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  1. Happy New Year everyone, can't say I'm not glad to see this place is still alive and well! A shout-out to people who are still here from the days of Rosetta, Maxxuss, etc!
  2. Uh yes, I would just like to point out that you have a creepy avatar.
  3. It was said from the beginning: "it is only a matter of time." A team of developers have now successfully ported the Linux 2.6 kernel to run on the iPhone, along with a new bootloader called openiboot that is capable of booting both Linux and the iPhone OS. From the Linux on iPhone blog: "What we have: - Framebuffer driver - Serial driver - Serial over USB driver - Interrupts, MMU, clock, etc. What we have in openiboot (but hasn't been ported yet): - Read-only support for the NAND What we don't have (yet!): - Write support for the NAND - Wireless networking - Touchscreen - Sound - Accelerometer - Baseband support The current userland we're using, in the interest of expedience, is a Busybox installation created with buildroot, but glibc works fine as well, and we're going to build a more permanent userland solution." A video has been submitted to vimeo demonstrating the functionality of openiboot and the process of booting Linux. Instructions for installing this preliminary version of openiboot and/or the Linux kernel are available, but currently require a Linux console to execute. The necessary files may be downloaded from here. Congratulations to leader planetbeing and contributors CPICH, cmw, poorlad, ius, and saurik for this fundamentally important achievement!
  4. Not to disqualify any points being made, but I wouldn't "rely" on the HCL wiki for compatibility related information anymore. That said, I haven't found any posts on the forum reporting an attempt to install OS X on the G45, probably since Apple won't be migrating any of their products to that chipset anymore.

    Current Development Status

    Hey Penguin, you can browse the most recent pages of the dev's private discussion yourself and read about some of their latest progress (devs currently don't have a roadmap for progress updates, so you'll have to judge for yourself). As for Snow Leopard, it's a logical target but until it is officially released, I can't speak for whether or not devs are working on dev preview builds right now.

    CardBus/PCMCIA PC Cards for Leopard

    Hey Chun-nan, I take that the Beta3 on the first post is no longer the most recent version? Please update your post, as the post Beta3 versions have solved so many problems for users. Thanks!


    My God, this looks {censored} massive. Nice job! I see a GMAx3000 option in the installer, what does this do exactly? (I'm not aware of any functioning x3000 hacks as I'm typing this.)
  8. Wow, great job guys, and special thanks to Chun-nan / Eureka, the wireless is working perfectly now! I'm guessing that all versions of Chun-nan's IOPCIFamily starting with this thread's revision should work perfectly now. Really nice job.

    OS X Live: Developers' Private Discussion

    I'm not going to be the one who sets the release date, as it will be when this team is comfortable to release. You will see an announcement on Frontpage News when we do.

    OS X Live: Developers' Private Discussion

    Yeah hey skyhigh, just speak your mind here, you seem to have good ideas to share. You don't need my "approval" to be on the team, just your own action and the acceptance of the other devs. The auto detection ideas sound good in concept, put them in practice and make a judgment regarding which solution is best.
  11. This would definitely make the Mini king of the compact desktop niche!

    OS X Live: Developers' Private Discussion

    My worry was that regardless of the auto kext detection, we might have conflicts between certain kexts (this stuff comes from everywhere: vendors, devs, usermods, etc). A rather tedious task would be, for example, integrating all the known VIDs and DIDs of stuff that works with different kexts.

    Forum Reorganization

    Much thanks, cmoski and Hagar!

    Broadcom 4311 on Compaq v5000 Plz Help!

    Hey neo, Chun-Nan changed his user name to ~Eureka. Here's the relevant post from my Compaq BCM4311 thread:

    OSX86 vs Opentosh OS

    I take it this will be released alongside Duke Nukem Forever and React OS?