaupload it... I want to try Leopard but really can't do anything bout that on dialup. So i leech all over town. PM me if you are interested. I have a reciept from Amazon.com showing that I already preordered it, so don't worry i bought it already, if that's an issue.
  5. Staphyl

    [Wanted] 30 gig iPod video

    Hey JaS, Since I have the new iPhone coming up and my parents said that I could buy one, I could sell my iPod i think. However, will have to talk to them. I really want to give it up because its kinda useless to me since I got my MacBook. Umm, it has an invisibleSHIELD on it so you won't have to worry about scratches. The screen is good, but for some reason there are lines that appear on the lower part of the screen. Apple will repair it for $30. It is also out of warranty since it was bought on November 19 2005. So that is another bad thing i Presume. Let me know if you are interested. Staphyl
  6. Staphyl

    Its been a while....

    Well, I know its been quite a while since i have posted a worth graphic up on here. But i just finished this one yesterday cuz i was bored and thought i would give you all some more eyecandy. This one is devoted to all of the Half Life 2 fans. I can't wait for episode 2. Staphyl
  7. Staphyl

    MacBook recieved!

    Ok, *sigh* I have to stay calm. Yesterday UPS delivered my NEW 1.83Ghz Core Duo MacBook. Gotta say first impressions I was screaming inside. It was so nice and pretty. It runs fast and it was definitely worth my $1048 .....I took unboxing pics, but let me fix them up as i took them at 12AM. So i have to increase the brightness a bit . Staphyl Update soon...
  8. Ok, Heres the dig. I heard that there was going to be a Macbook update today on the 25th of September because of Photokina. Well, yesterday i checked with Apple.com and saw that the Macbooks shipped in 24 hours. Either one: Apple is silently updating the MacBook line and its not here yet. OR People just thought they were updating and ordered them all before the new ones come out. I ordered my MacBook today at 10:45 AM and I now have to wait a week for them to ship it because of the shortage. Well if my waiting pays off and i get a MacBook with a Dedicated GFX card and a Core 2 Duo processor for the same price. Hell i'll be happy. What say you?
  9. Staphyl


    Well this whole thread was meant to BE the petition. Not a link to some other thread, however since the Aqua replacement came out couple days ago. I'll just ask the mods to close this. Staphyl
  10. Staphyl


    This Petition if you do willfully sign it will be sent to Apple Developers (I got the hookup ) to keep or at least make the "Aqua" interface an option if Apple does go with the current iTunes 7 interface or other color scheme. Sign if you would agree to keep the Aqua interface as a permanant or optional choice. Dustin Vigil
  11. I personally hope that the current iTunes UI doesn't make it into Leopard. I like the candy like Aqua. Its what makes a Mac "Head Turning" Makes people look at your Macbook/Mac Pro/iMac. I don't mind Apple changing stuff, but at least make it an Option to use the Aqua skin in iTunes 7. Like how you can change the entire look of OS X with Graphite and Aqua. At least an option is all im saying.
  12. Kiko, I didn't convince them, but i have to do some dumb finance chart and its all retarded. If i don't "sell" my plan to them. I can't get it. It sux. I earned that money myself and i should be able to spend it. >
  13. OK, So here is my situation. My parents gave me the decision of either getting a Macbook now with my money OR saving it till next year when Santa Rosa chips come out and Leopard. I need to see what you think. I really want it now, but i don't want it to be obsolete in 2 months. Please i need your feedback. Staphyl
  14. Staphyl

    September 11...

    Here is my graphic to commemorate the events that happened on that fateful morning of September 11, 2001. A great Thank you goes out to all the service men and women out there serving to keep this country safe and free. Thank you. Staphyl
  15. Hrm.....I use Lineform so you might have to get that first....cuz its Super easy in that program. I'll make you a tutorial Graphic and send it to you...k? :DStaphyl