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  1. First, big thanks to everyone who's been working on this stuff recently - as someone who was around in the early days, it's so exciting to see how far things have come. I'm installing El Capitan on my new ThinkServer w/ Xeon E3-1225V3, 8GB RAM, Model 70A4001MUX It boots and installs just fine with the USB - the graphics are choppy, but otherwise it's good. It just won't boot on its own. I've tried installing Clover using the quick installer linked in the homepage instructions, as well as the Sourceforge installer, but with no luck - it just hangs on the following screen. I also tried all the variations of OSXAptioFixDrv but none worked (It's an AMI Aptio board) (I can't thank P1lgrim enough for his guide; I followed it to the letter.) I'm attaching screenshots of where it gets stuck and my current Clover settings. Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Hi Friends, I'm upgrading my 10.6 install to 10.7. Was able to complete the installation. (I searched for solutions and tried a couple, but nothing worked) When I boot directly from the HD, it hangs on "Verifying DMI pool data." (I did have two other errors when booting from the USB, but I'm now able to boot, which means the title of the post needs updating!) I've seen others with this issue, but I haven't found any good solutions. BIOS settings are set to: Optimized, Boot Priority to CD/DVD, SATA to AHCI mode, and set HPET to 64-bit mode. My system (almost identical to the Lifehacker post): GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 EVGA GeForce 9800 GT (512-P3-N973-TR) TRENDnet NIC Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey..whatever happened to A History of OSx86 :'(

  4. Swad

    OS X Live DVD

    Great job, guys. Pretty incredible stuff.
  5. Swad

    Happy New-Year Everyone!

    Happy New Years!
  6. Hey man, you inspired me to get really into computers and when one broke, I will come and fix it. I am starting a small business at 16, and its going good. I also teach computer hardware at my school. Thank you for the inspiration. God speed.

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    Swad, checking in...

    I started it with a little help from my friends. Ok, a lot of help, but the Beatles didn't sing it that way, so...
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    Swad, checking in...

    carfalkar- If by "frequently" updating my blog you are referring to the 1-2 links I post a week, I'd suggest you hit F12 and type the word into that little tan widget. Also, you'll notice that last substantial blog entry was August. Almost all the rest are links... and you'll notice I haven't had time for those lately. I do keep up with the news postings here, and I visit on occasion. I noticed that when I did today that I hadn't been signed in for awhile, so I thought I'd log in and say hello. I was active when I had the time to be - these days the time just isn't available. 900-1,000 pages of theory reading per week - and that's no exaggeration - doesn't leave time for much else. Way to be a downer in a happy thread. :-)
  9. Swad

    Swad, checking in...

    I graduate in June. I'll be taking a year off from school to study German in Germany, and then I'll start PhD work after that.
  10. Hey all! It's been awhile since I've talked with most of you, so I just thought I'd start a thread to say hello. Grad school is going really well, but I have 0 free minutes during my day, which means forum usage suffers (along with most other things... like, I don't know, a social life). Still, it's a blast. So, what's new with ya'll? Anyone have any life updates they're just dying to share? :-)
  11. Awesome posts, guys. Lovin' the screenies...
  12. InteliMac Pro has a good point - in practical terms the "little guys" and the "big guys" are disproportionately hurt due to piracy. Outside of practicality, though, theft is theft. But yeah, I've learned a lot since I started this forum, and one of those lessons is that piracy isn't quite as acceptable as I once thought it was.
  13. The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I've been around but it's been a busy summer. I've been working and getting ready for grad school, plus travels here and there. I'm headed to Brazil next week to help with medical relief there. Anyway, now that I've got some more free time, you'll see me around the site a little more... and of course I've launched a personal blog. We'll see how both of those go once school starts, though.
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    [Random] 9999 Replies

    Five Zero Seven Three. Over half way and it's only taken how long?
  15. Danyel- Lol - you're right. I always felt guilty about using OSx86, which is one of the reasons I wanted to get a real Mac. Software is lumped in there as well, and even though it's tempting not to, I try to pay for my software these days.