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  1. drcreek

    Private message spam

    Me too.... Takes me to a site where I have to enter a captua code. Then it when you fill it in it "Sends" something.
  2. drcreek

    UK iPhone release meet up?

    Meh. They are not releasing it till 6PM. I'm a fanboy but not that much of a fanboy. I'll wait till the morning and camp out all day.
  3. Me and a mate or two are going to do the whole camping outside the Regent Street store Thursday night. Anyone else planning on going?
  4. I wish they would rename it for the UK. We speak "British" English after all. We don't have "Trash Cans" Now if i hovered over it and it said "Waste Paper Basket" I'd be impressed.
  5. I unwrapped one of my gifts to get an official apple ipod leather carry case. ow! expensive and pointless i thought! Fantastic! Opened the box! Empty apart from a warranty notice. Hopefully they will sort it out.
  6. drcreek

    Oh my god guys! Please help me!

    Thanks guys I'll look into this stuff. Irony is, it died about an hour after I'd bought a new one to replace it.
  7. drcreek

    Oh my god guys! Please help me!

    No it's Mac formatted Heres some more info from it
  8. Right I"m really in trouble I have a 24" iMac and i use a external 500GB drive to store all my movies, music & photos...etc It's borked! I switched on my mac to get a error saying "Disk Insertion, The disk you inserted is not readable by this computer." Initialize, ignore or eject." What do i need to do get it working again? I'm a struggling student so i can't afford expensive data recovery companies. I know it's probably dead but if there is ANY chance i can get my stuff back, I'm so upset i had family photos on there and personal music collections (i.e master copies of music i created) Please tell me what i need to tell you to fix it. I really need those photos back. There are people what are no longer with me anymore on those photos. I'm an idiot for not backing up. I'll give the site a donation or £20 to your charity of choice if i get this fixed.
  9. drcreek

    EFI Firmware Update for all Intel Macs

    No it's this weird like 3 out of 10 iMac 24 Inchers regardless of configuration just wont work with boot camp? When you boot from the CD the screen turns blank and you can hear the windows blue setup screen of death chugging away and loading from the CD but nothing displays. Some people get some joy from plugging into the dvi port at the back but i haven't managed to get a cable yet to try it. I really wish Apple or someone else would come up with a fix coz I'm sure I'm not the only pissed guy with a spanking new mac but unable to play any games on this sexy screen. Kinda getting tired of Chess & UT2004. anyway ranting aside the update said fixed boot camp problems but clearly it hasn't fix the 24" one. I think it's more a fix for the Mac Pro which also had some issues. Oh well. I'm going to have to wait until leopard then moan my arse off to Apple.
  10. drcreek

    EFI Firmware Update for all Intel Macs

    works fine on my 24" iMac but hasn't fixed my boot camp display problem.
  11. drcreek

    Bootcamp 1.1.2 realeased

    no fix for 24" iMacs
  12. drcreek

    Want any updates to the Driver Hunt Thread?

    Possibly the most needed is some kind of support for the 24 inch iMac, I know i only care about it coz i can't get the darn thing to work. but if there is any kind of hack to get the display to work with XP or Vista. That would be a great thing for like 50% of the new iMac users out there....
  13. drcreek

    Download Vista RC2

    Getting it now too, Going to see if it works on my 24 Inch as XP/ Vista RC1 don't work at all in bootcamp.
  14. Just tried it. Same thing just goes to black screen. Aparently if oyu put a monitor in the back you can get it to work but, I think apple will bring out an update for bootcam + a firmware upgrade in the next few weeks. if not deffnerttly by the time that Vista is out but 2/4 months is a big wait.
  15. Just tried mine, Nothing but blank screen